Write a story that includes characters who are aware they are a work of fiction. By Misty (AKA, Deborah Stelzle).


 Liz and Beth are amazing friends. They met in pre-school. Now fifth graders with the summer just around the corner in September, they will go into middle school, a whole new chapter of their lives.

"Hey! Misty," Fretted Liz "I'm tired of being written into stories about school." "Right, Beth?"

Beth agreed. "Misty, How about you write us in a story about talking flowers, butterflies we can ride and magic garden?" Beth snapped, "Where's your imagination, Misty?"

"Excuse me, girls!" scolded Misty "I'm writing this story, I get to choose the idea."

"Well, we won't talk to you, without us talking through your story duh!" What do you call that?

Beth "Writer's block," grunted Beth. "You would just sit in front of the computer staring at a blank page! Either that or a story of talking flowers pick your poison," mocked Liz.

"You're both aware you're a product of my imagination, remember. I could delete this file and start over on a different idea!" Misty taunted The girls added, "You want to win we are your best chance to win!" Misty has no other choice following this she obviously she surrenders.

 "Hum okay, talking flowers and butterflies you can ride magic garden. Liz, since you're so clever you begin the story, "stated Misty. "Okay, behind the barn on the Willow's farm, abandoned since the family suddenly disappeared." "Okay, Beth You next." "neat, we would go to the farm to play behind the barn. Misty inquired 'Should you be playing there?" "Not," the girls responded "that's always part of the story that the main characters are doing something they're not supposed to be doing. You call yourself a writer? taunted Beth" "Girls remember I have an eraser and a delete key!" snapped Misty.

"You wouldn't," the girls asked nervously "You can still become Ben and Mason at school" in a joking tone as Misty reminds both girls.

"Okay, we'll be polite both," girls laughing quietly. Liz continues the story "Okay now we find a wall of trees we never noticed them before, Beth interrupts Me next me next Okay Misty added we hear music coming from the trees walking toward the trees Liz touches one of the tree trunks, causing the trees to move to separate we see a bright light the music is getting louder." "What's next?" Misty interrupted. 

Liz responds, "Really! Misty in a sarcastic tone now we go through the opening. Causing the Wall slamming shut behind us. The girls want Misty to continue on her own "Okay, you can write this part of the story we'll stop you if we want a rewrite. Liz and Beth followed the music. They found a field of sunflowers singing the song we are sunflowers who shine in the sun. The girls applauded, the singing came to a stop, the flowers turned around staring down at the girls. One sunflower said, What are you doing here? This is a closed rehearsal".

Beth replied, "We heard the singing, it sounds lovely." All the sunflowers bowed, thanking the girls. One flower commented, "Will you be at the butterfly celebration tonight?" Both girls said yes Where is it being held? A smaller flower squeaked "over on the rainbow lawn."

"You need a butterfly caller to get a ride to the lawn it's a long ride."

"A what!" Liz barked Beth questioned, "How do we find a butterfly caller?"

The young flower said, "Go along this road you'll find large trees they know how to summon the cloud". The girls wave goodby.

"So girls how do you like the direction the story is moving so far," commented Misty "great what's next," asked the girls, "you tell me" replied Misty. Beth was thinking out loud we walk along this long road lined with sleeping snoring flowers. We stroll quietly so as not to wake them. Liz adds, "at the end of the road was the huge trees. Walking over to the trees we whispered, Hello Can you help us?" The biggest of the trees shook violently, "Whose there this time of night?" barked the tree. Misty snickered "yes, pun intended" Haha keep your day job chuckled the girls.

"The sunflowers told us you could help get a butterfly caller. Is that true,"? Asked the girls "Yes but the butterflies only come out right after sunrise, which is about three hours." the tree replied. The girls felt disappointed They asked, "We are new here with no place to stay, is there somewhere we can wait?" "Well said the tree you both can rest in the grass behind me it's soft, dry and it will keep you warm." "Thank You," said the girls.

The rising sun woke the girls. The sky was full of rainbows, "Wow" exclaimed Liz.

