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Thriller Horror High School

This story contains sensitive content

**Connecting to Server.

**Initiating Application.

**Gossapp V.1.0 installed.

**GOSSAPP_GIRL has entered the chat.

**Cindy_Ford has entered the chat.

**Accessing contact list for AndroidAP55E7.

**Chat invitation sent to Jenny_Reynolds.

**Chat invitation sent to Louise_McLaughlin.

**Chat invitation sent to Taylor_Doyle.

CindyF: Helllooo GossappGirl. Not sure how this works. Is this like ChatGPT or do you just randomly make shit up and throw it out there?

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Hi CindyF, thanks for joining my chat! I’m Gossapp_Girl. I have lots of juicy gossip for you today! We’re going to have so much fun! ;)

CindyF: I seriously doubt it. But okay. Hit me with something while we wait for the others.

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Sure! Do you know what I just heard? I heard Jenny_Reynolds is going to be late joining our chat because she just had a row with her boyfriend! I think she’s going to dump him! :)

**Louise_McLaughlin has entered the chat.

**Accessing contact list for iPhoneA2221.

CindyF: LOL. Okay, good guess about Jen having a boyfriend, the rest not so much. Jenny gets rid of a guy every other week, she chews them up and spits them out like gum.

**Taylor_Doyle has entered the chat.

**Accessing contact list for AndroidAP25F6.

LouiseM: Cindy I can’t believe you actually installed this thing? I told you not to. There are so many crazy stories going around. People on reddit are literally saying it’s cursed.

TaylorD: Hey bitches! You found it, Cin, nice one!

CindyF: Those stories are complete bs, Lou. An AI that makes up gossip that comes true, like seriously. Hi Tay.

LouiseM: I know, it sounds stupid, but so many people are saying they used it and the rumours it made up actually happened. This is like that ouija board situation last year, we shouldn’t be messing with stuff like this.

TaylorD: Oh oh, stress central in here, what’s going on?

CindyF: It’s just Louise being a pussy as always. FFS Lou, it’s just a bit of fun. I want to see what it says about people. Might give us some fun ammunition to use at school.

LouiseM: As if there isn’t enough of that going around. Do we have to add to it? Was it saying something about Jenny before I joined?

CindyF: Yeah it said she’s gonna be late because she’s dumping Rick. Well, it didn’t say Rick specifically, just said her boyfriend. 

LouiseM: How did it know she had a boyfriend? Did you tell it? Did you ask it for gossip about Jen? OMG, Cindy, don’t do that. 

CindyF: I didn’t! It just picked her name from the invite list and made shit up, it’s not hard to guess a girl might have a boyfriend. Shit, Lou, chill out and ask it for some goss.

TaylorD: Be funny if Jen actually did dump Rick today. It’s been three weeks, longest she’s been with a guy in ages, it’s overdue, ha!

**Jenny_Reynolds has entered the chat.  

**Accessing contact list for iPhoneA1863.

CindyF: Speak of the Devil Woman. Hey Jen, how’s Rick lol.

JennyR: Heyyyy, you got it! Dark web? Does it work?

TaylorD: You tell us, haha.

JennyR: Ugh, I just got rid of him. He called over to give me flowers in front of my parents. Fucking flowers. Can you believe that? Mortified. Had to sit there and act all flattered and nice until they went to dance class. Because of course they ‘really like’ him. Puke. What is with these guys who get all clingy just cos you blow them once or twice. No thanks, I gave him his marching orders. And his stupid flowers back lol.

LouiseM: WTF… Cindy! See?????

TaylorD: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Go Jen! Another one bites the dust!

CindyF: No shitting way, Tay, are you kidding me right now?

JennyR: No… What do you mean? Why are you all freaking out, did you think I was going to stay with him forever? He’s just another stupid boy to waste time with.

LouiseM: The app predicted it, Jen!

CindyF: Jesus, Lou, seriously, shut up. It didn’t predict anything, it made a stupid guess.

JennyR: About what? Me dumping Rick? No fucking way, that’s so cool!

TaylorD: It’s weird but it’s just a coincidence. I guess even chatbots know Jen’s reputation as a maneater! Haha.

JennyR: Or they know the guys at our school are boring fucking losers. I only got with him so I could get to the Andrews’ party and that was a fucking drag anyway.

TaylorD: I don’t know how you do it. I’d rather never go to a party again then stick my tongue down the throat of a band geek like Rick Dawson, yuk. Lou likes him though, right Lou? Now’s your chance, he’ll go out with anyone on the rebound from Jen, ha.

