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Adventure Mystery

It is just a normal day for the world, but not for you. You have just been given a letter that may change your life, you are a bit scared but you know you can’t hold back. People need you… There has been a mysterious report that an entire house fill of party goers have vanished and it’s up to you to save them. Here is the letter that you were sent yesterday;

You have been invited to a party! That is if you can call it a party now… Please come fast, all the guests have vanished and we need your help! We know you are a bit reluctant to go but you have to! 


P.S. When you get there, start in the basement!

You are going to do an escape room to save everyone. There will be 9 different rooms to go to. Each room will contain a number, at the end you will place the numbers in the code. Make sure to place them in order.

Ok, are you ready for your escape room?

Room Map: 1-Kitchen, 2-disco, 3-dining room, 4-spa, 5-trap door, 6-attic, 7-basement, 8-lounge, 9-garden. 

7 The Basement

You walk down the basement and shiver, all the party gear is sitting on the floor. You see a piece of paper on the floor and walk over to read it. It reads:

A-! B-@ C-# D-% E-^ F-& G-* H-( I-) - J-?

K-; L-/ M-” N-+ O-_ P-{ Q-} R-[ S-] T-\ U- . W-< X-> Y-= Z-a

example- () \(^[^- hi there

#_%^ +.”@^[ 5 

) *[_< {/!+\]

2 Disco

Code number 9 is on the door, you begin to record when you notice more words next to it. ‘You got here by a letter a letter you still need… retrace your steps.’ Maybe you should go back to that letter…

6 Attic

The attic is small and cramped up, it should be easy to find clues in here. However, all you find is the code number 1…

5 Trap Door

You climb down the trap door and your body shakes with excitement, you are nearly there. When you reach the bottom you see the code number 0 but your attention is drawn to the pin code at down the tunnel. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. You enter the code and a secret lock opens up, and there in front of you are all the party goers. You are a star! Well done in your mission, we will put you on a new one soon…

1 Kitchen

You walk through the kitchen spotting the number 46 on your way in. There is a riddle on the table and it looks easy enough; ‘Despite my name I don’t catch anything.’

8 Lounge

The lounge is silent, you want to leave fast. The code letter 12 is on the floor, you are a step closer to the top of this…

3 Dining room

You enter the dining room slowly, something doesn’t seem right. The number 8 has been scrapped into a table. You notice a game next to the number:

Basement, Dining Room, Disco, Trapdoor, Garden, Spa, Attic, Lounge, Kitchen.

Word Search






9 Garden 

The Garden is fading fast, all the plants are dropping down to the floor. The gardener clearly has gone missing too. The number 2 is sitting on the ground and you write it down. You see another piece of paper and study it closely.


Ice plant

Needle palm


Natal plum




Oak tree


4 Spa

The spa is cold as ice, you spot the number 11 on the floor. You then see an equation next to it. 




🤠-8= 2


Basement= 4 dining room=8 Disco=2 Trapdoor= 6 Garden= 10 Spa=20 attic=5 Lounge= 3 Kitchen=9





The basement is a code, once it is decoded it says ‘I grow plants’ so you go to the garden.


The list in the garden spells ‘Dining Room’ when you look down the first letter in each word.

Dining Room

The word search in the dining room contains all the words but Spa, so you go there.


The answer to the equation is 2 and the Disco has 2 next to it.


You go back to the letter you got at the start and will find some underlined letters. They spell lounge.


This one is a bit unclear but it means the attic because that’s the top of the house not like the basement at the bottom.


Number 1 is a code number but it is also the number of kitchen is the room map.


The answer to the riddle is trapdoor and that is also the only room left.


The code is; 5, 2, 8, 11, 9, 12, 1, 46, 0


May 09, 2021 02:45

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Ed .
08:15 May 09, 2021

YAY! I escaped. (Finally!) Good Job! I hope you write more escape room books. They are really fun:)


Chase .
08:18 May 09, 2021

Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed it!


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Amanda Fox
18:58 May 17, 2021

Creative and fun to solve!


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Arwen Dove
08:51 May 09, 2021

This is such a creative take on the prompt! I love the idea of an escape room, and can't wait to do more! Just a note, some of the clues were really unclear and confusing, and didn't really connect much with the answer, so maybe go back and clarify a few things like that. Overall, great job! I answered everything correctly, though it took me awhile ;) Amazing story, Great job!


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