Fantasy Fiction Friendship

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Trigger Warning: Gun violence and talk of death

Once my father asked me what I wanted most. It was meant to be just a birthday present idea, but I was serious. I replied, and he was very surprised. But also happy.

Peace, something some may never have, and something most want more than anything. The thing I want most. The thing the world needs most. And something that may kill us all if we don't get it soon.

Hello, my name is Carol Winters, and I am an Ice Princess.

It's not as easy as it sounds, by the way. I don't just sit around in an ice castle wearing pretty dresses and looking at icicles. My mother and father, Crystal and Aspen, along with occasional help from me, as I will one day as well, rule the north. And the North is not safe.

There are rebels, who infiltrate the palace almost every week. My parents have to replace staff very often because of this. They hate us royalty and they want us dead. They want to rule the North.

Also, the cold is sometimes dangerous. If you're out in a snow storm, and you're not close enough to shelter, you can easily die in minutes. This is why no one takes the job of an ice fisher or a hunter. Though you can become very wealthy, it is also very dangerous.

People avoid these jobs especially if they have a family at home, because sometimes the brave ones who volunteer will often never return.

Our family is lucky that we don't have to do this, but some consider us very selfish for that sole reason. Really, only my father could do it anyway.

My mother has a rare medical condition that makes her unable to. Plus, the job is considered illegal for children under eighteen. I have one brother, Gabriel, and two sisters, Noelle and Adele, but I am the oldest and I am only fifteen.

The rebels don't attack too often, but sometimes it feels like all the time. We have to be ready. Peace is definitely needed in my world. And one day it came.


This morning I wake up with a feeling like something bad was going to happen. But despite my mood, I remember my religion. I believe that all bad things happen for a good reason, so I know that even if today will be tragic, it will still end well. And I hope, I dearly hope, and maybe I was going too far, but I hope it will end in peace. Something I long for.

I brush out my long, dark hair and slide on my fur coat. I decide I am going to step outside before starting the day. I pass a few staff on the way before I walk out the door to breathe in the cold, morning air. The oxygen is more clear here, in the north, and it calms my mind. I can't wait for the day.

Ten minutes later I am in the dining room eating breakfast with my family. Gabriel, who, to give him credit, is only six, is putting jam on his eggs. My father is pouring more maple syrup than you'd need for ten people on his plate. Adele and Noelle are okay, acting more like proper ladies most of the time, but occasionally they will lick their fingers or speak with their mouths open. My mother and I are being perfect, using our cutlery for everything and never speaking with food in our mouths. My family is pretty weird for royalty.

Normally at this time I would be visiting my friend, Alaska. She isn't my age, she's nineteen, but she's the best hunter I've ever seen. Unfortunately, she is poor, and she only lives with her grandmother, so she has had to take on the dangerous job at a young age so she can feed her family. I pity her, but I know she doesn't want it. Well, at least nothing bad has happened to her. Yet.

Today, I know she won't mind if I don't visit her. She's normally busy anyway. But I'll still drop off a gift, like I do every day. I put on my snow boots and walk towards the village. I pass a few citizens, and I smile or say hello. Finally, I am there. I drop off my envelope to Alaska's grandmother with a letter and some money enclosed.

I start to leave, before I hear a gun fire. Then more. And soon there are hundreds of shots, echoing up into the sky. It's war. A nearby guard shouts, "Save the Princess!" But my mind is somewhere else, not thinking about my own safety at the moment. I can see my family, in a shield of soldiers, but there are rebels charging at them, narrowing their protection by the second. I worry they may not survive this.

"No!" I scream, and suddenly the shooters turn to me.

"And who might you be?" one of them asks me.

"Mason, Are you stupid? This is the princess! We must kill her as well!" another says.

Oh no. I don't want to die. I want to fight, but then they might just kill me sooner. So I decide to reason. I take a deep breath. I can do this.

"If you kill us, there will be no more royal bloodline. Who will rule? And the royals in other countries will take over this country anyways. You won't do anything but murder, and you'll probably be imprisoned." I hope this is enough to change their minds.

"Nice try, little girl, but we're working with the royals in other countries. And with their help, eventually we'll have enough soldiers and materials to kill them all ourselves. Then we will rule on our own!" The first guy, Mason, replies.

I close my eyes. I've always wondered what happens when you die. Now I'm about to find out. I hear a gunshot. I assume this was one of my family members, already dead. Likely my father, since he's the king. Or maybe they'll do him last to make him suffer.

But I hear something. Something that sounds... like peace. I open up my eyes. The rebel leader, is on the ground with a bullet wound in his chest. Rebels are slowly laying down their guns around us, a sign of surrender. I look around for the shooter, at first, it's hard to tell who it is. Then I see.

There, standing in the snow wearing her furs and hunting boots with her head held high and a gun in her hand is Alaska. I am so happy. I run to her, my tears falling as I cry of joy. Peace. My best friend has brought me peace.

Something I thought no one would ever do.

And today, even, I thought I was going to die. That it was impossible for anyone to save me. Well, I thought wrong. And now I have a debt to someone that I will never, ever, be able to repay as long as I live. I am so grateful that my family and I are safe.

November 18, 2021 22:39

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Nice story! I went through the comments on several of your stories and upvoted all the comments you made. Leaderboard Goals!


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Creed .
19:05 Dec 29, 2021

Is your pfp Linh from KOTLC?


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Serena Johnston
10:52 Nov 27, 2021

Kate, you did an amazing job! I really like the name Alaska, and I assume you chose it because the north, Canada, blah blah blah. Was I right? Anyway, this story was really good and I love the relationship Alaska and Carol have. Please write more stories like this soon!


Yep, you guessed it! I've wanted to write a friendship story for a long time now, I just didn't know what to write. I'll try! Thank you so much for commenting, it really means a lot.


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Unknown User
19:33 Nov 20, 2021

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