Friendship Drama

After a tiring night spent on the plane that took him from Nolan to Yuba, he was tired and although the alarm rang several times but he did not wake up, the bright sunlight caused him to wake up, turning off the alarm that filled the room with his ringing .

Ran Jeffrey towards the bathroom, bathed and changed his clothes hastily and went straight for his new jobs , as it is the first day on the job it's impolite to arrive late, it was his journey from his hometown Nolan to Yuba too long, so I got tired of it .

Jeffrey studied law, became a legal consultant, and now he had to leave his city and move to another city after his company moved to Yuba, and since he is one of the few workers kept by the company, he lost all his next friends and is now a stranger in a new city.

"Good morning, I'm Jeffrey Sanden, is director Charles there."Jeffrey is pondering the new office .

"Yes, he just arrived, you can wait until I let him know you arrived."Tara Scrivener Charles.

"Just tell him I'm here, I talked to him last night."Jeffrey.

"Sir, Jeffrey Sanden is waiting for you, Ed!!!!!!!!."Tara after Charles interrupted her.

"Yes, of course, Tara. what are you waiting for?"Charles.

" Here you go, sir. you can come in ."Tara, with a smile and a smile for Jeffrey.

Jeffrey knocked on the office door before going in, and as soon as he got in, Charles ran up to him and hugged him.

"Why am I so late, do you not know that I do not know anyone here, I suffer from loneliness."Charles rejoiced to see Geoffrey, who exchanged greetings.

"You know that moving is not simple, I arrived yesterday, imagine , I don't even know how I woke up and got to the office, or how I knew the way."Jeffrey .

"I hope you liked the apartment, not far from the office, is not it a wonderful view, directly overlooking the ocean."Charles.

"Yes, it does."Jeffrey.

"I'll introduce you to the staff, and to your new office, let's go."Charles.

Walkthrough Charles and Jeffrey over the company and introduced him to all the staff and workers .

"I know you and Danny have formed a solid friendship."Charles.

"Danny, really was a good friend."Jeffrey .

"I heard he and his wife settled in Washington. did he find alternative work?."Charles.

" Yes, at an insurance company, but because of the time difference I no longer communicate with him, he had a son."Jeffrey.

"Son, great, that's really great."Charles.

"You are a good person, good Jeffrey, you will not be left alone."Charles.

"As for my paper transactions how will I end them."Jeffrey.

"Don't worry about it, Tara banned all contracts."Charles .

"Good, now where is my office."Jeffrey with a smile to Charlie.

"You will find it Your office on your left, upstairs, we communicate by phone."Charles.

It was a hard day for him, he had to review all the contracts that the company entered into two months in a row since he was its legal adviser, and since it was an engineering, planning and construction company, the contracts were many .

As he lay thinking about dinner and what to cook, he knocked on his apartment door, got up and opened the door, and then a woman in her fifth decade with a Dish in her hand.

"Good evening sir, are you a newcomer to the apartment."Natalie is Jeffrey's neighbor.

"Yeah, I'm a newcomer to the apartment."Jeffrey with amazement in his forehead.

"Sorry, I hope I didn't bother you, but I saw that yesterday you came late, while in the morning you went fast, and in the evening you came late too, this is your dinner."Natalie.

Jeffrey was embarrassed and while he was, one of Natalie's grandchildren came forward crying.

"Grandma, grandma, rose have taken my car."Jay.

"It's okay baby, this is my grandson, Jay, sorry I'm gonna leave."Natalie.

"Thank you ma'am, thank you ."Jeffrey.

Jeffrey marveled at Natalie's behavior, entered his apartment and ate the dinner she gave him .

"I can't describe favor this lady, thank her with all my heart, as I was hungry."Jeffrey happens himself.

While Jeffrey is busy arranging the apartment, someone texted him.

"Hello, I'm Dylan your new assistant, we did not meet today because I did not come to the office, my wife gave birth today, was urgently transferred to the hospital, we meet tomorrow."Dylan.

Jeffrey was surprised by Dylan's letter because he did not know that he had an assistant, but he nevertheless responded to his letter to check on the child and his wife .

"It's Okay, I hope the baby is okay and his mother is, too, you can take a day off, I'll talk to Charles about it, see you the day after tomorrow."Jeffrey .

As soon as Jeffrey sent the message, he knocked on his apartment door again, and when he opened the door, Dylan found him.

" Hello sir, I'm Dylan, I wanted to get to know you, I hope I didn't bother you so late."Dylan with a wide smile.

"No, there is no discomfort, come in, how's the baby doing is it okay."Jeffrey is smiling and a little surprised.

"No, I'm going , they're fine, just my wife didn't set her exact date of birth, since it's my first child, maybe things got mixed up with her, but they're fine, better and more."Dylan. 

"Good , like I said You can take a day off, I'll take care of it, don't worry."Jeffrey.

"Thank you, sir, thank you."Dylan .

It was confusing for Jeffrey, but he did not know that it was the beginning of a friendship that would last for years, and Jeffrey finally felt comfortable after all that anxiety about moving to a new city, but apparently as Charles told him as a good person, he would find himself new friends .

He also met Dylan's sister Jessica on the day of his son's deanship and after months of acquaintance engaged her and today he holds his wedding ceremony in his hometown Nolan, of course he did not forget to invite his old friends Danny and his wife, all his acquaintances and of course his manager Charles.

"How lucky you are Jeffrey, you moved to another city and you met your wife Jessica, the sister of your friend Danny , your friendship turned into a friendship, you owned two houses, one here with Nolan and the other there with yuna , and you became Charles's partner in his company, you're really lucky my friend."Danny .

"What do you think if Dylan and Charles join us in Yuba, that's how we restore the glory of our friendship."Jeffrey.

"Are you serious, what do you think Veronica, accept the move to Yuba."Danny .

Veronica nodded with a wide smile on her face, hugging the four friends Charles, Danny, Dylan and Jeffrey, because their friendship will last for very long years.

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