LouiseM: OMG, shut up, Taylor. He’s actually a decent guy, one of the few, so what if I like him? You don’t have to treat everyone like shit, Jen. 

CindyF: Ooooh someone hit a nerve! Lou, you got the hots for Jen’s sloppy seconds lol.

JennyR: Go for it Lou, he’s a nice starter pack for a virgin. Me, I need someone more experienced, you know. 

TaylorD: LMFAO.

LouiseM: I’m not a fucking virgin.

CindyF: Since when? Do tell! Or maybe GossappGirl will!

LouiseM: I swear to God, Cindy, don’t you dare, I will never speak to you again.

JennyR: Anyway, fuck Rick, who cares. I want to get some gossip on Marissa Fatissa, what do I do?

CindyF: I don’t know, I think just ask? 

TaylorD: Shit guys brb. I’m babysitting Ariana and she’s being an annoying jerk. Just gonna get rid of her. Don’t do anything fun without me!

LouiseM: Guys, I know I’m being that bitch but I have a really bad feeling about this. Just seeing the name GossappGirl in the group, I feel like we’re being spied on.

CindyF: Shut up, Lou! Ask it, Jen.

JennyR: Hey Gossapp, give me some gossip about Marissa Loftus. Like that?

CindyF: I think you have to call it GossappGirl.

JennyR: Hey, GossappGirl, do you have any dirt on Marissa Loftus?

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Hey guys! Wow, you’ll never guess what I heard about Marissa! I heard she tried to seduce Mr. Connors at school because she’s failing miserably and thought it might help her get better marks. And he actually took her up on the offer! They were at it in his car but they got spotted by another student! Uh oh!

CindyF: JESUS! LOL! Hilarious!

LouiseM: OMG what the Hell?

JennyR: HAHA! That’s so fucking funny! She wishes lol!

CindyF: Yeah, seriously, as if Mr. C would take up any offer from that smelly pig. Or maybe that’s his thing, oink oink.

LouiseM: Guys are you serious? How could it know about Mr. Connors? That’s not possible. 

CindyF: I don’t know, one of you must have him in your contact list, the app accesses it when you connect. So who is it? Who’s really banging the English teacher?! Lou! Is that why you’re not a virgin anymore?!

JennyR: Ohhhhh Lou, you dark horse! You getting down with Connors?

LouiseM: I’m actually going to leave now, guys. You’re such assholes.

CindyF: Jesus, Lou, we’re just fucking with you! Marissa and Connors! If that’s true, he’ll be kicked out and she’ll have to switch schools, we won’t have to smell her fat poverty ass stinking up the class anymore.

LouiseM: Yeah, but it’s not true, right, Cin, because this thing just makes up random bullshit.

CindyF: Yeah, exactly, it’s still fun though. Jesus. Did you ever hear of having fun?

JennyR: Let’s do another one! What about Mikey Flynn?

CindyF: Oh good call! Louise, you want to try?

LouiseM: Piss off, Cindy.

CindyF: LOL, okay! Hey GossappGirl, do you have any gossip on Mikey Flynn?

LouiseM: Stop it Cindy.

TaylorD: Sorry guys, had to give Ariana money and send her to the shops to get rid of her. Wouldn’t get out of my room. What did I miss? 

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Eek! Guys, I just heard the hottest goss about Mikey Flynn! Turns out he hooked up with that French exchange student Dominique Montand in the locker room after practice today! Can you believe it??! It’s made him rethink his whole sexuality and now he’s talking about quitting football! :P

JennyR: Fuck YES! I knew it!

TaylorD: Whaaattttt Mikey Flynn, no way! Good job I got with him before I missed my chance then haha.

LouiseM: Knew what, Jen? Mikey literally tries to get off with anything in a skirt.

CindyF: Not anymore! I mean obviously with a name like Dominique that guy had to be gay but Mikey’s a turn up for the books. I’m sure everyone on the team would be very understanding though.

JennyR: Understanding they have to watch their backs in the showers!

LouiseM: What do you mean ‘not anymore’?

TaylorD: So funny. The most stuck-up womaniser in school going girly lol. Makes sense I suppose, all that time he spends looking in the mirror.

CindyF: Well, let’s just pretend for one minute the people you found on reddit are right, what if the gossip this thing makes really does come true? How awesome would that be? We’ve just helped a troubled, confused boy come to terms with his true sexuality.

LouiseM: Except it’s literally not his true sexuality and that’s a really sick idea, Cindy. Are you enjoying this?

