Drama Fiction Mystery

It was raining outside; I came back from a sleepover. My mother was doing her nails while my father was looking at the football match. It was such a beautiful evening until the breaking news started... 

“Today, all the presidents on the Planted had a meeting, that will decide the future for all the people except for them. This project will be put into practice on Friday. This is all we have for now! This was Mirnada Vurella!” 

I thought it was weird. After my family and I heard that, we switched channels. All the programs that had news were gone, all of them! We went to our neighbors and asked them if they had the programs we didn’t, and guess what, they didn’t have them too! Nobody understood what was happening, the leaders from each country didn’t say anything anywhere.  

Let me introduce you to my family and me. I was 13 when all the situation happened. I have never liked the government and the politics, just because they are lying in our faces constantly. My classmates think I am crazy and weird because they think the government wants our “best”, but I don’t care at all about what they say. When this happened, we were going thru a pandemic, COVID-19. This pandemic had been for three years, in those three years I wasn’t going to school, I was having online school, as known as trash. The quarantine was suspended for 2 weeks, and that was a sign of a horrible plan. My parents are thinking the same as I do, but they never said anything about this kind of thing in front of their friends.  

I still remember, the 17th of March, the night when everything started to go along really bad. Everybody in my house was sleeping, besides me. I was in the bathroom washing my hands. I heard the front door. Somebody wanted to enter our house. I left the bathroom to see who it was with a toilet brush. I got on the stairs to see who it was, and I ran as fast as I could. There were some men, dressed all in black, with guns, and when I say guns there were REAL GUNS. When they saw me, they started running to catch me. My parents woke up when they heard the footsteps. My mom was behind my father, but when she saw those guys with guns and running after me, she ran with the lamp and hit one of the men with that. That man that was hit by my mom, turned in front of her and injected her with something that made her fell asleep. I was yelling to let my mom go but while I was doing that, they caught my dad too. I ran to the garret, the highest point of my house. I looked at the small window that my garret had and they took my parents into a black van, I was crying my eyes. I wasn’t as scared for me but for my parents, then I heard the same that somebody was coming for me. I turned my head back and those men were behind me. I started running to the exit to my garret but one of them hold me and injected me. After he did that, I instantly fell asleep.  

I woke up in a white room. Completely white. I was all alone. There was a door, but it was closed. I had some potatoes and milk. I thought that I was dreaming but no, I wasn’t. The walls were white, the room had a bad that was white, a toilet, every single thing even the food was white. The door had a small window that was white too.  

After almost two hours I was going insane. I couldn’t escape even if I tried to open the door, and to do anything possible to escape. 

When I was going thru my fourth week in the isolator, I had a plan. When the person who was giving me the food by the small window that was on the door, I had to stay in front of the door and take the key that he had in his hand every time. The man got in front of my door and then opened the window. I took his hand and took the key as fast as I could. 

-Give it back! Frank! Help me! That man yelled 

-What happened, Mike?! Frank asked him 

-This girl took the key! 

-Let’s go and find a copy of that key!! Frank yelled 

After Frank and Mike left, and then I tried to climb that window to get to the keyhole, and open the door. I opened the door and then I started running. On each door, there was the name of that person, and my mom and dad were in section 5, hallway 20. I was going to the path to my parent’s rooms. Another man with a gun saw me. He was going after me. After almost ten minutes of running and jumping a lot of stairs, I took a gun that was heavy and hit him in the head with it. He got dizzy and then fell. I left the gun and I ran. I got in front of my mom’s door and I couldn’t believe that my key worked to open her door. She was completely shocked but I didn’t have time to explain. I and my mom went to open my father’s door. I was about to laugh when my key worked for him too.  

It had been 20 years since everything happened, and everyone is now living in FREEDOM and nobody could lock them into a room. I am not going to explain every little thing about how everything went from bad to perfectly well. I became the president of America and I changed a lot of things.  

Disclaimer! I am in 6th grade. I have been doing online school for over a year now, and in my opinion, it is useless, and I am not judging anybody! You learn things in the class, not on a chair with the laptop that is connecting to a new zoom meeting. I want to add that quarantine wasn’t that useless but, in my experience, (a 13-year-old), quarantine wasn’t healthy! Mentally and physically. I am not going to get into any subject about the situation we have gone thru and we are still going. Anyways, hope you liked it! 

February 09, 2021 11:13

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