Fantasy Inspirational Mystery

PROTAGONIST: An Undercover Agent named "Magnus" is always in the wrong place at the right time. The second character is Blood Hunter, Dean, who has an eye for opportunity.

PLOT: It's a medieval fantasy story about a cracked coffin. Kicks off with Good vs Evil.

And then, with the discovery of an anonymous note, an unreliable narrator tells the story, and there's a twist: an unexpected gift will change the plot's direction.

Good vs Evil

It was a dark and stormy night when it was time for "Dean" to wind down and rest. I, "Dean," put a little wood in the fireplace, grab a book, and have a mug of ale draping my pity.

Alone in this old inherited castle. Something you need to know about me: I, "Dean," born as a {Blood-Hunter,} if you do not know what that is, I can inform you of many stories in the folklore.

One could classify it as good or evil! Sit back as you drink your ale.

How and why? {Blood-Hunters,} are misleading. Some things in this world are unspoken or not even heard of. Although my clothes are old-fashioned, I, Dean, possess wealth in every way.

Down in the cellar lies an old coffin, worn with cracks, with a creepy feeling.

Sometimes, {Blood-Hunter,} like myself, gets creeped out. I remembered an old coffin; there is a story behind this coffin, and here it goes: one of my ancestors was a vampire.

That is why I, "Dean," became a {Blood-Hunter!} Who lives by this quote: A wise man said, {Family does not end in blood,' but does not end with it; It doesn’t start there, either.} Family is there in the good times and the bad. They’ve got your back even when it hurts! When life beats you down, Never Give Up!}

The fire went out, and I fell asleep in my chair at midnight. Seeing through the cracked window, the silver moon glowed. Surprisingly, that did not wake me.

This journey is one of discovery, connection, and unimaginable power.

Whisper that will bide their time before unleashing their deadly truth.

Waking with the light breeze touching my pale face, I removed the covers, opened the blinds, put on my robe, grabbed my sleepers, and headed down the stairs.

I opened the gates to put wood in the fireplace, moved to the kitchen to make coffee, and walked outside to get the newspaper.

The heavy door shuts behind me, and a crow flies inside.

Some would say that crows are bad omens, others are messages of ill will, and some are just wildlife.

It is time to get back to work. I'm glad that I don't have to commute to work and can work from the comfort of my home. While going through the maps and videos, something got my attention.

As I, Dean, approached to see what it was, the threshold revealed itself before me.

Curiosity got the better of me, and "Dean" went in.

We are not in Kansas anymore, "Dean" thought to himself.

Roaming through the unknown, some look creepy; further in, something seems the same but different. I, "Dean," could not stop this feeling.

Suddenly, a bright light emerged from nowhere, dazzling me with its blinding radiance.

The warmth, love, and caring can go through you, leading to no care or worries.

Now it is gone. Nothing felt like this ever. "Dean" kept walking, then something was lurking off in the distance; turning around because "Dean" heard a noise that got his attention and standing in front was An Undercover Agent named "Magnus."

Before the introduction: "Dean" was trying to clear his head of the images, and he was a {Blood-Hunter,} after all.

An Undercover Agent named "Magnus." was standing over a dead {Harpy,} and the scenery changed to a person holding a note in his dead hands.

The mysterious note conveyed cryptic symbols and words in a coded message. Though "Dean" knows how to read, it is in his blood; he kept it to himself! For "Dean" does not know "Magnus."

"Dean and Magnus" divided the clues between themselves. This note was something significant.

While "Magnus" was overseeing the dead body, "Dean" was walking around till suddenly a portal was before him, and that creepy feeling returned. It will not stop me.

This world opposes what "Dean" knows and feels the same.

If that were the case, "Dean" should walk around this portal as if it were home. Just then, there's a twist: an unexpected gift will change the plot's direction.

This portal is purgatory, the realm of fallen monsters. It is a place apart from heaven or hell and explicitly reserved for creatures after death.

This is "Dean's," an actual house. He is an expert in dealing with the known and mythological creatures. Vampires and werewolves are creeping around this portal.

It has been days, "Dean" has to get some sleep and food. It's a problem being human!

"Dean" found a campsite that looked forsaken and creepy. Not letting my feelings aside or others not getting the best of "Dean," just walking in was "Magnus," and asking if I found any more clues.

Just then, a gust of wind surrounded us both and turned into a tornado. We are now in the real world, sitting in a tavern and asking for ale, including a place to rest.

We finished the ale and asked the barmaid to guide us down the stairway, which took us to two rooms.

Woke to the sound of screams that shook me to the core, and I grabbed my pistol known as the {Colt!}

Finally, figuring out the screams, "Dean" dressed and searched for more clues. There was a room in the Inn, and the sign said {Keep Out!}

Ignoring it, we both went in.

Shining bright in blood in cryptic symbols, saying: here lies the truth about the {different worlds!} It means we each have our own particular and unique worldview. Depending on where you grew up, things you have been taught, and what has happened to you and around you- these things form your perspectives. 

Quote: In summary, possible worlds provide a fascinating framework for exploring alternative realities and understanding the nature of truth. Each world represents different possibilities, inviting us to contemplate what might have been. 

Seeing "Magnus" dead person, but in this world, it was a {Harpy,} the clues all fall into place, and now the last clue that was the most important of all is this: {mysterious note conveyed cryptic symbols and words in a coded message.}

The end message is {Magnus killed "Harpy," aka. Dead Person!}

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