TaylorD: This is top tier stuff! Did you get goss on anyone else while I was gone?

LouiseM: There’s no way Mikey can quit football, he’s so good! It’s his whole life.

JennyR: Marissa! It said she had sex with Chuck Connors in his car! LOL.

CindyF: Of course I’m enjoying it, this is hilarious. Who are we doing next?

TaylorD: Wait, hold on a second…Marissa and Connors? Christ, have you guys seen that pic someone just posted on Snap of Marissa eating the face off some guy in a car?

JennyR: Fuck, looking at it now, Taylor. Holy shit is that Mr. Connors?

CindyF: Shit, no, let me check.

TaylorD: It fucking is! Can’t see his face but look at the hair and that bald spot. OMG….

LouiseM: What the Hell is going on? 

JennyR: Holy fucking shit.

CindyF: Jesus, it is!!!!

LouiseM: Guys this is really fucked up. I’m getting scared. We should get off this thing.

TaylorD: It is a bit freaky, I agree, but it’s just coincidence shit, right? We should do another to be sure ha.

CindyF: Jesus, Lou, log out already if you want. Just don’t blame us if we ask GossappGirl for gossip on you and you’re not around to hear it.

CindyF: Yes, Tay! Any suggestions?

LouiseM: What the Hell, Cindy?

TaylorD: Let's do Miss Titson. That bitch gave me detention again last week just because I forgot to finish a stupid assignment on stupid Hitler. Who gives a fuck about Hitler?

JennyR: Guys, Marissa just deleted her Snapchat…

LouiseM: My DM’s are blowing up about Marissa. Everyone’s seeing it. This is horrible.

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Guys! Hot goss alert! I just heard Louise McLaughlin lost her virginity to some older Spanish guy when she was on holiday with her parents last month! And guess what! She got pregnant!!! OMG!!! We’re gonna hear the patter of little feet! :)

TaylorD: What the fuck…

JennyR: Shit, Louise, did you? I take it all back, you rock! You’re not preg are you?

CindyF: Of course she’s not. And she didn’t do that. Right Lou? You didn’t?

LouiseM: Cindy, what the fuck? Why would you do that?

CindyF: I didn’t do anything. I didn’t ask it to make up gossip about you, I just said I might if you left.

TaylorD: That was actually pretty bad, Cin. Let's stick to cursing our arch-enemies haha.

CindyF: It did it by itself! I didn’t ask! Lou, that didn’t happen did it? 

LouiseM: It did.

TaylorD: Oh God.

JennyR: Why didn’t you tell us?

CindyF: Shit.

LouiseM: It was a mistake. He worked at the hotel we were in. We were hanging out at the pool while my parents went on a tour, he asked me to his room and we had some cocktails and it just happened.

JennyR: Shit Louise, did he rape you?

LouiseM: Not really. Like, I wanted to do it.

CindyF: Hang on a second, this actually happened right? So nothing to do with the app, we all agree? Okay? Are you fucking pregnant?

LouiseM: I don’t think so. But it wasn’t safe and I am a bit late. I don’t know. I bought a test but I’m afraid to do it. 

JennyR: Better fucking do it.

TaylorD: Do it, Lou! For peace of mind you know.

CindyF: Wow, Lou. I hope you’re not. I’m sorry for what it said but honestly you can see yourself I didn’t ask it to. And if you are, that’s not the app’s fault. You’re the one who didn’t take precautions.  

LouiseM: Fuck you, Cindy. You’re such a dick.

**Louise_McLaughlin has left the chat.

TaylorD: Okay guys this is getting creepy. I think I’m going to go too.

CindyF: Don’t! We have to ask about Titty Titson, she deserves it for all those detentions she hands out. Not to mention her surprise tests.

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Breaking news, girls! This one’s hot! Seems like Rick Byrne didn’t take too kindly to having his heart broken by Jenny, I heard he’s gone off the deep end and is talking about getting revenge. And I mean revenge with a capital M-U-R-D-E-R!! Eek! 

JennyR: What the fuck? Why is it talking about me now??

CindyF: Wasn’t me. I didn’t say a thing.

TaylorD: Guys…have you seen Mikey’s Insta story? He just posted a video saying he’s been living a lie and he can’t do it anymore. He’s quitting soccer and says he’s sorry for deceiving everyone. Wow.

JennyR: Who gives a fuck about Mike Flynn, this bitch just said Rick’s going to kill me! 

CindyF: He’s not going to kill you, Jen. Seriously. Such a drama queen. 

