- Mom, I have some knot in my stomach – I said to my mother, as I arrived from the high- school, wrongly thinking that I was sick.

- A what ¿ did you eat rotten food in school? - paranoically worried.

- No, mom - leaving my payback on the table., 

- Are you hot  I mean, have fever ¿

- I do not know.

- Let me check it out - and mom started to check my corporal temperature, by putting her hand on my front.

- No, I think you do not have fever – taking her hand out of my front.

- So ? – going to the fridge to get some soda.

- I better take you to the hospital. 

- Am I that sick ? Do I really need to go to the hospital? – throwing myself on the couch.

- You better, so we will know for sure what it is about.

- Fine – taking the coins that were in my pocket out.

And…surprise ! I found a picture of him: tall, blonde hair, blue eyes , broad shouldered.

I was mesmerizedly looking at him.

I did not notice that my mom was paying attention to me and my face : the face of a girl in love.

For certainty, my mother stood two steps beside me.

By raising her arms, she simply took the picture if me : 

- Wow ! Who is this handsome guy? – looking at the handsome man.

- He is my high school colleague.

- I see – she said, in a cautious way.

I think it took her some seconds to ask me : 

Do you like him ?

That was a tough question for me, as I did not think about an answer beforehand. 

Was I going to lie to her? 

Was I going to simply say the truth ? 

I did not know.

I was just living the day .

Living my dreams of a possible romantic affair.

- Yes or no? – she asked, reticent.

- Well he is just a friend at school, mom – I answered , but without having the courage of looking st my mom, as I was not being sincere with that answer and I knew she was going to find out.

- And…

- Well – trying desperately to have more time before the final answer that ip that moment I did not know what that could be - you know – still beating about the Bush- I guess I…

- Yes! You do- taking a look at my difficulty on trying to answer that question- which I have to agree that was not difficult at all.

- Well, I think so but he lives a road and he is on some school exchange program so he is going to leave very soon.

- It does not change the fact that you like him – she said, looking at my shame of saying the truth.

Why did I want to hide it ? 

It was such a natural thing ! 

- I think that you are not sick in reality. I think you are in love  my dear daughter, and the knot that you feel in your stomach is just the anxiety you have whenever you miss him.

- Do you think so ? – I asked her, really interested on her answer .

- Of course. I also had the same problem when I was younger, in high school.

- You did ? – curious.

- Yes , I did. 

- You had never talked to me about it – more curiously now.

- Is because you are always busy in school, your friends, your life.

So, I think we had never had the chance to talk.

But when I was studying in high school, I met a very handsome boy, he was tall blond hair , blue eyes, broad shouldered..

- Wait a minute, madam ! You are giving the description of my colleague ! 

- Well you are my daughter and I think that your good taste was inherited from me.

- C’mon, mom! Don’t be silly !

- I am telling you the truth, young lady. And you know the boy that I am talking about -- reticent again.

And a light turned on in my head : the only man I knew that had that physical appearance was….

- No ! Was he my father ? - I asked, astonished. 

- Yes , dear – smilingly suffering that loss, as he was dead. My mother, yes, was a widow, that had never had the chance to find  another person that she could live with, as she was always working in a double journey : in the office and at home – like most of the women nowadays. 

He was my only one. J met him in a ball dance that ee had in a club as my school was closed due to some repairing.

- And ?  I asked her, more than interested, as I sat in the couch drinking the soda.

- And I remember that it was so hard for me to choose the dress for that night ! All of them were just precious ! But I had to choose only one dress , so I chose the silken, light blued one. Oh! I remember the high heels ! That was the first time I was going to wear them, but imagine , I slided one time from it during the disco dance , so nice .

You stud not going to believe, but I do not know where he csme from, but he came towards me, to help me stand up. Such a shame !

And we both laughed, together, like real mom and daughter.

- What happened next? – enormously curious.

- Well, he gave me his hands looked at me in such a lovely way, that I could not resist just like that 

I stood up, and as far as I remember, he offered me some soda, a handkerchief , cause you know that in that time we did not have wipes and things like that. Life was primitive,  but fun – enthusiastically smiling.

- And ? – finishing the soda.

- And we danced together the whole night, bug without that high heels, as I had some extra shoes that your grandmother forced me to put in a bag that I gave to the receptionist to take care.

- Really ? – I could not imagine myself wearing that sort of shoes and a silk dress. I prefer blue Jean’s and T – shirts!

And we danced the whole night, together.



Knowing each other.

It was the best because I could see s person as a whole, deep 

That was the best part of my life something that I will never forget.

 And I think I would never want to change it .

It was just the way it had to be.

Were you happy mom? - I wanted to confirm the happiness that she was showing me 

- Uh! – she exclaimed, living that moment again, with her bright eyes reloading her soul with a good vibe brought by that replenishing memories.

She was smiling again.

After two years if the death of my father in a car accident, and I think that unforgettable moment that I had with her was the most important for me – to get to know her – and for her – to live a bit of the missed past.


August 10, 2020 00:20

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