Love In The Future

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Romance Coming of Age Fantasy

Watching the ball bounce. Watching it fly into the air and into the hoop. As she looks up she sees him - Brandon, bouncing the ball. She, Ansley, steals the ball and then shoots and misses. He steals it back and makes it. She goes over to the bench and grabs some water. All of a sudden she feels light-headed and falls over. He comes rushing over and calls 911. By the time he calls, she is unconscious and an ambulance is on the way. They both head over to the hospital in the ambulance as he calls her parents. This was their first date. But this wasn't how it ended. He fought for her. He stayed. Her parents, Matt and Amy, had finally arrived at the hospital. He had explained what happened to them, but he had not expected them to be as kind as they were. They just hugged him and told him that it was going to be okay. After all, all that had happened was she fell and was unconscious. But it was more than that. Sitting there, Brandon felt like he could see her as his fiancee, wife, his best friend. He always looked ahead into the future. It usually ruined his relationships, but this girl was special, she didn't care because she loved him and that's all that matters. He couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if she didn't make it out of the hospital, or if she did, would she marry him? It was so far into the future but it felt so close to him. Ansley's parents let Brandon wait there at the hospital. a few hours later, the doctor had finally finished all the tests and Matt started to explain what was going on the Brandon. All he could think about was how he was going to marry this girl. it made him feel selfish, but he couldn't stop. Matt had said that this usually doesn't happen but she does have blood-sugar problems so she sometimes gets tired, light-headed, or even acts like she's drunk. Ansley's parents had to leave but they trusted Brandon to let them know if anything else had happened with her health. The next few hours were uneventful, but he didn't care. He was going to wait there until she was being discharged. of course, he didn't even know if that was going to happen. finally at 11:00 at night she started waking up. He moved closer to her hospital bed and grabbed her hand. She looked at him and smiled. Brandon leaned in and whispered, "you're beautiful, even in a hospital bed. I just wanted you to know that I love you, no matter what happens. I will always be here for you." This was when they had their first kiss. it was magical, it fell like fireworks. Brandon had his visions come and he saw her as his wife, pregnant and in the hospital about to give birth. She noticed his face like he was gone, "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I just keep seeing our future together." "Hmm, I do too, and it looks like a dream life." He just smiled. She was the one for him. It was like they were made for each other. Brandon climbed into the bed with her and they just sat there for hours. Later, Matt and Amy came back to check on Ansley. They were so happy for two reasons, one, they were glad that she was okay and, two, that she had found her true love. For they even knew that he was the one she was going to marry. 1 year later: Bradon and Ansley had been dating for a year and Brandon was driving over to her parent's house to ask for their blessing to marry her. As he was driving, he saw their wedding, in his mind it was beautiful, it was hard to even put in words. Once he had arrived at their house, he felt like his life was finally falling into place. As you already know, his parents knew from the very beginning that he was the one, so of course, they gave him their blessing. Matt and Amy sat there on the couch together hugging him and telling him that ansley was going to be so excited. He quickly got up and got in the car, because well he was about to go propose! Ansley lived in an apartment 10 minutes away from her parent's house so it was a quick drive, again he just kept seeing the future with her, their kids, their house, their farm, all of it. When Brandon arrived she wasn't home so he took this time to et up candles everywhere and sprinkled roses all over the floor. Her apartment was already cozy so it all together felt like a fairy tail. When she had arrived he came out and walked her in. "What's going on?" "It's a surprise!" When she walked in he said, "Ansley.." "yes?" By this time she had started crying because she knew what was about to happen. He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. "I love you so much," He said, "you are the one for me. Even your parent think so, I have their blessing so will you marry me?" by then ansley was crying so hard it was hard for her to say what she said next, "Yes, of course!" They shared one of the most magical kisses. She pulled away and said, " but there's something I need to tell you." All Brandon could think was that she was going to marry him! He could just see their wedding, it felt like it happened yesterday. ut of course it didn't. "I'm pregnant" This was when he had started crying. He was going to be a dad, a father, a parent, and he was going to be married. "That's great! I know you wanted to get married before kids, so we can just get married in a few months. then we'll move into a farm, just like you want it. And well be parents!" "Thank you! I love you." Of course, I love you more." A few days later, they were on their way to the first baby doctor appointment. Bradon could just see his future life, a dad, a husband, and Ansley's favorite person to be around.

4 years later

Brandon and Ansley have been married for four years and were parents to Jack, their 3-year-old son. They had finally gotten their Happily ever after. Brandon could finally see that all those years of him seeing his future life were just his brain telling him the direction to go in.

April 12, 2021 17:04

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Ansley Banks
16:03 Apr 18, 2021

Please give feedback! Good or bad. I want to try to improve my writing as much as possible.


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