Molly's Supermarket

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Molly's Supermarket for 40 years valued the customers more than the employees. I mean there's nothing wrong with valuing your employees but the employees actually work hard every day while the customers throw items into that baskets or carts, misplace items and give the cashiers a hard time. Do you happen to work at a thankless job? A job that expects you to do so much for them but so little for you? Yeah, I know the feeling, my name is Annika and I've been working at this supermarket for 2 years. Oh, shit Janet's about to make the famous announcement for the shoppers and employees. "Welcome to Molly's Supermarket where the customers are appreciated and the employees are not." I should've said a short announcement a very short announcement. Janet the cashier annoyingly says into a microphone that is near her cash register labeled as cashier #8. As Janet backs away from the microphone a teenager that is also working at Molly's Supermarket approaches Janet with a gentle greeting which is "Hello, Janet." Janet puts her hand on her hip and looks at Annika as if she hadn't greeted her. Annika raises her eyebrows and starts a conversation with Janet although you can obviously tell that Janet is uninterested. "Janet do you agree that this job is thankless?" Before Janet answers Annika she replaces the empty recipient paper with a new roll. "Yes, I do but I knew that 30 years when I got hired." Annika's eyes fall out of her head when she heard Janet say that she worked at this place for 30 years. 'How can you be at a place like this for 30 years and not be appreciated for the work that you do for this company." "It's a supermarket how much more appreciation do you want?" Annika calmed her nerves as she prepare to tell Janet about talking to Jeff the manager about being unappreciated. "Well, believe it or not, I am going to talk to Jeff about this unappreciative behavior that this company displays." Janet grabs a handful of popcorn out of the chip bag and tossed it into her watery mouth. "I am serious, Janet! Someone has to say something to Jeff. Any advice?" Janet finishes licking the butter off of her fingertips from the popcorn that she had just eaten and says to Annika "Good Luck kid." Annika stares at Janet with a face of frustration as the bubblegum that she is chewing in her mouth makes a bubble the size of a basketball. Annika walks away from Janet's register and switches her hips down the candy aisle where her friend Bobbi works. Bobbi is a teenager like Annika but stays to herself most of the time working the only person she associates with is Annika. Annika walks to her friend Bobbi's back is facing Annika's face unaware that her friend is behind her. Annika gently taps Bobbi on her left shoulder as the bubble from her piece of bubblegum is still bloated. Bobbi turns around and covers her mouth as she notices the big bubble that is popping out of her friend's mouth. "What the hell Annika?" Annika laughs at Bobbi's reaction and finally pops the bubblegum bubble with her pointy pink-colored fingernail. "So, what are you doing?" Annika asks Bobbi. "Nothing, just working like you should be doing." Annika folds her arms and rolls her eyes as she responds to Bobbi. "Why should I work? This place doesn't appreciate me anyway." Bobbi takes the packs of Twizzlers and places them on the shelf with the others as she says "Yeah, it's Thanksgiving week and I don't feel thankful like I should be well at least not at this place." "It's not right it's Thanksgiving week they should show their employees thankfulness." Bobbi turns to her friend and notices that Annika's face is turning Santa Claus suit red. "Annika are you ok?"

"Yeah, I am fine why are you asking?"

"Um because your face is turning redder than those Twizzlers that I just put on the shelf and that usually happens when you are nervous about something. So, what the deal?"

Annika pulls out her phone and touches the camera app to see how her face looks. "Oh no, I look like a tomato!!"

"I was thinking more like the color of Santa Claus's suit."

"Yeah, Santa Claus wears red what's the difference?"

"Well, there's different shades of red."

"The color of a Tomato is the same color of Santa Claus's suit."

"Yeah, I have to disagree it's a different shade of red."

"I am not going to argue with you about the shades of red my face compares to."

"Ok, but the important question is what are you so nervous about?"

Annika reaches in forward and says "I am thinking about talking to Jeff about how this place runs."

Bobbi covers her mouth as she softly laughs into her palms. "Are you serious Annika?"

"Dead serious! Like bloody dead fish serious!!"

"Ok don't creep me out Halloween is officially over thank goodness."

"Well. that's how serious I am."

"Well, you shouldn't do this alone. I'm going to come with you."

"Oh my god, how brave of you Bobbi that's a good quality of being a friend."

Bobbi and Annika are in the back of the supermarket throwing out the cardboard boxes from the candy aisle.

Bobbi sparks up a cigarette as she brings up the free turkeys situation. About 2 weeks ago Jeff the manager of the market gave away free turkeys to the customers but not to the employees.

Bobbi takes a puff of the cigarette as she says "We are the ones that work our asses off those turkeys belongs to us."

"Yeah, my mom put me on punishment for not bringing home that free turkey."

"I agree with you Annika the only way that we are going to be valued is if we say something to Jeff."

"Yeah, thanks for your support I tried to tell Janet and that old bat practically laughed at me in my face."

"Since when do you talk to Janet?"

"I don't know why I spoke to Janet."

"You are off your rockers."

November 22, 2021 03:47

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