He was going to pay for this.




    The blazing Miami Sun was scorching his back, reaching him through his car's side windows. The Cars wheels squeaked each time they hit even the smallest bump, and there was nothing Tyler could, or would do about it.

He gently pressed down on the car's ignition, which caused the car to accelerate.

The cool and fresh wind jogged through his hair, and he leaned his head back in order to appreciate just how nice and cool the atmosphere was. His anger started fleeing his body and he regained his senses.

He had a job to do and he was going to do it.



The grass was green, and the birds were chirping, Tyler was currently sitting outside on his porch which was stationed in his back garden. Around him were dozens of trees, all different shapes and sizes. Some being teeny saplings, and others being vast, grand Oaks which blocked any sunlight getting into the garden.

Tyler looked around at this family, he saw his elderly mother quaking above his younger siblings. She was sipping a lukewarm coffee, which she had placed in her right hand. She was looking at them with her loving eyes, and Tyler could tell that she was happy.


Their house was on the outskirts of Miami, a small modest little cottage which was within walking distance from the beach. They were in a neighborhood which was dominated by nature. With there house being engulfed in knee-high grass, and dazzling flowers which were scattered all over.

Although he often disliked living in such a place, being on the verge of poverty more often than he liked, he had feelings for the house which he could not describe.

He had known in it for all of his childhood, and had spent the majority of his teenage years there, and he could not live without it.


He glanced over at his mother one more time as well as his younger brother and sister, who were in their early infant years. His brother had just recently began to walk, and the two of them were playing in the mud.

He would not give this life up for anything.

Unfortunately he might not have a choice.





The restaurant was dimly lit, it had no other source of light other than the candles which were placed on every table.

It was a fancy place, Tyler could tell, it was the sort of place that rich, showy, pretentious couples went on dates. This was not his type of place, and he didn't feel welcome. However, his boss had called him here and he didn't have a choice.


A waiter walked over to the table and started speaking to Tyler.

"May I ask what it will be you're having?" the man asked him. Tyler looked over at the man startled, and told him that he was waiting for company.

"Very well then Sir" he said and nodded his head, he smiled at Tyler before turning around and going to server another one of the restaurants customers.

He let out a big sigh, and took a sip of Liquor from a flask which he had been carrying in his pocket. He could feel the alcohols effects, and began to feel quite cozy as his body temperature slowly increased.

That was when he saw him. He was a rather large man, with some interesting features. He often slicked his hair back, which did not really do much for his appearance. He was in his 50s, and you could tell from his fashion. He often wore suits which simply did not look good on him, but no one ever told him that. No one had the courage to.

Tyler focused on him, and watched him scour the restaurant looking for him.

When the man finally spotted him, his mouth morphed into something that resembled a smile. He stumbled over to his table and sat down in front of him.


"Hey there kiddo" he told Tyler. Tyler smiled, "Hey, so may I ask why it is you called me here?" he asked the man.

He signaled to the waiter to come over before turning to Tyler, "Slow down there Kid, I just got here. Give me a second, you had anything to drink yet?" he asked him.

"Yes Sir?" the waiter asked him, "What will be having tonight?"

"Bring us your best bottle of wine!" he told him with a smirk on his face, Tyler looked over at the water, "I'm good with water, thanks."

The waiter nodded at both before moving on over to the bar.

The man had been looking at the waiter as he was moving from then, when he was out of hearing distance his smile faded away and he swiftly turned to Tyler.

"I have a job for you. One which I had to push to get them to give it to you." he told him in a quiet manner.



    The Car was going at 40 something miles an hour, and Tyler was not worried about having an accident. Not one bit. He couldn't be, not with everything on his mind.

He pressed down on the pedal until the meter hit 50. He looked out of the window and saw the vast Miami Sea, which stretched as far as the eye can see. It seemed to be full of life and so empty at the same time. He listened to the sea's waves crashing against the shore, and it helped him calm down and cool his head for an instant.

Unfortunately, this was interrupted by the Car's engine.

It began to make heavy, clunky, mechanical sounds, and before he knew it smoke was blocking his complete view. The sounds got louder and louder, until the car came to a complete halt.

Tyler let out a deep, hearty cough, due to the thick cloud of smoke which was only growing in size before getting out of the car.

