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Ooh, I'm gonna get her. I'm gonna get her good. It's April Fool's Day today, and my best friend just made me drink decaf instead of coffee. But she has no idea that I've just started to plan my own prank for her for next year. And it's gonna be epic. It's going to be hilarious and elaborate and amazing.

"Man, Jake! I can't believe you fell for that! The simple switching the coffee and decaf labels...Man, your face was priceless!"

I just smile at her. "Yeah, Posy, you really got me good. Good job." She raises her eyebrows at me and bursts out laughing again. Oh, just you wait, bestie. I'm gonna give you the prank of your life next year. You ain't gonna know what hit you.

She waves goodbye as she walks down my garden path to her car. "I'll see you around, Jake! Love ya bestie."

And with that, she's zooming off in her blue car. I smile and laugh softly to myself. "Love ya too."

Ok! Only two months to April Fool's Day! I can't wait for this. I'm gonna pull the most amazing prank ever. I've got it all figured out. This is gonna be so epic. My phone starts vibrating its alarm, startling me out of my daydream. Time to go meet Posy! A huge grin breaks out on my face at the thought of seeing her again, and I grab my jacket and run out the door.

One month to go til April Fool's! I'm almost jumping out of my skin with excitement! Oh Posy, you're gonna be so shocked. This is the most perfect prank ever, she's gonna be so surprised when I tell her I came up with it all by myself. I don't think she thinks I'm that smart to come up with such an elaborate prank by myself. I laugh to myself, and pop my earbuds in and start my music before walking out of the shopping centre, heading for home.

A jewelry store catches my eye as I walk down the street. I pull my earbuds out and pause my music as I enter the shop. Man, this place is fancy. I bet Posy would love this shop. She is so into anything shiny. A couple is standing over by the counter, looking at diamond rings. He stands behind her, his arms wrapped around her and his chin resting on her shoulder as she giggles and points out the rings she likes best. Eventually she chooses one, he buys it and he slips it on to her left ring finger. She beams up at him, and they share a quick kiss before they exit the store hand in hand with the biggest smiles on their faces. That is so nice. I can just imagine me and Posy doing that. Choosing a ring, walking hand in hand, maybe even sharing a kiss... I jolt out of my daydream with start. I rub my head roughly and quickly walk out of the store. Oh my gosh, what am I saying? That couple got engaged! I don't want to marry Posy! But do I? She is my whole life... No Jake! You don't want to marry her. You're not in love with her! My brain keeps whirling as I walk absentmindedly back home. But if I don't love her, than why do I want to kiss her and spend the rest of my life with her?

There's just one week to April Fool's, and I'm back in the jewelry shop, staring at the diamond rings sparkling in the case. Am I really gonna do this? Oh gosh, I am actually doing this. But what if...? No. I'm gonna do this, and she can decide what she wants to do. I walk over to the case and look carefully at each one, trying to find the perfect one. My gaze lands on a silver ring with a small circular emerald and two tiny circular diamonds on either side of the emerald. It's beautiful; it's perfect. I show the jewelry lady the ring I want, the size I want, and I hand her over the money. I pocket the small black box and walk out of the store.

"You know what I just realized, Jake?"

I look at her with a wary smile on my face. "What did you just realize, Posy?"

Her blue eyes sparkle in the light from the sunset. "It's dinnertime, we're eating, and you haven't pranked me yet."

I grin at her. "Oh don't worry missy. You won't be disappointed."

She laughs and slaps my arm. "Going all mysterious, now are we? What have you got up your sleeve, mister?"

I grab another slice of pizza. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

She mock glares at me. "Yes, I would like to know!"

I smile at her. "Just eat your pizza before it gets cold."

She stares at me for a moment longer, then takes a big bite of her pizza.

"Can you grab the ice cream please, Posy?" I call out to her as I open a kitchen draw filled with bowls.

"Yep! I got it!" She yells back at me as she opens the freezer door. "Have you got the bowls and spoons?"

"Yep!" I feel the little box in my pocket and take a deep breath. Here goes.

"So, I'm thinking we watch a horror movie with the ice cream and get scared out of our wits. What do you think?"

I smile and roll my eyes. "Yeah, sure."

She eyes me as she puts the ice cream down on the table. "You never agree to watch horror movies that easily. Usually I have to promise you half the tub of ice cream before you agree."

I grin. "That's because I'm about to ask you to marry me."

She laughs, her pretty voice echoing around the room. "So that's your prank? Just tell me that? Come on, dude!"

I lower myself onto one knee in front of her and open up the little black box, revealing the sparkling emerald and diamond ring. "Will you marry me, Posy?"

Her eyes flick back and forth between my face and the sparkling ring, and her hands cover her open mouth. "That ring looks expensive, Jake! You bought that just for the prank?"

I laugh softly at her. "It's not a prank, Posy. I love you, and I want to marry you. So what do you say?"

Her hands drop down and dangle idly by her sides, and her eyes sparkle even more than usual, and I realize tears are shining in her eyes. Without even thinking about it, I quickly stand up and start gently brushing her tears away with my fingertips. Then her eyes are closed, and her lips are pressed against mine. It takes me a moment to realize that she's kissing me, and I barely have time to kiss her back before she pulls away and looks me in the eye. "Yes."

My brain still a whir from the kiss, I forget what's happening. "Yes what?" I say stupidly.

She laughs again, tears still shining in her eyes. "Yes, I will marry you Jake!"

My face breaks out in a huge smile as I fumble with the ring box and pull out the ring. I slip it onto her left ring finger. "Are you serious? Posy, you want to marry me?"

"Yes, dummy, I want to marry you. I love you."

I beam at her. I couldn't be happier right now. "I love you too." And with that, I sweep her into my arms and draw her in for a long kiss.

March 27, 2021 06:27

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Rose Quartz
00:44 Apr 17, 2021

I love the story, but I don’t get how him marrying her was a prank? This is a cute story, but I was waiting for that sad ending where he says it was a prank lol, good work!


Fay Winter
02:46 May 01, 2021

Haha yes, I can see your confusion! Him marrying her was never the prank. He had this whole other wild idea, but then he walks past the jewelry store and realises that he wanted to marry Posy. He then decides to not prank Posy, but instead propose to her. Does that clear things up for you?


Rose Quartz
15:33 May 01, 2021

Yeah it does, great story btw!


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