Funny Teens & Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Tatiana, a pretty seventeen year old girl, stood in front of the two doors that looked exactly the same.  

“Oh, my God, you’ve got to be kidding me?”

The thunder of the beast was right behind and coming hard and fast at her.

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a terrified girl by her toe.  That isn’t going to help.”

The beast turned the corner of the complicated labyrinth and the seconds were ticking harder than her beating heart.

“This one,” she shouted and turned the handle but it was locked.

So she tried the other.

“Okay, this one.”

That was also locked.

“Oh, come on now this is ridiculous.” She turned around and the monster was closing the gap real fast.

She tried both doors quickly and the girl who had taken some karate lessons kicked at the first door and landed on her bum.


She was up quickly and kicked the second door and it flew open.

Tatiana ran in and closed the door behind her.

The room was dark; unfriendly and uninviting.

“Hello?” Her voice barely rose above a whisper.  Because if there was something that was waiting in the dark for her, there was no use giving it an edge by announcing her presence.  

Suddenly, the lights came on and there was a clown standing in front of her holding a number of differently coloured balloons.

She screamed.

The clown looked like a cross between one of those friendly buffoons who work children’s parties making animal balloons and Pennywise.

“Please, don’t hurt me.”

The clown handed her the balloons, turned around and left. He disappeared into the darkness.

Tatiana looked at the balloons and a slow, careful smile invaded her worried face like a drop of water falling into a still pool of water.

“And what am I supposed to do with these balloons?”

She looked around and there were different coloured circles that were lined up to form a path.  The question was should she choose the red, blue or green circles?

“Red is the colour of blood and danger. Blue is the colour of depression. Green is the colour of nature and peace. Green it is.”

She followed the green circles hopping from one to another like a little kid would do.

The green circles went around the corner and she kept hopping along until she arrived at a dark place.  

There was something growling at her.

“Hello?” She whispered softly.

The growling grew a little louder. It was deep and menacing.

“I have balloons. Do you like balloons?”

She reached for her phone and hit the flashlight button.  Slowly, the young girl raised it over the sound of the intense growling that was about to explode into full attack.

It was a yorkie, about a six-pound dog that had the cutest little face. It was evident that someone loved the little pooch, because it was well taken care of, groomed neatly and professionally.

“I love dogs. Would you like to be my friend?”

The dog exploded barking loud enough to warn someone that might be undesirable.  

“No, no, little doggie, please don’t do that. You might alert someone or something that isn’t friendly.”

The dog would not stop barking.

“Please stop. If you do I will give you a balloon.”

The dog’s barking only increased.

She reached for her phone and typed something quickly.  A second later the sound of a larger, more intimidating dog blasted from the cell.

The yorkie quit barking and started to whine.

“I’m sorry, little doggie, but I really don’t like to be barked at. I’ll be your friend.”

She held out her hand and he slowly, reluctantly walked over. It was then that she noticed that the little canine had only three legs.

“Did someone hurt you?”

Slowly, she slipped a hand underneath the dog and he quit whining and seemed to be a little happier.

He wanted to give her kisses her and she let him. His rough little tongue tickled and she giggled.

“Come on, you can guide me since I don’t know where I am going.”

Suddenly, the lights came on and she saw the green circles again.  

“So far, so good,” said Tatiana.

They walked along and the yorkie was alert, happy, and she scratched him behind the ears.

“Do you have a name?”

She looked at his dog tag and the name was Ringo.

“Are you a famous musician part of a famous band?”

She giggled again and started to hum the melody to the Beatles “Hey, Bulldog.”

She came to two doors and stopped.

“Not this again,” sighed Tatiana.

She touched the handle of the first door and Ringo growled. She touched the handle of the second door and the dog barked politely wagging its little bum.

“Okay, door number two it is.”

She opened the door and there was a large dining area with all kinds of very strange creatures sitting down at a very long table. There were balloons everywhere and a large floor for ballroom dancing.

The tables were long with crisp, white tablecloths. There were gold and silver  candelabras holding sleek multi-coloured candles. There were flower arrangements each one breathtaking, yet different at each table. Chandeliers hung over each table. 

The women were dressed in beautiful gowns and the men in their best tuxedoes.  Many of the men and women were expensive jewelry and watches.  

A woman with green hair and purple lips looked over at Tatiana using her bifocals and smiled.

“The balloon girl is here.”

“Oh, look, she found Ringo.” A woman with flaming orange hair and blue lips was ecstatic.

The yorkie wanted to be let down and Tatiana obliged. He ran to the woman with the flaming orange hair and blue lips.

“Hello, my precious Ringo did the strange creature treat you nicely?”

A strange looking woman with no hair, but flowers sprouting from her head didn’t appear to be impressed with Tatiana.

“Leave the balloons over there and get to the kitchen. You’re late for work. The next tine you are late, you’re fired.”

“Work? I have a job?”  

“I said move,” screamed Flower Head.

Tatiana ran to the kitchen.

It was a zoo in there. There were thirty people running around trying to organize some type of meal. A heavy set man, dressed in white with a chef’s hat was barking orders.

“Crack those eggs, grate that cheese, chop the mushrooms!”

The chef looked at Tatiana.

“Who are you?”

“I am Tatiana.”

He looked around and everyone in the kitchen stopped.

“The Tatiana?”

She blushed and didn’t know what to say.

“Well, I am not sure if-

The chef took his crisp, white hat off and bowed before her.

“This is for you, Tatiana the great.”

He put it on her head and she looked around as all of the workers were down on one knee with their heads bowed.

“You will make your famous Champignon Fromage Soufflé for the guests.”

“I will?”

“Well, most certainly you will. Why not?”

She looked around the room and shrugged her shoulders.

“Actually, Mr. Chef, you were doing a great job.”

“Thank you, your praise of my meek culinary skills compared to your great creative art is humbling. But, no one or nothing is in the same stratosphere as your Champignon Fromage Soufflé. We are at your complete service.”

She stood there totally in disbelief.  

Flower Head came storming in the kitchen.

“Chef Pierre, does you have anything for us to eat?  Everyone is starving.”

“We have some appetizers. Ready them quickly and give them to the waiters.”

Everyone went into action and soon huge platters of the most amazing looking appetizers were brought out.  There were oysters and shrimp and mushrooms and many types of cheese and vegetables.  

Chef Pierre smiled at Tatiana who could make Macaroni & Cheese the high point of her culinary skills.

“I am sorry, but I have a headache.”

“I have a remedy for that.”

Chef Pierre rushed about and cracked an egg, added a couple of spices, some cranberry juice and a dash of something else. He stirred it in the glass and handed it to her.

“Voila, one concoction to send the worst of all headaches away like a bad mood.”

She drank it and smiled. But, then she grabbed her throat and started to choke uncontrollably then disappeared under the table.  

“I can’t believe this what is wrong?”

Tatiana stood up and ran out of the room. She ran out of the large ballroom/banquet hall.  Ringo barked, but she never stopped.

Tatiana retraced her steps using the green circles and arrived at the first pair of doors. Somehow, the door was back on its hinges.

“Oh, no, not this choice again,” said the young girl.



Write about someone making a seemingly inconsequential decision, which goes on to have important consequences.



Write about someone finally making their own choices.


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