It was a rainy evening. When Julia was about to leave the school, it started raining heavily. Julia was a 54 years old, Maths Teacher. As she stood for a long time, she decided to sit there till the rain stops. As she sat on the chair, she heard a voice.

‘Good evening, ma’am. I am Brian’s mother. Is Brian disciplined in the class? Is he studying well?’, enquired Brian’s mom.

‘Good evening. Brian is an obedient and an outstanding student.’, replied Julia.

‘Thank you, ma’am. See you next time. Let’s leave Brian.’, said Brian's mother.

‘Thank you, Ma’am’, said Brian and left with his mother.

Julia smiled, looking at them. Brian reminded him of Sam, his son. Julia used to enquire the same as Brian’s mom when Sam was a school student.

Sam was an average student and was poor in Maths. Julia recalled how she used to teach Maths to Sam.

Julia noticed the rain had stopped. She decided to go home. Suddenly, her phone rang.

‘Hello. Yes, Jake.’, said Julia.

‘Where are you, Julia?’, asked Jake.

‘I am about to go home. I am in school right now.’, said Julia.

‘Ok. Then, I’ll pick you up from the school.’, said Jake.

‘Ok. I will be waiting for you.’, said Julia and hung up the call.

Julia was waiting for Jake to pick her up from school. After some time, Jake picked up Julia from school. He owned a car.

‘So, why did you leave early from office today?’, questioned Julia.

‘Did you forget that today is our grandson’s sixth birthday ?’, asked Jake.

‘Oh yeah. I forgot it. Let’s visit him.’, said Julia.

‘Ok. First, we’ll buy a gift for our cute little grandson.’, said Jake.

They both purchased a teddy bear for their grandson.

‘I hope he would like it.’, said Jake.

‘He would love it.’, said Julia.

They both reached Sam’s house. Sam lived in an apartment with his wife and child. Julia and Jake were excited to see their grandson, son, and daughter-in-law. Julia and Jake visited them uninformed as they wanted their visit to be a surprise. Julia rang the doorbell and waited for some time holding the teddy bear in her hands. Georgia, their daughter in law opened the door. She was surprised and disappointed by Julia and Jake’s surprise visit.

‘Hello.’, said Georgia awkwardly and invited them in.

 ‘Sam…… Sam…..’, called Georgia.

‘Honey, Get ready soon. We have to be there on time. By the way Who's on the door?’, asked Sam.

Sam saw his parents sitting on the couch. He looked at them and smiled awkwardly.

‘Hello, Mom and Dad. What are you both doing here?’, asked Sam.

‘It’s our grandson’s birthday. So, we came here to meet him and gift him a present. How are you son? ‘, said Jake.

‘I am fine. I will hand over this gift to Chris. He is sleeping now.’, said Sam.

Suddenly, a voice was heard from the room.

‘Mom, Please come here. I have to get ready as soon as possible or else Dad would be upset. Mom ? ’ a voice was heard from the room.

It was Chris’s voice.

‘It seems he woke up from his sleep.’, said Georgia as she headed towards the room.

Sam was giving them a weird look.

‘Would you like to have something? Tea? Coffee ?’, asked Sam.

‘No, Thank you, son.’, said Julia.

There was an awkward silence for some time.

Chris emerged out of the room with Georgia wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a cute little blazer. He saw his grandparents sitting on the couch. He hugged both of them tightly and sat on Julia’s lap.

‘Hello, Grandpa and Grandma. How are you both ?’, asked the little kid.

‘We both are fine. Happy birthday Chris.’, said Jake.

‘Thank you Grandpa.’ said Chris as he kissed Jake on his cheek.

Julia wished him and handed over the gift to Chris. Chris thanked his grandparents.

‘Actually, we are going to a restaurant to celebrate Chris's birthday. It’s already late now. We are in a hurry.’, said Sam.

‘Dad, Why don’t you invite grandma and grandpa to the restaurant ? ‘, asked Chris.

‘It’s a five-star hotel, Sam. We can’t take them there.’, said Georgia.

‘No, son. They may have a lot of other works to complete. That’s ok.’, said Sam before Julia and Jake could say something.

‘At least, if you both had informed us about your visit earlier, we would have arranged for something. We are in a hurry right now ' ,said Georgia in a sarcastic tone.

‘Ok, then it’s time for us to leave now. See you later. ‘, said Julia.

Julia kissed Chris and Jake hugged him as they left the house. Julia and Jake sat in their car. While driving back to their home, ’He could have invited us. After all, it’s Chris’s birthday. But, he didn’t.’, said Julia in a sad tone.

‘Oh. Forget it darling.’, said Jake.

Jake noticed that Julia was upset due to his son’s behavior.

The car stopped suddenly.

‘What happened, Jake? ', asked Julia.

Jake without uttering a word , got down from the car and ventured into a shop.

Julia was surprised and confused as she didn’t understand what Jake was doing.

Jake emerged from the shop and sat in his seat. Julia looked at him with surprise.

Jake handed over a bouquet of beautiful red and white roses to Julia.

‘My favorite colorful roses.’ ,said Julia with a happy face.

‘You love them a lot. That’s why, I bought a bouquet of roses for you.’ ,said Jake.

Jake was happy to see Julia’s joyful face. Julia hugged Jake and kissed him on his forehead.

They both reached home. Julia cooked chicken spaghetti with marinara sauce.

Julia completely forgot about his son and her sadness. She was happy as Jake was with her and didn’t leave her alone in any situation.

‘Honey, Dinner is ready. Let’s dine together.’ ,said Julia.

Jake and Julia enjoyed their meal together.

‘The meal is delicious’ ,said Jake.

‘I love you, Jake.’ ,said Julia.

‘I know darling and I love you too.’ ,replied Jake with a glorious look.

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