"Fucking typical" he mumbled to himself. Of course it had to happen now, why not?

Tyler kicked the car in frustration, and then did it again, and again until he was out of breath. He had left a decent mark in the car, and started to stumble towards the beach until he was right next to the water.

He sat down, picked up a stone which was next to him on the ground and chucked it as far as he could into the ocean. It traveled about 20 meters away from him until it hit the water, and sunk to the bottom of the deep, dark ocean.




Tyler had just left the house, and had left his mother and two siblings alone.

He had not told them where he was going, neither whether he would be back anytime soon, so his mother needed to figure out what to do with her other children.

She began to wander over to the Garden when she felt her phone start vibrating.

She reached into her pocket and pulled it out.

After a quick glance she was able to read the words "Soccer Practice".

Oh crap, she though. She ran over to her children, they were in the living room, relaxing on the couch when she came running in. She picked the two of them up and got them into the car, along with their soccer equipment.

She stepped on the gas, and after a large cloud of smoke came out of the exhaust pipe, the engine started to run.



"Chris Miller" the man asked Tyler, "You heard of him?". Tyler genuinely had a look of confusion on his face as he tried to connect the name with a face. He came up with a blank.

"No, I can't say I have..." his eyes promptly opened as he made a connection.

He grinned as soon as he made the relation, he recognized the man as his sibling's football coach. His look rapidly turned from one of grin, to one of anxiety.

"What do you want me to do to him?" he asked in a quivery voice.

He knew that whatever it was, it was not going to be pleasant.

"What do you think?" the man asked him, "Listen, I think you know what we want you to do. So listen, I know that this would be your first time. However, I really think you can do it, that's why I pushed for them to give you this job."

Tyler looked at him hesitantly and took a long sip from his flask, he looked into his Boss's eyes and could see that he was telling the truth.

"Listen, every single person that is above you, has done it. It's one of those things that everyone needs to do at one stage at another"


The man could tell that Tyler was not convinced, "I'm sorry, but I really can't. Not him at least." The man looked at Tyler sympathetically, "Kid, I know what it's like, believe it or not but I didn't get to where I am today by being nice. I have hurt and killed many people, and I will never forget my first one."

He looked at his drink which he was holding in his hand, he took a lengthy sip which seemed to go on forever to him. He started to fidget with the Watch which was on his Wrist and began talking, "You see, back when I was your age things were different, one of the reasons that I like you is that you remind me of me, starting from nothing and slowly going up the ranks."

Tyler gave out a little smile, which encouraged the man to carry on, "Now, I realize that murder is a gray area for most people, but well, if you have got a problem with it you might be in the wrong business." he said before chuckling to himself.




   Tyler was standing next to his broken down, piece of crap car. He just stood there, looking at it. He would need to decide what he was now going to do, luckily he had already decided. He took in a deep breath, before entering the car, opening the glove box, and pulling out a pair of sunglasses and a pistol. He then swiftly hopped out of the car and began coughing like a madman.

When he was done he placed the gun down his pants, and the sunglasses on his face.

He looked down the road and carried on his journey.



The sun had just set, and Tyler's mom was driving to the other side of town with her two children, she was hurrying as she was fairly late, and always did her best to give her children the things she thought they deserved.

Her two children had been going to this Soccer Practice for over a year now, and she did not feel like giving up after everything.

She stomped her foot on the pedal, and the car shot through the town.

The children started feeling anxious, and told their mom to slow down.


They arrived at the small field, which the practices were hosted at, with a few minutes to spare. She found out quickly that it did not matter whether they were late or not, as the Coach had not arrived. They simply found the group of children which were part of the team, all waiting outside with their parents.

"Welp" she mumbled to herself, "That's what I get for trying."




    Tyler could see the house down the road, he had been walking for the past two hours, and was now finally here. It had been nice and bright when his car had broken down, and it was now sunset, the atmosphere was cool, and the winds had sent a shiver down Tyler's spine.

He was going to make the man pay, no matter what.

He pulled the gun out of his pants and made sure that it was loaded. He was now standing outside the mans garden, he cocked the gun and started walking closer.




"No, I'm not going to do it." he told him.

"All right then" said the man, "I can't force you." he leaned back and took a sip of his drink. The man had a look on his face, one which Tyler could recognize.

