The Birthday Party That Caused The Havoc

Submitted into Contest #1 in response to: Write a story about a birthday party with a major plot twist.... view prompt



It was a beautiful day, a new prosperous evening when a mother’s child would recieve the gifts he awaited for so long, it couldn’t get any better. Little Tim, a young child suffering from a heart disease unleashing his inner strength to break free from the darkness. It was his first birthday as he had just come back from the hospital. As Tim walked slowly down the stairs, hoping he would get the electric car he had dreamt of since he was a 5 year old, he walked down the stairs. The lights were turned off, the doctors were sure he would survive, as the lights turned on he cut the cake. His friends were invited for the first time. Little Carter his best friend had told him that this was they day he broke free from his heart problem. The mother slowly started to give the knife when suddenly, Tim felt a push as his mother slowly pushed Tim’s head into the cake jokingly. Everyone started laughing. Tim’s mother pushed Tim’s head fully into the cake and suddenly Tim started to bang the table really loudly. Carter was staring at the mother as the mother started to go red and started to push Tim’s head. When Carter asked -“He’s gonna die if you don’t leave him!”- by this time the mother of Tim had a evil look on her face and Tim stopped responding. Carter realized that this was not a joke. Tim’s mom replied -“He asked me to do this to him”- which Carter then suddenly grabbed her and pushed her head into the shredder that was given as a ‘birthday present’ which with her last breath Tim’s mother stabbed Carter. Everyone died. What a tragedy,

August 03, 2019 15:09

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