“You trusted the wrong guy “

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Sad Speculative

Dr Muskaan had been married to Dr Vishnu for 20 years. Though from different culture and background , Dr Muskaan tried to adjust herself every bit to a different family and culture be it food, clothing, or language. She had been a good wife, good daughter in law and took every care of her husband and in laws.

Dr Vishnu on the other hand was very cold towards her family. In an incident when Dr Muskaan’s brother had an head injury and was being taken to the hospital in a critical state, he refused to accompany them to the hospital.

“I will not go to the hospital and I am not responsible for anything “ he said bluntly to their family. He was always very indifferent towards her family, while Dr Muskaan was always very caring for his family.

It once happened when Dr Vishnu was staying at Dr Muskaan’s home when he got the unfortunate news of his father’ s death.

“You have to take control of yourself and calm down, we will make arrangements for you to leave immediately”, Dr Muskaan’s family consoled him and made arrangements for him to go to his hometown the next day.

He was also very particular about the timings of his food, be it lunch, breakfast or dinner.

“I want breakfast at 8.00 am sharp”, lunch at 1.30 and dinner at 9.00 “ were the rules he always dictated.

“You guys will never change”, “You should have got your kids married on time”, “ you pamper your kids a lot “ Dr Vishnu always used to taunt and nag her family.

Her mother and siblings were always patient as Dr Muskaan was very fond of Dr Vishnu. Even when she visited her home she would always inform Dr Vishnu of her whereabouts, used to carry food for him in her flight. She would always be very faithful to him, despite he not being so loyal and honest.

Dr Vishnu had a special affection for the members of opposite gender and would leave no chance to flirt with them or get cosy with them , he even had affairs with ladies at his clinic. He also tried to lay his hands on Dr Muskaan’s younger sister. As she dint respond to him, he became against her and always used to malign her name.

He was so particular about the grocery to be bought at home, that even if by mistake some other brand of toothpaste was being bought he would immediately call for its return.

He was very adamant and served stale food for 2-3 days altogether and that too specially to Dr. Muskaan’s family. Belonging to different cultures , he never accepted her mother tongue or food and always instigate Dr Muskaan against her family.

“Those guys don’t love you at all and they are biased towards you. “ One day he said to Dr Muskaan . On hearing this , she had a good argument with him.

 Dr Muskaan was very fond of her family and she before leaving for UK for her commonwealth fellowship had come to visit her mother who was very sick and admitted in the ICU. She even thought of cancelling her plan but her mom and siblings asked her to leave for the wonderful opportunity that was awaiting her.

She was a brilliant doctor and had won many awards, titles and workshops internationally for her brilliant works. She had also written a brilliant book dedicated to her sister and was much praised for it. Dr Muskaan was not only a great doctor but also a great human being par excellence, She called up her blood family daily and had been a great support and love for all of them. Be it sending birthday wishes, gifts for her brother or helping them financially, emotionally or physically she was always there and that was what was not liked by Dr Vishnu at all.

Many years passed and somehow their marriage also completed 15 years. They were regular fights off and on and things became worse with time, however Dr Muskaan just pulled o somehow.

Dr Muskaan was highly talented and sensitive lady on the other hand Dr Vishnu was a cool, shrewd and practical man.

He forced her to have children and put her on hormonal treatment which had very bad side effects. It was very strenuous for her emotionally, physically and mentally. Dr Muskaan got into utter depression and also got treatment for her anxiety and depression. She was sick and tired of the indifferent mechanical husband , the shrewd and mean people at workplace and started feeling very lonely.

Often bad things happen to good people and as destiny struck it she became a victim of the fatal disease Cancer. She being the braveheart that she was fought the battle with the grave disease for complete 5 years . She was aware of the consequences that might happen to her and she wanted to give her share of property and house to her younger siblings and even discussed it with Dr Vishnu, who became very furious.

He dint want to part with a single penny and wanted to share the whole lot with his siblings. As he was very vicious he even tried black magic and other means as he somehow wanted to get rid of Dr Muskaan who was of no use to him anymore.

Since she was bed ridden most of the times, he started ignoring her . He had multiple affairs with many women at his workplace and only wanted to acquire her wealth. He ill-treated her , gave her wrong medication and abused her even while she was sick.

Unfortunately, she succumbed to her illness and left the world. He was so insensitive that he mocked her death with his relatives and dint even let her mom and siblings see their beloved daughter for the last time. He had bribed the local police and people at cremation ground and performed all the rituals by themselves.

The man who Dr Muskaan had loved and worshipped the entire life left her so ruthlessly when she needed him the most.

Her folks mother and sister were shocked on seeing the meanheartedness of this person, cut ties with him forever and put him out of their lives…… afterall he was the wrong man indeed ….yes Dr Muskaan you trusted a wrong guy……. 

February 04, 2021 11:53

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15:14 Feb 16, 2021

The flow of the story was really smooth and I loved the voice that you used when writing the story! Great job! I found a few grammar errors: "He dint want to part with a single penny" I assumed that you meant "didn't" Sometimes, you added an extra space before a comma. Anyways, I loved the story! If you could check out my newest story, "Maybe If I Was Different", I'd really appreciate it.


Alkaa Sharma
17:05 Feb 16, 2021

Sure ...and thanks so much for ur precious feedback...


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18:45 Feb 16, 2021



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