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David ran a hand through his hair and shifted in his chair. Taking a deep breath, he focused on the computer screen before him and read “The government is now considering a bill to limit drone use-”

The sound of the apartment door opening followed by Jason declaring, rather loudly, how much he hated college, shattered what little concentration he had left. Leaning back in his chair, David turned to see his disgruntled roommate enter the living room.

“Bad day?”

“The worst,” he paused, looking at him in disbelief. “It's Friday night and you're doing homework?”

David arched an eyebrow. “Great observation. Maybe you should be the investigative journalist instead of me.”

“Ha ha, very funny,” Jason walked up behind him. “What are you writing about that's so important?”

He leaned forward to peer at the computer screen, his chest brushing up against the back of David's head. “Drones? You're seriously writing about drones and the government?”

“It's an important topic,” David said while trying to fight down a series of warm sensations Jason's close proximity triggered inside him.

Jason shook his head as he moved off to the kitchen. “I'm starting to worry about you. When was the last time you did something fun?”

“We went to the movies last month. That was fun.”

Jason reappeared, beer bottle in hand. “How would you know? You slept through the entire thing?”

David turned his attention back to his computer. “What can I say, I have a dull life.”

“Exactly,” Jason smiled. “That's why we're going to a party tonight.”

David froze in his chair. The idea of being at a party with Jason, drinking alcohol made him more then a little nervous. The last thing he wanted was to blurt out his feelings or make a move on Jason while drunk. Shaking his head he mentally began to make a list of excuses to get out of it.

“I can't. I have tons of work to do -” he started but Jason cut him off.

“That's what Sunday is for. Please David. This guy in my cyber security class invited me to his house party. You're my best friend and I'd feel much better if you came along. I promise, we won't be out past your curfew.”

Ignoring the sarcastic jab, David sighed in resignation. There was just no winning with Jason when he pulled the best friend card.

“Fine, I'll go. On these conditions,” he held up a warning finger. “No getting wasted, we don't stay past midnight and we come home together. Agree?”

Jason raised hi bottle at him, a big grin on his face. “You got it. Party's in two hours so step away from the computer and change into something less geeky.”

“I had to do a presentation this afternoon for class,” David said, saving his work and shutting off his computer. “Wearing a tie was mandatory.”

They both retreated to their rooms to change. After staring at his limited wardrobe for thirty minutes, David settled on black khaki pants and a blue crew-neck pullover sweater. When he emerged from his room he found Jason sitting on the couch, headphones in his ears while scrolling through his phone. David watched him, admiring the way his neck muscles flexed as he bobbed his head to the music. His hands twitched as he repressed the urge to go over and run his fingers through Jason's hair.

'Get a grip, dummy!' he admonished himself mentally. 'He's straight and your best friend. Nothing good will come of falling for him so just stop!'


The party turned out to be a bust, or at least it was in David's opinion. All the college parties he had ever been to, which added up to maybe four, usually involved loud obnoxious music and tons of drunk people stumbling everywhere. Here, soft music played in the background while a small gathering of people were scattered around a tiny living room and back patio.

“This is a nice house,” Jason said, looking around appreciatively. “Wood floors, good neighborhood, probably two bedrooms upstairs. We should find a house like this for us once we graduate.”

David raised an eyebrow at him as they entered the kitchen. “A house? That's a big responsibility. Paying off a house could take over thirty years.”

“I know. That's fine,” Jason went over to a tin bucket full of ice and beer on the counter and pulled out a bottle. “It just means that we'll be in a joint, committed relationship for thirty years.”

While David's mind struggled to process the meaning of Jason's words a guy with black hair and baggy jeans entered the kitchen carrying an empty snack tray. Seeing Jason the guy's face lit up. “Hey, I'm glad you came. I was starting to think you weren't going to.” He looked over at David. “Hi, I'm Matt. You must be his roommate. David, right?”

David nodded, accepting the beer Jason handed to him. Their host dumped his tray in the sink before snagging a bottle for himself. “There's some people I want you to meet Jason,” his eyes flicked to David. “You don't mind if I steal him for a few minutes do you?”

David gestured for them to go ahead, already regretting his decision to come in the first place. Determined not to be a wallflower and to make the best out of a bad situation he went into the living room to mingle. By midnight he had a pretty good buzz going and knew it was time to call it a night. That's when he realized he hadn't seen Jason since they arrived. Worried, he began searching the house. Kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, all turned up empty. His anxiety increasing by the second David went outside to check if Jason's car was still there. It was and so was Jason, making out with a guy. David's eyes widened and he made a hasty retreat back into the house. Elation like he never felt before welled up inside him only to die just as quick. Jason may like guys but would he like him as something more then a friend? Would telling him kill what relationship they now had?

David sighed, pulled out his cellphone and sent Jason a quick text saying he was ready to go home. A few minutes later the front door opened and a guy walked in looking flushed. Seconds later he got a text telling him that Jason was waiting for him in the car. When David got there he found him reclined in the passenger seat, eyes closed, a blissful smile on his face.

“I had too much to drink,” he said as David slid behind the wheel.

“So I see. Don't fall asleep. You need to eat something so the hangover isn't so bad tomorrow.”

When they reached their apartment Jason flopped down on the couch and buried his head in the pillows while David went to fix him a sandwich. Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge he brought it and the sandwich to Jason.

“Come on, you need to eat and drink this.”

“Actually I need to ask you a serious question,” he said sitting up. “Do you like me?”

David laughed. “That's not a serious question, that's a drunk silly question. Of course I like you, you're my best friend.”

Jason gave a frustrated sigh, grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him down besides him on the couch. “That's not what I mean. I guess I'll have to ask you a different way.”

Before David could react, Jason wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and forced their lips together in a crushing kiss. David brought his hands up to push him away but when Jason's tongue pressed against his own all thoughts of resisting melted away. Feelings he had locked away for months came rushing through him like a tidal wave. He pushed his head forward to deepen the kiss only to be pressed backwards onto the couch. Jason gripped his shoulders, pinning him down while he kissed his way down his neck.

David gasped as lips, tongue and teeth traveled across his neck. Fingers pulled his shirt from the waistband of his pants and slid across his quivering stomach. “Wait,” he said, his voice weak. “Jason … stop.”

Jason pulled back enough so their faces were inches from each other. “ “What's the matter? Not as good as you imagined?”

Breathing hard, David smiled. “Better. It's just I don't want to be just another fling to you.”

Jason sighed. “Don't you know me better then that?”

“I thought I did. Now I'm not so sure.”

Jason sat back on the couch, his expression earnest. “Well, know this and believe it. I love you David. You've been there for me more than anyone else in my life. You've been my best friend since we were kids and I love you more then anything.”

David sat up and studied Jason's face. He knew it had taken a lot for him to be so sentimental, to share his true feelings and hold nothing back. Relief washed through him knowing that the feelings he had held onto for so long were mutual. Reaching up he cradled Jason's face in his hands. “I love you to, Jason. I always have and I always will.”

He saw tears in Jason's eyes that matched his own before leaning in an sealing the promise with a kiss.

February 14, 2020 17:43

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