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    She’s not going out anymore, yea!!   My mommy used to go out with Daddy for things like picking Daddy up from work, going out to eat, either by herself or with Daddy, but now, NOW, now she’s almost all mine, and I’m happy.  I’m so happy!!  I say almost ‘cause she says she’s still Daddy’s too.   Now, Daddy’s ok, I mean he gives me treats sometimes, but he doesn’t spend nearly as much time as Mommy does with me, he doesn’t massage as good as Mommy does  either, but he’s ok.  

      So I get up at 5 am with Daddy, as always, and he walks me, so I get to smell different grass, trees, and flowers, and this time, Daddy doesn’t rush me.  He says work’s cancelled , cause of some virus.  I dunno what that is, but as long as Mommy’s here, I’m happy.  So, I go pee on a palm tree outside and Daddy tells me I’m a good boy and that means I’ll get a Milk-Bone or a Greenie.   Then, we go back inside and Daddy makes me do tricks like beg, sit, give him my paw, roll over, and nod my head yes and shake my head no, but I  love treats, so it’s worth it. 

    And I know I’ll be safe from any virus  and Mommy’ll always be safe with me.   I’ll attack anyone or anything that even tries to hurt my mommy.   One time, someone tried to break into our home, and I barked and tried to bite them, and Mommy and Daddy called the cops and the cops took the bad man away.        

    Mommy told me I was a good dog and gave me slices of chicken that night. Chicken is my favorite.  

     Then, though, something weird happened.  Daddy always tells Mommy she’s hot and sexy, but she started feeling really hot, like temperature hot.   I want to cool her down, so I lick her.   She says that’s sweet, but she says it probably won’t help.  

    So, she calls a number on the phone, and she waits a long time to talk to someone, but she tells me the people on the other end want her to stay home for 2 weeks, but have Daddy stay 6 feet away.   Oh boy!  See, now I’ll have Mommy and the TV all to myself.   We’ll watch movies like “Iron Man,” “Wonder Woman,” and “Captain America” and Mommy’ll pause the TV and tell me what a wonderful dog I am.  But this time Mommy cries and so I lick up her tears.  They’re salty and I let her pet me.  I wish I knew who was making Mommy cry, so I could bark at them and bite them.   One time, I even swam into the ocean to save Mommy from drowning and she said I was sweet. I love my Mommy.  

     She tells me she hopes me and Daddy don’t get it; The thing she has and sometimes she pants hard, like I do after I run after other dogs.  Mommy’s hurt, but I don’t know how to make it better. But sometimes when Daddy’s sick, she makes him chicken noodle soup, so Daddy should be a good Daddy and make Mommy some chicken noodle soup for her.  That’d make Mommy feel loved and all better, but maybe I can make her better.  

     So, I try growling and barking at the walls, ‘cause maybe what’s making Mom sick is behind the walls, but Mommy tells me to hush, and pets me and comforts me.   Between you and me, right now, it feels like she’s the one needs comforting.  I cuddle beside her tummy and curl into a ball and she hugs me and cries again.  

     Then, after 2 days, some weird people in white suits and masks come and I bark at them, but Mommy tells me they’re ok and to let them in.  Then, these strange people put Q-tips in each side of Mommy’s nose.  That’s weird, why don’t they just use a tissue?   But Mommy shakes the way I do when I’m scared or cold, so I comfort her by laying on her tummy. 

     Maybe you’re wondering why I’m not scared of getting the virus from Mommy.  Well, after the men in the white suits came, Mommy did research on her computer and found out us dogs can’t get this virus from humans, just from other dogs.  

     That night, she goes to bed with me, but neither of us sleep, ‘cause she’s turning, tossing, shaking, and crying.  Usually she lets me sleep wherever I want, but tonight she is squishing me into her breasts.  They’re warm, which is nice, but it’s hard to breathe.  I wish I knew how to make it better. 

      Things are weird.   Mommy and Daddy used to sleep together, but now Mommy’s in bed and Daddy’s sleeping in his study.  They get food delivered instead of going grocery shopping.  It’s weird. 

      And now, like I said, Daddy stays in his study and comes out with a weird mask and gloves on.   I hope he doesn’t hurt Mommy.  Daddy used to hug Mommy but he doesn’t do that anymore.  Maybe I could hug Mommy to make her feel better.   She looks sad a lot.  

    And Mommy says it’s gonna kill her.  This virus.   She’s coughing and panting a lot. I just need to know who or what to attack to protect Mommy and I would, but she doesn’t understand this time.  Mommy usually understands what I’m trying to tell her, like when I look at my near empty dog bowl and look at her, and she brings me more dog food and fresh water.   But, she doesn’t understand me this time.  

    But then, a few days later, Mommy gets a call and she’s happy.  She calls in Daddy and says the test is negative.  They hug each other and pick me up and hug me, too. They say, dancing in circles, that Mommy has something called influenza, which is good.   I wish I had that so I could be happy too.  

    So, Mommy and Daddy still stay in, but now they both watch TV with me, which is nice.  Mommy’s happy and says we’re a family again.  I love being a family and having a pack, even if Daddy doesn’t share Mommy as much as I want him to. But I hope Mommy keeps spending time with me, now that she  just has influenza.  I hope.  I love my mommy and she loves me.  I’d miss her if she was gone.  

March 21, 2020 17:33

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1 comment

Zilla Babbitt
22:42 Apr 01, 2020

Here for the critique circle :). Love how this captures the joy of a dog's love for his owner, and the dog's "Mommy" and "Daddy" names for his owners. I think the only thing lacking is a grammar re-read. In the story, Mommy is sometimes capitalized and sometimes not. Missing commas and the tabs in the Reedsy format end up looking weird. All in all, good story. Keep it up!


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