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American Horror Mystery

 “Iris go play by the sea with your cousins,” told her father while doing work on his laptop. 

“No, I won’t. I heard that there is a mysterious figure,” she answered.

“Don’t be silly! ,” he said. Just then, Maybellene answered,

“Uncle Edward, it’s true,” May was his sister's daughter. 

“You kids have some kind of sly plan.  Let’s have a talk about this with the others later,” he laughed. 

“How about you two play upstairs with Regan and the Dick. Just make sure not to wake up Susan or Aunt Grace is going to lose her head again at you, kids,” he laughed. The kids ran upstairs and played. After a few minutes, his wife came home from her dental clinic. 

“Hey Edward,,” she said lying down on the couch. 

“A long day at the clinic?” he asked, closing his laptop. 

“Millions of patients. I’ll shower and prepare,”she said, rubbing her eyes. She went up and showered. She then saw Susan’s mother at her doorstep. 

“Hey, Meghan. Do you mind telling Regan and Iris to not play around the playroom area? Susan is sleeping and she is very sensitive to noise,” told the woman. 

“You know that there are rooms upstairs. Why can’t you move the baby there? I’m not going to tell my kids to keep silent because this is their grandparent’s mansion. It’s not yours so you don’t have a right. Also, they are kids and they are expected to make noise,” smirked Meghan. Graceline frowned at her and Meghan went to get her kids to shower. She found them at the playroom playing with their cousin. They were playing lego together. 

“Kids, we are going to have dinner soon,” smiled their Aunt Meghan. Soon everyone was seated at the dinner table.

“You kids came for dinner without a fuss tonight?” asked Dick’s mother.  

“It’s because their Aunt Meghan has prepared Thai food for them,” smirked Graceline. Uncle David kicked his wife underneath the table and kept quiet. 

“Because of the mysterious figure,” answered Regan absently.

“These kids were telling me about it today,” One of you’ll please tell us about it,” asked Edward, putting a piece of grilled meat into his mouth.

“Today, I went to pass a book that Mrs. Gregory's daughter wanted to borrow so I walked over to their house. While walking to their lane I saw a coffin with the image of the girl. I saw her mother coming towards me and she told me to take care as there’s this mysterious figure around here that drowned her daughter,” explained Regan looking at everyone. Graceline’s face turned pale at once. 

“Could you not talk about it? We shouldn’t take about superstitious things at night,” interrupted Graceline.

“Graceline, please relax! Stop being a frick, please! Also, Regan Mrs. Gregory might not be wanting to tell you the real cause of her daughter’s death.More over, her daughter might be a poor swimmer,” answered Uncle David, drinking some Tom Yam. 

“That girl is the best at swimming,” she answered. 

“I think we should just end this matter and enjoy dinner,” Uncle David said, seeing that his wife looked upset. They ate their dinner chatting about their day to day news. After their dinner, they all went to their rooms. Regan and Iris shared a room. Maybellene and Dick shared a room next to Regan’s. Dick’s parents shared a room. Uncle David and his wife shared a room and Baby Susan slept in the nursery. Iris’s parents slept together. Meghan was attiring the beautiful serene sea. She saw the waves receding. Her husband came and they chatted awhile and went to bed. At three am, Regan wanted to drink some green tea.  She crept into the kitchen slowly and saw Susan playing on the floor. The girls’ mouth was covered with blood.  She picked Susan up and brought her to her parent’s room. Graceline was sleeping.

“Graceline, Susan was downstairs! I think she hurt herself that her mouth is bleeding,” Graceline carried the baby at once and shut the room door worriedly.  It was the next morning, and Meghan was serving breakfast. Regan came downstairs. 

“Mum, another resident has been killed,”

“Gosh! Please have your boiled eggs before it gets cold,” 

“Yes and I and Iris have to catch the school bus now,” she said. Everyone left for work. Meghan treated a few patients and then went home. She entered the door and saw Iris crying. 

“Iris, what’s wrong?” asked her mother.