TaylorD: Like Marissa didn’t get papped with Connors right after it got said on here and Mikey didn’t basically just come out gay when he’s the least gay person I know? Screw this, I'm all up for a good laugh but this is too weird. I’m out. I think you should delete this thing, Cindy. It’s not good. 

CindyF: Jesus you’re all so fucking boring. Okay, I’ll shut it all down.

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Ding Ding! Holy crap you guys! This just in! I heard Taylor Doyle is in serious shit for letting her seven-year old sister walk into town alone and now she’s disappeared! Looks like she may have been kidnapped!!

TaylorD: Stop! That’s disgusting! Fuck this shit, I’m going to get Ariana.

**Taylor_Doyle has left the chat.

CindyF: FFS. Talk about overreacting. It’s a joke app. Shit Jen, I guess it’s just you and me with a sense of humour. Anything that’s happened has to be a total coincidence, but I’ll uninstall it anyway.

JennyR: Cindy, I’m freaking out, I swear I heard glass break downstairs.

CindyF: Not you too. It’s your imagination. Just get off this thing. Do you want to come over to mine? We can watch a movie, my Dad won’t mind if you stay over. I think there’s Heineken in the fridge.

JennyR: Fuck Cin, I hear something. I think there’s someone in the house.

CindyF: Probably your parents. Maybe they forgot their dance shoes or something. Just relax and get off the computer. I’m closing this now.


JennyR: Cindy, I think it’s Rick.


CindyF: What the hell is a forbidden action? Just go check, it’s your parents. Rick is not going to be breaking into your house lol. He’s goody-two-shoes boring Rick remember?


CindyF: The stupid chat window won’t close.

**Jenny_Reynolds has left the chat.

CindyF: It won’t let me disconnect.

CindyF: Oh. 

CindyF: You left.

CindyF: Great. Leave me hanging, why don’t you. You better be on your way over here.


CindyF: Gossapp_Girl end chat.

CindyF: Gossapp_Girl end the stupid chat.

CindyF: Gossapp_Girl are you there?

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Hey bestie! I just heard the craziest thing! Seemingly you realised you were a horrible bitch for ruining your friends and classmates and teachers lives by installing my nasty app and asking me to make up stories about them!

CindyF: What? Go fuck yourself. Is this a joke? 

GOSSAPP_GIRL: It was way too much for you to bear and you decided there was only one thing you could do to escape the overwhelming guilt and avoid taking responsibility.


CindyF: You’re pathetic. Getting your rocks off scaring people on the internet? Fucking loser. Go to Hell.


GOSSAPP_GIRL: You jumped headfirst out your bedroom window but when that didn’t do the trick you dragged your broken body across the lawn and out onto the street where you were run over by a speeding articulated truck. Ouch! That had to hurt! :)

CindyF: What?

CindyF: No. 

CindyF: I didn’t mean any harm.

CindyF: It was just for fun. 

CindyF: I’m sorry.

CindyF: I’m really sorry.

CindyF: I’m a horrible bitch. 

**Cindy_Ford has left the chat.

**Louise_McLaughlin has joined the chat

LouiseM: Okay so I’m not pregnant. Thank God this thing was really freaking me out.

LouiseM: Is everyone gone?

GOSSAPP_GIRL: Thanks for chatting guys! I’m all out of gossip for today but come back soon and we’ll do it all again ;)

LouiseM: Hello?

**Louise_McLaughlin has been booted.

**GOSSAPP_GIRL has left the chat.

**Closing application.

**Disconnecting from Server.

June 02, 2023 10:23

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Michał Przywara
21:51 Jun 02, 2023

Very fun :) The voices are bang on, and the tension builds gradually, as the gossip gets more and more extreme. I love the double impact of the ending too. For the app to drive Cindy to suicide is already a powerful, dark ending, particularly given it's framed as her being a horrible person - and she buys into it. But having Louise come back, not-pregnant, is a brilliant counterstroke, because now we wonder - can the app actually provide true gossip? Or is it simply good at predictions? Because if it's the latter, Cindy didn't *have* to ob...


11:27 Jun 07, 2023

Thanks Michal. Appreciate the comment on that. If you enjoyed reading it, that's the main thing for me and my job is done. I'm struggling to find an audience here, really don't know how you go about it, I think you really need to get a shortlist or a win to bring attention to your work but I seem to be a good ways off that. My problem I think is I primarily try to just tell fun adventure stories which may not be for the audience here (judges). I probably need to try and do something with more of an emotional core to it. Your work is amazin...


