Adventure High School Romance

To describe such a sudden touch

Is too much to ask

I have more than words to express

Over this spell he has cast

It was our last day before Christmas break

The two dreadfully long weeks to roam

Why would I be happy to leave?

With him,I feel at home

No internet

And no friends could come say hi

However now that I know him

With him,I feel high

I come down the school steps

Into the cafeteria as he continued to wait

I wanted to try something new

Before it was too late

We talked about it

On the bus ride across to school

I was willing to try something new

It was a strong magnetic pull

I wanted him

I wanted his lips and touch

I am glad he felt the same way

Because I felt I may have asked too much…

I proceed to the stairwell with him

Anxious with delight

I don’t think we knew how to start

But I am glad he decided he might

I set my backpack down by the wall

And smiled away

I loved how he was so tall

I want him,come what may

He held me against the wall

Lightly,with my hands behind his head

We did not make any noise

But I am quite sure I turned red…

He got more aggressive

As seconds quickly passed

My mouth welcomed his tongue

Hoping the moment would last

Even if it meant I struggled to breath

Even after another minute or two

It was like being high on meth

That my adreneline level sky rocketed through

His touch was warm and rough

As he kissed me more

His body was tense and tough

But his tongue was a perfect lure

I loved how he took the chance

And made my entire day

However two weeks without him is too much

That is all I have to say…

Even now I stare at the gifts he gave me

And I think of resting on his chest

Any straight girl would love cuddling like that

Or so I would guess

I was tense,and insecure

Not wanting to fall in love

I don’t know what I was so scared for

But now,my spirit is a dove

His warm skin brushes against mine

So sweet in sensation and heat

He keeps me in line

And of course stays discreet

He is polite

And seems to be patient with me

He is really bright

And helps open my eyes to see

The stairwell was dim with lights

And quiet with sound

All that was left was the fright

Of being trouble bound

It was not wrong though…

No,not in my opinion at all

It all felt very right

Especially since he was so tall

Damnit,I want the whole day

The whole day with him

What can I say?

I would definetly go out on a limb.

He treats me right

And teases me in a brand new way

I wanted a bite

This is what I will say…

His scent was subtle but noticed

As I lay,rubbing his neck with my face

He is like poison

And is very lethally laced

He was moving with every breath

While I listened to his air flow

I really hope this works out

Who knows where this relationship will go

I wake up at night

Thinking of only his touch while I sleep

No wonder I stay restless and tired

His presence anxiously began to creep

It haunts me every night

Because I don’t see him enough

I become anxious at his sight

Knowing he can indeed play rough

I have grown attached to this human

He is all I think about in most of my time

How did I get so lucky?

I still can not believe he is mine…

I come in every morning

Knowing my appearance does not change his choice

Even if I still feel I should look good

He reassures me with his voice

I call him a Smartass 

But only when he is right

Just being teased by him,

It gives me major delight

We share thoughts out loud

And I tell him I will never lie

I meant that promise…

If I lose him I may cry…

I love his embrace

And his relentlessly loud voice

In this case I guess I am willing to chase

However wether he is caught,is his choice

To express such a feelings is hard

Hard enough in just one word

This boy has my heart and my will

With him,my voice is heard

Too much to say

And such a small amount of time

I could go on,and on

Making up another rhyme

His eyes are intimate

And dark brown

They hold my sight strongly

Leaving me astound

He makes me laugh

Even if I sound obnoxious every time I do

He keeps my eyes bright

They seem to stay a lighter blue

My middle name may be storm

However with him I feel no rage

With him I am calm

That I have started a new page

I appreciate him

And try to love him for all he is worth

I wonder if we'll make it over summer

Could a new love be given birth?

I have been rhyming and writing

More than a year

I am happy I can express my thoughts with you

And that I can express them clear.

He keeps me intrigued

With the thoughts in his head

I wonder what he is thinking right now

Just wondering turns me red

He is honest and respectful

To me,friends,and everyone around

He makes it look so easy

I am still very astound

He does not even try to impress

And yet I am still on a hook

If I was a girl reading in the library

I would definitely sneak me a look

I obsess left and right

And become more attached with each new word

At this point I would fight over him

Which before,seemed very absurd…

It is true though

If a girl were to talk shit in his grade

My anger would rapidly grow

And she would have very dearly paid

This is what I have to say

Especially about this new year

I am glad I have found this respectful boy

He makes my vision clear

I thank him for all he has changed in my life

As cheesy as it may be

I thank you,you know who you are

Thank you for picking me…

December 19, 2023 15:38

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