The Riders and Their Horses

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Fantasy Fiction Christian

This story contains themes or mentions of sexual violence.

Exodus 15:21 NKJV

"The horse and its rider He has thrown into the sea!"

Revelation 19:11 NKJV

"Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war."

"Speak now!" I glared at the man before me. He stood over 6 feet tall, dressed in mason blue with a red tie, white shirt and the ring with it's compass and square. I frowned. The Freemasons had started out respectable, decent, fighting for freedom and humanity. Over the past several hundred years it had become a tainted perversion of its former self, engaging in human sacrifice and the rape of babies and children. I should know this very well. I had been one of those children.

"We are sorry, my Lady," The Freemason glared at me. There wasn't any humility or true repentance in this monsters voice. I looked over his energy field again. No, he hadn't engaged in paedophilia himself, but he had organised it for his fellows. Not only had he organised it, but he had footage of it that he had given to his 'riders' as I called the Illuminati. After all, the Freemasons were the 'horses' of the Illuminati.

"There is no true repentance in your energy field. You did what you did and you enjoyed it. Not only did you do it, but when you were in a position to change things and render compensation for that child, you participated in the gang stalking of a beautiful individual who had been sent to Earth to rebalance and release humanity from the shackles and bondage you and your kind had placed on the masses." This was not as hard as I thought it would be. I did not take this personal, though I should have, because the victim of question was me.

You might be wondering about now where this trial was taking place. It was taking place in the courtroom of heaven. I had finally assumed my full position at the end of a righteous life obeying God. I was the re-incarnated Christ who had incarnated in the body of a caucasion woman used and trafficked into sex by the Freemasons. There had been a point in my physical life where I realised who I was and what my purpose truly was. I had informed them of my identity. They hadn't listened. I had told them I was to be each and every one of 8 billion peoples judge at the end of their life and if they didn't want an eternal sentence in hell, they had better get themselves together. They didn't listen. Then we all died.

And what a total job this was, judging 8 billion willfull, evil people. I wasn't even halfway through of the criminals that I had to sit judgement on. 8 billion people is a lot. As the Christ, it was my job to make war with the Illuminati and Freemasons, along with their slaves. As the Christ, it was my job to lead by example and demonstrate perfect, Godly righteousness. There was no way I was going to forfeit my eternal peace. It meant having to judge and send into chains forever a whole lot of people.

It was amusing, in the beginning of these trials, to sit in judgement upon my own culture and society who had done their best calling me names and trying to manipulate me into commiting sin. The look on their faces.

"But, but, but, that's not fair!" This came out of the energy fields of so many of my stalkers. "We didn't believe you were the Christ!" They complained. "Oh, they made us do it. We really wanted the money." They would plead.

I got through all of Australia gritting my teeth. The politicians, the police, the military, the people in positions of power. The trial was a mere formality. They knew who they had signed up to. It wasn't just my gang stalking. They had been in a position of power and able to do something about it. Some tried excuses. Most just hung their heads understanding where they were going. And they weren't going for eternal peace.

But the little people, the masses of absolutely stupid asses, that saddened me. These people had been in a position, while alive, where they could have made a real difference and fought for me. If but one person had fought for me, stuck up for me, stepped forward with the evidence, I would have gladly given them a suspended sentence and allowed them eternal piece. Sorry to say there was not one person in the entire state of Western Australia who wanted to rest in peace. Each of them wanted to rest in chaos and they wanted my judgement against them. I never rubbed it in their noses who my soul was, but I also reminded them, from time to time, that once dead, their fate belonged to me to decide. You see, this is how God does things and weighs souls.

Things are not straightforward with my Father, nor do they need to be. Earth, humanity, the cosmos, everything is his creation and he is boss. His descendant, me, inherits everything including having to decide on where each person spends eternity. I wouldn't call it revenge, sentencing all these spiritual criminals. I would call it returning the favour.

I didn't have to sentence everybody. Certain people, such as my siblings and children, earned a "Go straight to hell forever" badge. They had made agreements with the agents of darkness to sell God's heir into sexual bondage. The demons knew who I was. They could only do the deal for the body, not the soul, in an effort to separate me from my destiny.

Nope. Didn't happen. Destiny is destiny. The demons did warn the Freemasons if they wanted to remove me from God that a deal would have to be struck with me, otherwise, I would remember who I was and the game would change. The scripture says I am faithful and true and there is never any lying with scripture. I'm loyal to my real family.

Well, the Freemasons messed up and the game changed. I remembered who I was. My name was a good indicator. Reading scripture told me what had happened in a past life and what my destiny, judging the sinful and making war against evil, in this life. Having been treated so evilly by the Freemasons and then finding out I was destined to be the judge of everybody who was evil towards me, no way was I giving that up. Would you?

I looked down at the Freemason before me. I had no idea which country he was from. It didn't matter. They were all in it together. I gazed at the field of souls behind him, all shackled to each other, all waiting on judgement.

My head turned to the vortext beside me. I glanced within. It was warm and roasting. There were souls writhing with open mouths, trying to escape the flames, but unable to as they were chained to something beneath them. What was beneath them was large and heavy. I couldn't see that energy and I didn't need to. He was nice and tight, exactly where he belonged.

Lifting up the gavel, I dropped it on the desk. "Guilty," I stated. "I sentence you to a lifetime of eterntiy, no parole (rebirth)."

The Freemason gave me a level stare. "Why? I was only doing my job."

"As I am," I smiled.

Sound exploded into the courtroom. Flames licked out from the vortex and captured the Freemasons soul. Black blobs with wings springing from their sides grasped either arm of the prisoner.

I clicked my fingers. Wails of suffering echoed through the chamber. The flames dragged him into the vortex, fire dimming down.

Grinning, I hollered, "Next please."


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