Wisdom: Ancient And Modern

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Money is a force far stronger than any force known to man. To think that humans of every social standing always believed that they are in control of it and not the other way around is funny once you spare a little time to recall any history even as far as first century or the last decade, you will know why?

The force that cut across any race, continent, class while wrecking the same havoc on all, you will begin to understand how powerful this force called money is. Another funny thing is that, it is not a racist, not respected of complexion, profession or class. You just can't fuck around with it even when you ignorantly think that you have conquered it by accumulating a lot of it. That is when it pushes you to a corner and make you a recluse by deserting you. Imagine lifting you up and when you believe that you have arrived, only to see yourself on rubbles. It drives pleasure from handling humans in such a nature.

     “ Ever heard of the saying: fools part with their money easily?” Tobi asked his friend while continuing reading from the 19th century novel he suddenly for the past one years now found too enjoyable to do without anymore. They had gone to the library as usual for the books to keep them busy for the week. A book each week have became their norm since a year now. 

“ If they are fools, how do they fooled the money into jumping into bed with them before parting with them again?” Chika retorted.

Tobi eyed him askance, bookmarked the page before turning to him fully. From experience, he knew that it will be a long debate.

“ Ever heard of Gods mercies to the least inspiring of his children”

“ If they are that least in his register, why did he forgot you the first in the list to bless the least?”

“ He works in mysterious ways Chika”

“ Did he?- then why don’t we all be least to receive his blessings?”

“ He wants them to feel his blessings in order not to have excuses of any kind on the last day”

“ How do you mean?—is he setting them up for a fall?”

“ Nah, for goodness sake, God is not a wicked being. Do you even realized that this your line of thought is even a sin?”

“ Is it?- since when. All the angels argued with him, even human prophets debated and queried him and he had been answering to clear their confusions. Why would he butcher me in 21st century for toeing the same line?”

Tobi eyed him and turned back to his book. He had found what he considered a hidden treasure in what his friend Chika called archaic books. He could not just understand why he likes reading those works from the world that no longer exist as he usually put it. He could not even understand why the town library is teaming with such a books. Modern world is made possible by modern ideas not archaic ideas. Why would any sound mind spent his hard earned money to borrow works from left behind world. He wonders about the soundness of his friend at times. The first time he had noticed his interest on ancient books, he had enquired to know the why of it. The answer he got wasn't satisfying.

    He eyed him and saw he is lost in his assimilation with that smirk that have became his trademark anytime he is consuming such works. He ploughed ahead nevertheless.

“ Emm, why is it that you like consuming informations from the world that no longer exist. Ever realized that it might be reasons your world, values, reasoning and utterances are made and packaged from that era?”

“ How do you mean. Explain further”

“ I mean your arguments are usually based on ideas from and points from that era. The one you just started on money and God”

“ At times, I take it that you are two years down with pace of the present world. Am trying to fast forward you up. You are floating.”

“ Am I? You are yet to answer my question well. Why that era?”

“ Not only you, many people always think in the same wavelengths like you. Ever heard of ancient history being the best, the basis and root of your so called modern world. And by the way, why do you always refers to 19th century as ancient?”

“ You want to get to the roots of the modern world and yet, you can't stop dreaming of having a car. Why not horses and carriages. Start from those roots”

“ Today in your modern world, you still dream of self-driven cars that are safe and your technology kept disappointing you. Yet, that is exactly what was taken for granted in that era. You the man riding the horse or driving the carriage has two sentient mammals at work at the same time. Man and the horse. You the man can easily fall asleep while the other sentient animal the horse will still take you to your destination safely in one piece. How come the wisdom from your modern world wishing for self- driven cars have not realized that it is the root of car they are searching for?” 

“So, what you miss most is sentient horses and not running waters in your houses, not electricity, not lift, not sound economies, not mobile phones etc. Just sentient horses”

“ You forgot the life span of people of that era and peaceful world then. They last into their 90s and no one was bombing anywhere in the west or middle east. They paid little visit to hospitals too”

“ Creatures that reasons like you would never be content with what they have. They kept wishing for what they can't have anymore and at times, they became a problem to modern man”

Tobi eyed him with the type of “You don’t understand” glance that spoke louder than words. Chika knew that it is the end of the debate. Both returned to their reading once more. 

Money is a tremendous force, it have made a lot of men, women and a lot of women, men. Sent many to their maker prematurely, shape many policies, societies, shape reasoning, endeavors. Some achieved it while some searched for it without success till their maker called them. Yet, some that was not sweating and striving for it, the money found them. 

    To think that the so called servants of God rode on the back of their poor parishioners to lay hands on the money spoke volume. They made it. Bought yachts, private jets, mansions and hard currency based accounts while ending their breakthrough prayers to their members with “in mighty name of Christ Jesus” will tell you how powerful this thing called money is.  

Some set up radio programs and paid for hours to pray for some that doesn’t have money, to break the curse holding from money, all they needed is “ breakthrough” prayers. Those pastors never lack customers and that will tell you how powerful this thing called money is. You needed to just ask God to reveal to you for five minutes only the actions of his so called servants in quest of this thing called money for you to understand well. You will vomit I assure you. Most of their evil are rooted in money and you needs to hear some of their defenses when confronted: 

         “ The flesh is weak and yet it usually dominate the strong spirit. Am not difference from others, my flesh is disturbing my spirit just like yours. I need your prayers to stand firm in the face of the temptations that comes my way”

He pocketed your money and want your prayers too and not even talking of returning the money to the brainwashed followers. He needs prayers to stand firm. Tobi smiled after reading that line he is sure rhymed with events on Chika's modern world. He brought chika's attention to the line. “See what is written on his paragraph” after reading it to him, he sighed soundly and eyed his friend. “You will never be content with this your ancient wisdom and those man of God or god will never be content with promise of heaven after life here. They want their heaven here first. If that is not a sign for you, I don’t know what will be again. Ever heard of a modern man called Tyson?- he went to prison and ancient inmates like you inside there introduced him to those your ancient wisdom books. Only after agonizing on half of the book, hear him after leaving there:

     “ when I was in prison, I was wrapped up in all those deep books. That Tolstoy crap—people shouldn’t read that stuff”

“When will you ever learn and drop those craps”

September 10, 2022 07:04

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Graham Kinross
00:23 Sep 15, 2022

I like that you bring up how even in the bible it never promises that god is kind, just that he is powerful and must be worshipped. It is interesting when so many different people can worship with completely different values. Some say god is love, others that he is judgement. He is wrathful. There are endless interpretations. All might be right at once, or none.


Philip Ebuluofor
12:30 Sep 15, 2022

Yeah, I was trying to wrap up that story on Tyson's quote but I decide to go the library way. I wanted to build it up around crap for I love that quote a lot. It's true for I don't like the man's work also.


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