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Stranger Friend

Audrey constantly gets bullied by her friends. Bethany was her all time enemy and a competitor in her studies as well. Audrey uses her high scores and scholarship to study in that highly reputed school. This is the final year of her school life, next year she needs to join a reputed college using her scholarship and for that she needs good score and should have good attendance records. For her there are two problems, one is her dad and she knows that her dad isn’t going to be a much help. And Bethany, her father owns the school and she is always the topper with her super talent just like Audrey.

One day there is a notice with her name to pay the school fees, the teachers warns her to pay the fees or do not come to school. Last year her score is not up to the mark to manage her final year of her school, and she lost her scholarship. She starts to work in a pizza shop to study and manage her school fees.

The dream of a big college for a girl from a slum or below the middle class is always a pain. Audrey is no exception, she tries everything to be the best in her school and with her best scores she always gets attention of the school and the scholarship. Her final year in school is very important for her, but her competitor looks like not giving up. Bethany gave equal fight to Audrey, which pulls down her confidence level. But Audrey did not give up; she slept only 4 to 5 hours and focused on her studies. Audrey sometime looks like dead person or like a person that did not had food for years, fellow students ignores her way she looks and smell. Poor Audrey didn’t have much money to take care of her food. She skips most lunch hours in school.

But fate turns to be a favor for Audrey, Bob from her class becomes friend with Audrey, Bob got to know her talent and Bob asks her a favor to teach him science as he is weak on that part. Audrey agrees, since then there are new things she starts to notice. Whenever she tries to skip her lunch, Bob gives her a lunch box and never let her skip lunch. Audrey on the other side focused on her studies, part time job and during school hours teaches Bob about science too. Very soon the exams time table gets out. Even though Audrey is a bright student, she still fears for her exams.

By then she starts to receive an empty envelope in her bag with a letter that says to Audrey to not to go for work, but focus on her studies, she found some money inside the letter and it says, do not take this as a donation, take this as a loan. One day you will have to repay me.

Audrey feels so happy about the letter; she informs Bob and feels happy about it. The exam time finally comes into her life, Audrey without her sleep, works hard every night and completes her exams. After exams, Life didn’t gave a chance for Audrey to rest, her father passes away, she takes loans from people around and finished the ceremony. Audrey’s mother passed away long ago, now she is on her own to take care of her life. Audrey never mentioned about her family situation to any of her classmates, none of them is a friend for Audrey, but she got one guy as her friend and that is Bob. She decides not to share the pain with Bob who must be enjoying his holidays now.

Audrey starts to work full time in Pizza shop and develops her communication skills, in a week amazed with her selling ability in full time, the manager promotes her as the senior marketing executive and also she starts to handle cashier job. She gets some increment which helps her day to day life to survive.

After a month, Audrey now works in her pizza shop is now interrupted by an irate customer, the employees told her the customer wants to speak with her. Audrey decides to meet that customer and finds out that irate customer is Bob. Bob is angry, not with the product, but with Audrey. Audrey never mentioned about her father’s death and her current financial situation. Audrey manages Bob and convinced him.

Same night Audrey gets another blank envelope with scholarship details, the letter says again, Dear Audrey, We know what score you are going to get and accept this scholarship and the Cheque attached. In order to accept this letter, you must stop working and shift yourself to the hostel address mentioned and not to panic that hostel belongs to the college you are going to join. The institution is very much happy to have you as their student.

Audrey calls Bob and thanks him for the mystery letters, Audrey assumes that all these letters and Cheque are from Bob. After Bob’s entry Audrey’s life changed, no wonder why Audrey thinks like that.

But Bob surprises her with another truth. Audrey jumps in excitement and confirms with him whether what he says is true.

On the day of farewell, Audrey gets a letter to her address; she opens the letter and finds the letter from the same mystery person. It says, Dear Audrey, I know that you know who is behind this mystery letter….. And it goes on with a message. Audrey closes her eyes and realizes how humble the person is.

On the ceremony, Audrey gives us a speech.

Dear Students, On this farewell day, I am proud and honored to get my scholarship from this famous institution, This school leaves me lot of memories to rejoice and I am grateful for the teachers that believed in me and Bob for staying with me till the end, You lunch are the best one I ever tasted, I never had such food in my lifetime. It’s my dream and I must thank an Anonymous stranger that’s being the reason and a great support in my final year of school. This stranger gave me food, gave me money cheque and asked me a favor to repay this debt my making a kid study just like me. And my most favorite part, the moment I know the person I get another letter to keep the information myself. I respect the humility of this person and I know that person is in this crowd. I have only one message for this stranger. Be my friend and be with me, you are a fantastic actor to wear a mask like that, that I personally did not like you since the day I met. But now I like you I wanted to be my friend, today and forever. Thank you everyone.

After the ceremony, Audrey walks out of her school, a car comes close to Audrey and stops and the door gets open, Bethany with a smile from inside asks Audrey to get in the car to be her friend forever, and let me introduce my brother, Bob looks at Audrey and smiled.

The end….

Thanks for Reading 🤗

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May 04, 2020 14:57

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Blane Britt
07:33 Jun 03, 2020

Good Story.


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05:04 May 13, 2020

Oh this was very nice, the ending was nicely given too. Do check out mine too if you like twists


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23:50 May 11, 2020

I liked your story very much😁 Nice twist at the end with Bethany and Bob being siblings!


SIMON Prathap
02:26 May 12, 2020

Thank you so much Elizabeth 🤗✨ Glad you liked the twists ☺️


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