It was one which he had seen many times, the face of a person who has a trick up his sleeve.

"What are you doing, you're obviously going to try do something to change my mind."

He scanned the mans face, and tried to figure out what that trick might be.

"Nope, I gave you the option and if you're not going to do it I'll just find someone else who will."




Tyler sighed, "All right then, thank you for respecting my decision." He stood up, grabbed his jacket, "May I ask what he's done?"

"To us?" the man asked him, "He is refusing to pay back the money that he borrowed and we are worried he might rat us out. He's a long time customer."

"Oh, all right." he put his jacked on and walked over to his boss in order to shake his hand. He stuck his hand out in front of him and the man went and grabbed it, he held it tight and did not let go.

He then dragged the boy towards him and whispered in his ear, "Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention, the man is a pedo." Tyler stood back, his eyes were wide open and these couple words completely stopped his brain from thinking. He tried to say something but couldn't, all that came out were stutters, "e...e.xcuse me?" he asked in a trembling voice.




    He cocked the gun, and made sure that it had ammo.

"This is what you get when you touch children... fucking creep", he circled the house before finding that the man had his back door wide open.

Before Tyler walked into the house he admired the garden for a second, it was a decent size and was carefully taken care of, he could tell. The grass was all the same height, and the trees seemed artificial, they were so perfect.

The man had two children and a wife, at least that was what Tyler knew. And he hoped to god that they weren't here, the man might deserved to die, but no child deserves to see the dead corpse of their rotten parent.

He took a deep breath and carefully wandered into the home, he was greeted by a well tended, and orderly kitchen, he ignored it as he had more important manners to do.


He listened carefully and heard a mumbling upstairs. A mumbling which he assumed to be that of Chris Miller. He walked over to the steps and softly climbed up them, step by step, his heart began to race, he could feel the sweat crawling down the back of his neck. He was trying to be quiet, which presented to be a challenge, as his breathing was becoming heavier with each step he took.

He finally reached the top of the stairs without making a peep.

He walked down the hallway and reached the door, he closed his eyes for a second and mentally prepared himself.



I can't do this.


Yes, you can.


The man is a pedophile.


According to who?


He is my brother's tutor, he's touched him, those moments when I saw him helping him, rubbing his shoulder encouragingly, while showing him how to properly kick a ball.


At the time I didn't think much of it.


But now, knowing what I know.


The man has to pay.


    And I'm going to make him.



Tyler swiftly jumped into the door frame, holding the pistol with both hands, pointing it directly at the man. He was taken back by what he saw.

He was just sitting there, his face white as a ghost, looking at him with his vast, gray eyes. It was clear the man had been crying.

He looked directly at the gun and then drifted his view to the man holding it.


Tyler's arms began to quiver, he changed his mind, he couldn't do this.

He just stood there, frozen solid, unable to do a thing.

The man closed his eyes and looked down at the floor. He had accepted his fate, and was now ready to face it.


Tyler's arms started to loosen, his finger started to release pressure from the trigger.

That was when it went off.




A loud piercing sound came from the weapon.

It droned out all other sounds, and traveled for what seemed to be miles.

The room filled with thick black smoke. This growing cloud blocked Tyler's vision. Leaving him there, unable to see his first victim.


His hands loosed, and he lost the grip of the gun.

It fell to his feet and caused a emphatic crashing sound, one which Tyler was unable to hear. The smoke had cleared and Tyler was left there staring at the man. There was a bullet hole in the very center of his face.

The wall had been painted red from the mans brains.

The ringing continued, and blocked out all others sounds.

It infected Tyler's brain, interrupting all thoughts he might have been having.

He fell to his feet and his eyes filled with tears.

He brough his hands up to his face, placing his face into them and he proceeded to completely break down.

There was no way he could see himself coming back from this.


The man had finally paid, and it made absolutely no difference.

February 20, 2020 00:59

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Sam Kirk
03:21 Feb 29, 2020

A great build-up to the final act. Why was his mother elderly though and his siblings so little?


Noah Wright
19:58 Mar 07, 2020

Well, not going to lie, this was my my first writing competition and that is just how I imagined them in my mind. And it didn't take much from the story so I decided to roll with it.


Sam Kirk
02:08 Mar 10, 2020

I hope you get to write much more.


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