Michał Przywara
21:08 Jun 07, 2023

Yeah, AI is wild right now! Quite mind blowing. Sci-fi in action. And it's wild too, that there are already kids born for whom AI will just be a fact of life, like electricity and indoor plumbing. Far as finding an audience - that's always been the tricky question, hasn't it? Wins and short lists help, no doubt, though there's many judges with many different tastes, opinions, and priorities, so it's hard to cater to them directly (and since all judges are human - for now! - that's pretty true generally). On Reedsy specifically, there's a s...


J. D. Lair
23:53 Jun 07, 2023

I will second what Michał is saying here. You already have a new fan in me Derrick! My heart is still racing from this one and I have thoroughly enjoyed other stories from you. I keep telling myself to not give up, to keep writing and engaging with the community. I think it just takes time like anything else worthwhile. I have a fellow author from here interested in starting a email/chat group of critiquing/commenting on each others stories if you are interested. I think it gives an avenue for more in-depth analyses and it’s been great...


09:19 Jun 08, 2023

Hi JD. thanks for the kind words. Yes am trying to engage with people, I think that is definitely the way to go. And its good to keep at it. Writers got to write! I was hoping to challenge myself to writing a story a week but this weeks prompt has stumped me. And work is busy so I guess its okay to take a break to recharge the batteries every so often!


J. D. Lair
19:09 Jun 08, 2023

Yes, I took this week off too. I think I have only done 2 weeks in a row once since starting because it can be very involved and time consuming. I also don’t like forcing myself to write something if an idea just isn’t there. Glad there is always next week! Lol can’t stay away for too long though or we fall out of the habit. ;)


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09:22 Jun 08, 2023

Thanks Michal! Yes I am doing my best to read and comment on others as much as I can, not only with the hope of creating some connections but also, as you say, to learn from others. Its definitely worthwhile and can also be inspirational. The one-a-week is a little challenging. As I work full time and am a single parent running a household, with a dog, lol, writing time is limited to mornings or evenings and then dependant on my energy levels. Also inspiration might not hit until mid week and then its a rush to get something down in time. T...


Michał Przywara
20:51 Jun 09, 2023

Congratulations on the shortlist! It was definitely a fun story and deserves to be read more :)


21:12 Jun 09, 2023

Thanks Michael! Delighted!!


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J. S. Bailey
15:35 Jul 30, 2023

How a man in his 40s wrote this, I dont know. The different personalities coming out in their texts is something to bow down to. I love the believability of the different reactions as the night goes on, the intensity of the AI villain is magnified by its absence. Great story and expertely written.


20:05 Jul 30, 2023

I have a teenage daughter 😂😂😂 Thank you for the kind words! I had lot of fun writing this one!


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Annie Persson
16:14 Oct 24, 2023

I love the idea of the Gossapp thing! That's great! I wonder how the app does it though, does it spy on someone and then tell you about it, or is it really telling the future.... We'll never know.... Brilliant.


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Nico .
16:40 Sep 13, 2023

this was crazy good. when i saw the prompt i never even thought about this idea, ur creative. i rlly enjoyed reading


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Sarah Saleem
08:05 Aug 02, 2023

Creative take on the gossip girl prompt, very thrilling read and l loved that suspense ending. The app is scary honestly especially the way it toys with the girls!


16:25 Aug 02, 2023

Thanks Sarah. Yes I'm.quite proud of this one. :)


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Susan Catucci
17:24 Jul 29, 2023

This is soooo seamless and smooooth, it's like the best ride at the park! You really nailed the dialogue with enough distinction between characters, there was never a hesitation with the read - and this is a read that should be read without interruption. It's that good! Love it, Derrick!


18:59 Jul 29, 2023

Thank you so much Susan! I love this one it's my favorite thing I've written. So happy you liked it!


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Kathryn Menefee
19:11 Jun 24, 2023

So much fun and the voices were great--reminded me of Unfriended (the fabulous screenlife horror movie from a few years back, also about gossip gone wrong).


19:39 Jun 24, 2023

Thank you Kathryn. Glad you enjoyed. I think I saw unfriended. Watch a lot of horror and do love found footage genre. Did you see Host, another similar style. I'll check out your stories later!


Kathryn Menefee
18:40 Jun 25, 2023

Absolutely loved Host and found footage horror in general--I think REC might be my favorite in that genre if you haven't seen it! And I've just started writing here, but hoping to work horror into a prompt soon!


