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I’m going to tell you a little story and I will let you be the judge if you dare step into that role to give an authentic verdict. Why would you be fearful of stepping into that role? Because I will be asking you to judge your masters and even yourselves if you are a part of this moral and legal crime.

This prompt is about a character who is strong. What is strength? The ability to carry a heavy load. This load does not have to be physical.

Imagine, for a minute, you are in my position. Now, let me describe my position. I am a Targeted Individual, through no fault of my own. It isn’t my Karma, and I haven’t done anything bad. It’s just that the Illuminati and the Freemason’s, from the moment of my birth, have arrayed themselves against me. I have only come to realize this of recent years. It’s a fact.

That’s a heavy load to carry.

These people, they did terrible things to me as a child. I was sold, by my family, no less, into a paedophile ring. I am a white Australian from a middle-class family that made their bucks as the people they allowed to abuse me took their f*** (rhymes with bucks).

Next, I was blamed for their actions. For a very long time, I believed this. Every time I speak out against them, they go bananas at me and get their pets on their payroll to attack me, because I am sharing the truth.

My family, for money, turned against me, including my children. Blood is not thicker than water. Money is thicker than blood. My family is living proof.

I have spent my entire life being bullied, abused, and have had people and children of every variety try to use Neural-Linguistic Malware to either traffic me covertly for sex, or get me to self-harm in some way, shape or form. It took a long time for me to see the pattern and connect the dots, but because they isolated me from everyone and everything to crush and destroy me, my will, and my soul, I spent time thinking.

The biggest thing you need to understand me is I don’t care if I am unpopular for speaking the truth. These liars have smeared me in every way possible. I will never be popular, so I might as well follow my morals.

The crimes they have perpetuated continue. I am not the only one. Even now, greedy white parents with no moral conscience are making deals with the elite to allow their children to be used for sex and worse. I must speak out, not only for my own self, but if I become silent about this, I become complicit in their crimes against humanity. With my spiritual belief system, that is a no-no.

There was a time, where I would have been willing to give them what they want from me if they had just cut me in to a piece of the pie. I even said so. I would have been willing to comply if they had given me some breathing room, ended their oppression, allowed me to reunite with my family, and given me some compo.

No such luck for me.

Now, I am content with that, because I have stepped onto the spiritual path in full, as I know that is the only way to save my mind from their evil, my body from their paid rapists and thugs, and my soul from eternal damnation. I don’t care the suffering that I have to endure in this life. The goal is an eternity of peace after having suffered for what will be nearly 100 years by the time I have died.

The sickening thing is the entire world seems comfortable in holding me accountable for their crimes. The people involved; I have done nothing to. They are cruel, evil, and mentally sick. A person with good mental health and a moral conscience would question why they need to be rewarded to be cruel to a person. Not a one of these people who attack me have ever come to me to find out my side of the story, if what they’ve heard about me is true.

Not a one of them thinks that a woman who has been sexually abused all her life, not to mention mistreated in every manner possible, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, has been through enough. Oh, they say enough is enough, they use a million little catchphrases, but I never see the evidence in their behaviour. People talk a lot. I watch behaviour.

I have been told many, many times by their paid puppets that this stalking campaign of cruelty and interference is coming to an end, but I have yet to see evidence of that. The only thing that means to me is I can’t trust these people.

They try and use certain words and numbers and call me things, not based on my demonstrated behaviour, but based on what they do. The only message they give me through doing this is that they are not my guidance (yeah, these people are arrogant), they are not my friends, they do not have my best spiritual interests at heart, and they are not trustworthy.

Not to mention, while I have been discovering all this, I have given up a plethora of addictions, while they did their best to keep me hooked. I gave up alcohol, tobacco, everything to do with sex, and illicit drugs, including weaning myself off strong medication. Imagine the stress they put me through and instead of caving in to the attachments to dull their cruelty out, I took myself from those things (which are nothing more than a program) and faced their onslaught head-on.

In light of that, would you have me on your team to ensure a win, or would you pit yourself against me and risk losing?

Do you think I have strength? Do you think that the masses are mentally weak? Do you think a bunch of bullies ganging up on a person means that they are better than the person they are grouping upon?

You be the judge. You tell me. If you dare.


May 14, 2022 02:55

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