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"Jerlin ! Jerlin !" I got sweated and I woke up and drank a cup of water.Tears rolled over my cheeks and the pillow I lay became watery.

     Next morning,I woke up after 8 o' clock and was playing with my niece Tiffany.

"Jerlin !" my brother Jinil called.I'm going to a funeral.

"Who died? I questioned.

" Uncle passed away " he replied.The words pricked my heart like thorns and tears rolled down my cheeks. I slammed the door and cried aloud remembering the lovable memories with my Bini,my love !

    Bini,my sweetheart,the man,I loved the most.I was 16,he was 17.One fine morning,I was afoot to school verbalizing with my friends Merlin,Divisha and Adeline aside the road.A truck came in quickness.I didn't notice it and I was chatting with my friend Merlin.A strong arm crush against me and I fell down.My arms and knees got hurt.He carried me to the clinic.lt's my Bini.Later I know that he had protected me from an accident.

    After three months of rest as I got fractured my thigh,I went to school but not by walk .My dad dropped me in our car.I looked for him around but I couldn't find.Model practicals got over and we were learning for the board examination.

"Jerlin ! I got a news!!! "

"He is a drunken and smoker,take him from your thoughts dear.your life spills off" said Merlin,but my soul whispered " No".I longed to see him.we got hall ticket,The board exam started and got over.But till the last day of my schooling,I couldn't see him.

     The yearning made me think more of him.and fall for him.Two months rolled,I got admission in a medical college at chennai.

"Go to a studio and take a photograph dear.The college asked for a recent photograph".

"O.k Mommy.i'll be back soon" I said.

I went to a studio to take a photograph.Someone holded my hand and said "come! Jerlin". It's Bini.My heart overjoyed with happiness, I went with him and chatted for a while.The clock moved to 7 o' clock in the evening. I got worried to go back to home. At the same time, my dad has filed a complaint to the police men as I was missing and the police cops were inquiring me everywhere. Bini petrified of the situation and I was helpless.Bini and his friends begged to me,"Sister! Save us !" and I decided to inform my parents.I called my mom,the mobile rang "ting-a ling, ting- a ling".It's my dad, attended the call, my throat got dried out of fear and my hands started to shiver and bini holded my hands and I started to speak 

"daddy,it's Jerlin "

"Jerlin ! My dear,

where are you ? 

Are you safe?"

Tears rolled down from my eyes."yes! I replied ".

"Daddy! I wanna say a important matter"

"Say my dear !"

"Please. . .don't disturb me here after.I came with my lovable one".There was a silence . . .My daddy was broken down and I disconnected the call.

In that horrible situation,I got married.After two days Bini took me to his native kanyakumari.A woman started to scold Bini .I just watched for a while and asked " Who is this ?"

'Cause I couldn't understand her language as she speaks Malayalam.It's Bini's mother.They hurt me in every situation but Bini held me like a precious Jewel.

One day while Bini and I was walking on the street, Bini fell near a pit and a taxi crushed him in a second.

Oh! God I cried aloud holding him as my hands are full of blood clots .My hand started to shiver and my mind became blank alike darkness and we rushed him to the hospital.I was puzzled to find what the disease was but I understood that "It's something serious" so I prepared my mind to accept anything.The doctor informed "Take him to the medical college".My heart got broken into pieces like glass knowing the condition of my Bini as his eyes are shut.

 We,the family of Bini took him to vellore CMC Medical College for further treatment.After a week,the doctor informed "He is nomore".They brought his body and him lie infront of house.Eveyone were crying aloud but I sat still and I went inside our room and holded his shirts and The Holy Bible which I gifted him.Soon my uncle took me to our house as his family members throwing thorns of words towards me.

   My parents made me join in a college for higher education and come out of the darkside.Days moved to weeks,weeks to months,months to years,My life was a ocean of tears.I started living a dream life of my dreamt life with Bini. I started celebrating his birthdays.I discontinued my studies as my friends,staff members asked about Bini and feel pity for me.My inner soul said " Be a sparkle !".I decided to hold a degree and I chosed to study English Literature also made myself stylish to change myself from the pain of my life.

    One evening when I was in a seashore,looking the beauty of nature, a man crossed me.He came back to me and said "You look gorgeous".I moved aside and didnt respond him.Next morning,Mommy said to me that "a marriage proposal came for you, He looks handsome ".Someone knocked the door,when I opened the door,the man I met the day before came to my house for a proposal .My parents were so happy and they thanked God but I rejected and shut my door and didn't have food and coversation for a week.

   "Jerlin!" My Brother knocked the door ,wiping my tears, I opened the door .He went to refresh himself while I move to close the gate, two men came to collect for a donation. "what's the purpose of this?" I enquired.

 " we use it to provide food for the patients in CMC,Vellore",he said.I gave thousand five hundred rupees and he gave me a receipt.I faced him to get it and got shocked.It's Bini! Smiling in front of me. I stood there like a statue. Bini called me, "Jerlin, Jerlin..." It was like a dream for me. I pinched myself and realised that it was not a dream. I wondered and didn't know how to react to him or what to do whether to be happy or to worry.I fainted there itself. . .

July 31, 2020 17:23

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