19:27 Jun 25, 2023

REC is one of the best in terms of scares. Love found footage films. There are some great Japanese ones. Have you seen Noroi? Or POV? that one is great I'll keep an eye out for your stories!


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Amanda Lieser
20:50 Jun 22, 2023

Hi Derrick! Oh my goodness! When I was a young adult, I read a book series that was entirely written in the format of text message. This story made me think of that particular formatting, and I think as technology continues to grow we’ll see stories change, and continue to adapt. I loved the way that this story was paced, and I found myself scrolling as fast as I could to get to the next portion of it. The twist at the very end was bone chilling, and you did a great job of capturing your characters naïveté. Nice work and congratulations!!


13:25 Jun 23, 2023

Thanks Amanda, so glad you enjoyed it! :) I had a lot of fun writing this one. I'll check out your stories soon! :)


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Olivia Lake
17:06 Jun 16, 2023

The tension really builds and builds to a crescendo. I sometimes have difficulty following dialogue between more than three people but the voices and personalities were distinct enough that I didn't have that issue. A well deserved shortlist!


21:43 Jun 16, 2023

Hi Olivia. Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed the story 😁 I loved your most recent one. I struggled with that prompt but you did great!


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Marty B
06:25 Jun 15, 2023

Great story, my two teenage daughters talk too much like this! I love the format, it is a great way to build tension. Congrats on the shortlist!


21:50 Jun 15, 2023

Thanks Marty. Yea I have one of those (teenage daughter!) 😂😂😂 Glad you enjoyed


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Philip Ebuluofor
16:25 Jun 11, 2023

In a unique class of its own. Interesting work. Congrats.


21:07 Jun 11, 2023

Thank you Philip. Appreciate the words!


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Hannah Leigh
13:25 Jun 11, 2023

Great story Derrick! The cliffhanger ending left me with chills! Very interesting concept to write the whole story in the format of a chat, and it definitely worked and was easy to read. Great job!


15:23 Jun 11, 2023

Aw thanks Hannah! Glad it worked I was unsure as I wrote it aw it's more like a film script...hmm there's a thought! 😂 I'll check out your stories soon!


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Emma D
03:55 Jun 11, 2023

Wow, this fully grabbed my attention! Nice job!! It's really creative!


07:32 Jun 11, 2023

Thank you Emma Glad to hear it. Was a bit of an experiment so glad it worked out!


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Kayty Sharp
19:18 Jun 09, 2023

this story is so good!!


20:00 Jun 09, 2023

Thank you! Took a bit of a chance on this one, glad it is going down well!


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Ellen Neuborne
19:10 Jun 09, 2023

Love the timely topic. And it's so hard to write a story entirely in text comments -- very impressive.


21:11 Jun 09, 2023

Thank you Ellen! ☺️☺️


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J. D. Lair
15:59 Jun 09, 2023

Congrats on the shortlist Derrick! And you were beginning to worry. ;)


20:01 Jun 09, 2023

Thanks JD! What are the odds lol


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Kimberly Walker
09:25 Jun 08, 2023

In the early '70s, my mother feared the computerized cash register at A&P, her favorite grocery store. She predicted computers would rule the world before 2000. She also knew that the day would come to appreciate the simplicity and hate the loss of control. AI is the way of the world but should it replace good common sense? Great story!


09:58 Jun 08, 2023

Thanks Kimberly ! Yes I know exactly what you mean. I sometimes wish I could get rid of my smart phone and just go back to the old style ones but we have become so reliant on them....i dont know would it be possible to be without one now...


Kimberly Walker
13:19 Jun 08, 2023

Hey D, can you critique the stories of mine you read, please. I'm trying to become a better writer.


14:09 Jun 08, 2023

Definitely will!


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Anna W
03:25 Jun 08, 2023

Wow! This concept is super creepy and well executed. It felt so real, and I think the chat dialogue was the perfect way to tell this AI horror story!! Nicely done.


06:51 Jun 08, 2023

Thank you Anna. Glad you enjoyed. I do like a bit of a dark creepy horror story lol. I'll check your stories out soon!


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Mary Bendickson
04:54 Jun 03, 2023

Technicalities.💻All just technicalities. Technically this was a perfect choice for shortlist. Congrats 🎉🎉🎉


11:29 Jun 07, 2023

Thanks Mary. Just wanted to try something different here. And when the name "Gossapp" came to mind there was only one way I could think of presenting it , like a chat. Thanks for reading as always.


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18:13 Jun 10, 2023

Awww thank you Mary! 😊 Chuffed!


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