Funny Romance

Jake and a lovely looking woman had bumped into each other. She was just perfect, in his eyes. She'd dropped some shopping and Jake had picked it up for her. Their eyes had met, she'd smiled and thanked him, and he had said, nothing, just smiled. Why was he always stuck for words when he met a special woman, who might possibly turn out to be the one for him. The one to make his life happy and worthwhile. He was heading for thirty and only had a few brief evenings out with women, usually spoilt by lack of conversation on his part. Once he had got to know people, he could talk to them, make normal conversation. The women in his life had always dropped him, before they’d had the opportunity to get to know them.

Too late, she had walked on, after a brief pause, when she had still looked into his eyes and waited for more of a response than him smiling at her.

Jake finished his food shopping, looking for her at every turn of an isle. He spotted her a few times, and she looked his way.

'Think of something to say to her.' he told himself. What? He could hardly walk up and ask her if she was single, and if she was would she like to go out with him. Well, some guys would, even if it was a bit cocky. She would probably laugh and tell him she was with someone, just tell him to clear off.

Jake finished his shopping and guessed he would have to give up and go home, another chance of happiness missed. He tried to make himself feel better by thinking, she could be in a relationship, she could be nasty, she could be alright, but just not right for him. A part of him kept saying, no, she was perfect for him. He could feel something special when their eyes had met and they had held each others gaze for far longer than people normally did in a chance encounter.

Jake went over to the elevator and waited with several others, then went in, turned around, and there she was. They made eye contact again, and smiled at each other, then both looked away. The lift made several stops and everyone got out, two or three at a time, until it was just him and her.

'Say something.' Jake told himself. They had smiled at each other.

Then she laughed slightly and said,

"I'll try not to drop my shopping again."

Say something, say something.

"Erm, I don't mind if you do. I can pick it up again."

Well that was better than nothing, he guessed. Could he ask her out? Go on, take a chance. The elevator will be on the ground floor soon. If she rejected him they would just go their separate ways, so he didn’t have to worry.

Too late, the elevator had stopped. The lights went out too. The door hadn't opened. It was a power cut.

"We're stuck here. Power cut." Jake said, thinking, well that's obvious.

"Yes, I guess so. I expect they will soon fix it."

An awkward, silence.

"Well we won't starve, we've both got plenty of food in our bags." Jake said, with a laugh.

They were stuck there, for a long time, with what felt like even longer silences and when they did speak, they both had nothing very interesting to say. She did find a very few good words, which Jake could find an answer too.

"I'm Emma."

"I'm Jake."

Well that was useful. As time went on, Emma took her phone out and checked the time.

"Oh no, I've missed the last bus home."

"I suppose we could phone someone and tell them we're stuck here. I hadn't thought of that."

Well his head had been full of other thoughts, like saying something interesting, without any ‘erms’ in every sentence.

Jake took his phone out. Was there an emergency number on the elevator wall? Too dark to see. Then Emma put on the torch, on her phone, and lit up a phone number, which they rang and informed someone where they were. Soon they were freed. Jake was mentally kicking himself. Why hadn't he asked her out, or at least made more friendly conversation?

"Well we're out, but they didn't offer to help us get home. It’s the middle of the night, and I live in a village. No buses at this time." Emma sounded alarmed.

"I er, live just around the corner. You could, well spend the night in my flat. I mean, I do have a spare bedroom. But you don't know me, sorry. I could call you a taxi."

"You could call me a taxi, but I'd rather you called me Emma." she laughed. "Actually, if you don't mind, I would rather stay in your flat overnight. I have to be back in town for work in the morning. I know you’re safe. We have been stuck in that lift together all this time."

Jake walked Emma to his flat, glad that he'd had a long overdue clean up the day before. She did look slightly nervous when he showed her in and took her to the spare bedroom.

Over breakfast, conversation got easier, and no, she wasn't seeing any one. Jake asked her out and Emma said yes.

"I wanted to see you again, get to know you, when you picked up my shopping for me, and our eyes met, some special feeling I had. I expect that sounds silly." Emma blushed.

"No, it's not silly. I felt the same, and couldn't think of anything to say to you. I wanted to say, are you seeing anyone, do you like me, can we go out together? Not exactly what you say to someone on a chance meeting in a store.”

“No, I guess not.”

“I've never been more thankful to be trapped in a lift."

“Me too.” Emma said, with a lovely smile on her face.

September 05, 2020 09:55

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