“I brought Luna into the house and she barked. Susan woke up and sobbed. Aunt Graceline slapped me,” she sobbed. She went upstairs and saw Graceline watching TV. 

“How dare you slap my Iris?” she asked rudely. 

“She brought the dog,”

“So you do this? I will never forgive you. I’m calling David now,” 

“No, don’t you dare do it,” she yelled.

“Don’t you dare touch my kids ever again!” she yelled. She called David and he rushed home. Now, Iris’s nose was bleeding due to the slap. 

“Iris, please show me your nose,” told Uncle David who worked as a physician.“I’m sorry that I had to call you. Edward told me not to call him as he is busy,”

“No issues, go and take a nap, Iris,” smiled Uncle David. 

“Iris, I’m going to go upstairs to my room. You can rest there,” Iris followed her mother upstairs and lay on the giant bed. 

“Mum, I heard Aunt Graceline speaking about the mysterious figure. She’s very worried about Susan’s life. I heard her calling Uncle David to shift off to their old house,” told Iris.

“As if she’s the only one who has children. Didn’t she think about Aunt Christy and me? Don’t worry about her,” told Iris’s mother. 

“Mum, I think Regan came home,” told Iris.

“Let’s go downstairs and have our tea snack,” They all went down and had their tea snack.

“Mum, Katherine who lives a few doors away has been drowned in the sea. Her parents brought her to have a dip and when they turned she was taken away into the deep sea,” told Meghan taking a bite of her chicken sandwich.

“We need to seriously have a talk about this during dinner. Now, you’ll can go to the playroom and play. I’m going to have coffee with Aunt Christy,” she smiled. 

“Hi kids,” told Aunt Christy.

“Mum, you’re back early today,” Dick told his mother.

“Yes, indeed. At least, I get to have coffee with Aunt Meghan,” she smiled.

“Oh yes, I’ll get a cup for you,” The kids scurried upstairs. 

“What happened to Iris? I saw that David posted an image of her nosebleed,” Christy told Meghan. 

“Graceline slapped her hard on her face and it caused a nosebleed,” told Meghan. 

“I just wish Edward or I were there to stop David from marrying her,” told Christy ,her face full of regret. 

“She’s just so annoying and that’s why none of our kids even play with Susan,” told Meghan while drinking her coffee. 

“Yes, indeed. I’m just worried about the mysterious figure?” told Christy.

“Regan told me that another girl drowned. We really need to discuss this. Or we need to call a witch doctor to settle this issue,” Just then, Graceline came down all worried and stressed for dinner. 

“Everyone, I have something to tell you,” Graceline said, crying. Everyone stopped eating and stared at her.

“Susan is the mysterious figure and she is the one killing everyone at the neighborhood,” 

“Graceline, how can a year old infant be a murderer?” David asked, shocked.

“David, I didn’t tell you this but our baby died on the day she was born. I knew you would be disheartened so I found Susan on the streets. Soon, I started finding mysterious things about her like she loved eating raw meat. I suppose you’ll know that my mother is a witch doctor. So one night, I brought Susan to her and she said that she is a Satan's child who is waiting to kill people ,” sobbed Graceline. David was also tearing down.

“So what are we going to do with Susan?” asked Meghan.

“David has to kill her,” 

“Graceline,” he sobbed, hugging his wife. 

“After I kill her, what do I do?” asked David.

“Take her heart out and throw it into the sea,”

“Alright, where is Susan?” 

“In her playroom,” sobbed Graceline. They both went upstairs crying. Susan was in her night- suit playing with her fingers. 

“Susan, come dear,” called her mother. She crawled towards her mother and her mother lay down. They tied her hands and legs and she screamed. David slowly took the axe and chopped her. She screamed in pain. Graceline screamed and cried. 

“Now, what are we going to do?” asked David, holding the axe.

“We have to take out her heart and throw it in the sea,” David began to cut the body and out came a strong stench. They closed their noses and took out Susan’s heart. It was black in colour and it smelled horrible. They put it into plastic and wrapped it in paper. They packed her accessories and went into the beach and threw them there.

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