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I am not sure how my master came up with the name Cash. Was it after Johnny ? Maybe after all he was a cool dude. Or was it a representation of money. Well we all need money so we must all need me cash.

My official description is a bug. You know a cross between the Boston Terrier and a Pug dog. My fur is dark brown , rich and creamy like hot chocolate. I am quite handsome so they tell me.

My days used to consist of my master and his girlfriend either putting up the baby gate for me and my sister Lexy. She is a pug . Some days short for little black pain in my side. Ha Ha. Just kidding well mostly.

Or putting us both into a black steel prison and closing the metal gate, locking

us up. While they both went to work. For countless hours that seemed like entire days. It was terrible.

The only thing that took the edge of the entire day for us was when the mailman came to deliver our mail. It gave us a reason to live. Lexy and I would jump up to attention and bark as loud as we could while peering out the wooden shutters covering the window to outside. It was open just a small crack so we could see. "WOOF "WOOF, WOOF " we would bark loudly trying desperately to startle him.

One day we succeeded and the mailman threw his letters straight up into mid air when we barked and they all landed in the snow. Deep down I knew it wasn't a nice thing to do but it sure was funny. After all the excitement of it all Lexy and I grew tired. Feeling lost and alone Lexy and I fell into a slumberous sleep.

Next I heard the clicking of the outside door handle, Home they must be home".I am excited and my tail is wagging and so is Lexy's and we are dancing in circles demonstrating our excitement. The prision gates are about to open!! Hallelujah!!!

Master opens the prison door and Lexy and I start jumping and licking master's face trying to show him how excited we are to see


Now its playtime. Master throws my frisbee so high in the sky and I catch it midair and bring it back to him. We do this over and over again and I love every minute of it. Lexy my partner in crime

she really knows how to work them to get whatever she wants. They say its a girl thing . All she has to do is give them the sad eyes

it must make them feel guilty or something . She gives them one look and they are running over to the treat bag and an endless supply of treats just keep coming our way . Its Amazing.

At this very moment Lexy and I are literally living every waking moment in heaven and I sincerely hope that it never ends. I am not sure what is really going on but really who cares...

My master and his girlfriend have not left the house in days and frankly I hope that they never do. I keep waking up in panic wondering if todays the day Lexy and I resume our daily prison sentence. We have been curled up on the couch with our masters

getting lots of cuddles. Or playing countless hours of fetch. Or eating insane amounts of duck treats and loving it I may add. As

well as being stroked and petted like its the last day on this earth.

Please God don't ever let this stop !!

They even tolerate the days that my crazy accidentally slips out. I try to control it but it usually doesn't work. You see when there

is a dog on tv I get really super excited and I cant contain it. I have

repeatedly being trying to get that dog on tv's attention. I vow to never give up trying as long as I live. You see when I see that dog I run up to the tv stand and I jump real high because I am short and I

need all the leverage that I can get. My nails grab onto to the wooden tv stand which gives me the extra umph that I need to

get a look into that dog's eyes. I notice that my nails have been

slowly taking the stain off my master's tv stand. Good thing my

master's eyes are failing because personally I think he needs glasses. I say this only because he has yet to give me heck about

the damage that I have caused.

I love the security in knowing that they are here every waking moment with Lexy and I and I hope it never ends. Pinch me I

must be dreaming. You know I just need to close my eyes for a moment excuse me while I drift off to dreamland now.

As I drift off into sleep I am dreaming . I long for the dreaded white

snow that blankets the earth to melt. Be gone snow.

Now I am running as fast as I possibly can nose down to the ground. I am enjoying my favorite pastime sniffing !!! Oh boy ,

oh bliss I am sniffing grass every dogs fun. Grass heavenly grass. Scents a plenty some are new and some are old.

Wait , Its chirping of a bird in the tree. Well this time bird I am

going to outsmart you . I will hide then jump out and bark at you .

One two three , Whoof Whoof. The bird flew away . Until

next time bird I say.

My nose picks up a wonderful barbeque familiar aroma. MMMM.

I look up and see my master's hard at work. The female master 's

name is Angie. She is busy setting The outside table on the deck.

She has now cranked up the umbrella. She is setting the table

with our fanciest dishes and putting an elegant centerpeice

on the table as well. I should further inspect the kitchen.

Upon entering I notice a plethora of salads, potato, macaroni

and some appetizers.

I know what this means . People are coming over hooray!!

I love people ! More people means more pets and cuddles

and of course more food. Im soooo excited.

Just now my master Barry is his name is opening the

barbeque. Excuse me for just one minute I am embarrased

I have to admidt I am drooling. Sorry . Hang on while I get a

napkin to wipe my mouth. Okay I am done thanks for waiting!

Barry has made mile high , homemade hamburgers grilled

to perfection and topped with a slice of velveta. He is the

most amazing chef. I am indeed the luckiest dog in the world.

Here comes some company now its my favorite Aunty Corinne.

She loves animals of all kinds . But she especially loves me and

Lexy. She always has surprises for us in her big brown leather purse. Excuse me while I run up and give her a few kisses. Aunty

Corinne bends down and strokes me on the top of the head. "Hey

how's my favorite Cash Man", she says. I've got something for you.

Out of her purse she pulls out a shinny neon yellow frisbee and

tosses it off the deck. I run and leap into mid air catching the

frisbee in my mouth for everyone to see. Just then aunty Corinne

calls Lexy over . She hands her a tiny soft plush brown teddy bear.

Happily Lexy trots away with it in her mouth.

I hear the crinkle of a bag bringing my undivided attention back towards aunty Corinne. She pulls out a bag of dried sweet potato

treats. Lexy's and my favorite so we stroll over to aunty who graciously gives us each one. We shower her in kisses so she knows

how much we love her.

If I am indeed dreaming don't pinch me or bother waking me up . Especially if we are indeed still in the dead of winter. Unless it

suppertime with my amazing family!

Peace out from the Cash man!

March 26, 2020 20:46

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Eian Wright
21:40 Apr 01, 2020

Make sure to grammar check your story. It'd be nice to see a little bit more character development. This was a great descriptive peace.


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