"I've never seen the sky that color our sky is blue." "Only one color that boring our sky changes every morning." the tree remarked The girls asked, "Does this place have a name?" "We call it the land of wishes and dreams." answered the tree The girls repeated the name "Hey Misty! That's a great name, what's next." remarked the girls Misty responds "You tell me."

"Well, you need to have the tree to call for the butterfly caller." "I almost forgot" giggled Misty. The trees began humming, swaying back and forth. A huge silver puffy cloud suddenly appears the loud booming voice like thunder asked: "You wish a butterfly to take you to the butterfly celebration you need to hurry it's a long trip." The girls said yes with excitement. The cloud hummed, the trees resumed humming suddenly two large butterflies appeared, they were a bright yellow and orange. They're almost big as a plane, remarked Liz. The butterflies landed in the field, the cloud instructed the girls to get up on the butterflies back and sit on the padded bench. The girls approached slowly the butterflies lowered one wing once on the butterfly they sat down on the bench.  

Misty asks the girls, "What's next,"? Beth chimes in "We felt sleepy, we don't know how long we slept we woke up we were in this field filling up with flowers bushes trees along with the sunflowers been singing were now up in the lawn's front area. We noticed a person directing the event Liz elbowed Beth, Is that who I think it is Mrs. Willows,"? "Yes, I think so Beth replied, that elbow bump hurt!" Complained Beth "Sorry my bad," said Liz laughing to herself quietly. The girls slid from the butterfly's wings, walked toward Mrs. Willow. "Mrs. Willows, is that really you?"

In a puzzled tone of voice. "Oh! My Liz and Beth Wonderful to see you, how did you find my special garden?" remarked Mrs. Willows. "Your garden?" the girls remarked. "Yes, my family have been keepers of this garden for many centuries. My family and I had to leave suddenly when my sister became sick, I quickly had to become the main protector. It's been a family secret and duty to protect the dreams of people." "Wow," that is mind-blowing, Beth remarked. "So are you girls here for the butterfly ceremony?" "Yes, what happens exactly?" asked Beth. I'll tell you the story added Mrs. Willows. Well, the young butterflies are still in their chrysalis open, then the newly emerged butterflies open their wings for the first time. The majestic butterfly only seen at this ceremony returns last year's butterflies who are now full-grown to take their place as butterfly carriers. The older ones fly into the rainbow to rejoin the dream holders. Liz said, "dream holders?" "Yes, said Mrs. Willows we all dream often we forget them those dreams that come here and makeups the land. Misty, do you hear that?" Beth chimed in. Mrs. Willows asked, "Who's Misty?" "Oh, we're all characters in her fictional story, we are helping her tell the story," answered Beth, Oh okay, Mrs. Willows noted. In the evening packed with trees, flowers of all kinds, even ones the girls had never seen. The chrysalis of the butterflies opened the singing begins a huge shadow appears over the field the majestic butterfly has appeared what seems out of nowhere. The girls are looking up with their mouth wide open in amazement I would not try to guess how big that butterfly was Liz said. Beth agreed.

The majestic butterfly lands in the field spreading her wings thousands of butterflies take to the air circling the field while the newly hatched butterflies lit on the majestic butterfly the older butterflies in the field flew up a huge rainbow appeared overhead they fly around the majestic butterfly once then glide into the rainbow. The majestic butterfly closes her wings flying off the singing stops all the flowers leave the field all is still. 

"Well, girls, I think it's time for you to return home,", said Mrs. Willows.

"Do we have to go, Misty"? Misty replies "Yes girls" "Okay" the girls mumbled. Mrs. Willows sprinkles gold dust over the girls.

The girls are now back at the farm they went to look behind the barn the row of trees were now missing Liz and Beth looked at each other puzzled.

Liz asks Beth, "Did we dream it or did Misty make up the world just for us?"

The girls asked Misty that question Misty answered, "Writers never reveal all her secrets to her characters."

Misty tells the girls it's time to go. I need to mail this story to the magazine by Friday "Okay promise no more school stories." the girls begged. I think about it the next time. Misty hit the save key printed out a hard copy of the story placing it in the envelope just before sealing the envelope she heard a low whisper it was Liz and Beth speaking "Good story good luck." Misty thinking to herself "thanks" them smiles.   


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