I didn’t mean to kill her. It was an accident. Okay. Take a deep breath Jamie, the floor was wet; she slipped and hit her head on the table. Why do I have blood on my hands? Because I was trying to revive her. Okay sounds authentic. I had to take her lifeless body out of here. Crap. I was thinking of an idea but couldn’t hit up with one. I examined the area. Man, it was chaos; the drapes were descending from the metal rod; the lounge wasn’t even in set. How did it move?, I don’t know. The floor was stocked of cracked plates and glasses. I spun to meet the kitchen countertop and something blue caught my eye. I rapidly got up and picked it up. I opened it and reached on speed dial. My finger pushed on the first name. David. When I raised my finger. A bloody imprint of my thumb was evident. God, what have I gotten myself into?

“Hello” the tone was deep and drained. I mean it was one at night.

What was I even doing?

“Uuuh hey David, look I have a difficult case here and I would appreciate you coming over."

There were a few words uttered at the other side of the line I couldn’t figure out.

“Is everything okay?”. David asked. Nope.

“Um yeah, yeah everything’s fine just come”. Lie.

“Right. I’ll be there in 15.”

The line went flat, and I immediately panicked. My eyes enlarged, and I tensed when I realised my mistake. Calling David. David King was my partner since childhood. We went to school together and devoted as much time together at each other’s households. David doesn’t regularly hold my side though. If I’m mistaken, he will go against me to teach me a lesson. David is also a freaking cop! Damn my life is so jumbled up. Today I knew I would have an awful time. From the first moment I stepped foot at work, I turned red. And out of all days she came over today. Today.

There was a loud banging at the door and I turned my head so hard I swear I could have heard a bone snap. I glared at the door for a few minutes. I was disputing with myself whether I should open the door or not. Calm down and open the door.

I slowly walked up toward the door and slid my palms to the handle.

“Who is it?” I asked. I didn’t recognise my voice. It sounded absolutely terrified and shaky.

“Sargent King received a 911 call!”. It simply occurred as a joke but I was the only one who noticed the truth behind those words. And David would be next.

I opened the door and beckoned him to stay outside. I closed the door shut and I stepped forward, and he stepped backward.

“Look David whatever your going to see isn’t great. Don’t lose it and I’ll explain to you everything, okay?”. I watched patiently for an acknowledgement.

Okay anytime now would be good.

“James is everything okay? Should I be concerned about you having blood on your hands?”. David sounded worried, serious, maybe even a little…….afraid?.

“It's just……. look you’ll learn everything when we enter okay. Just promise me you’ll let me speak then you can go all crazy…promise?”.

“Okay your really starting to irritate me now, I agree just let me inside its freezing cold out here”.

Realising we were outside the whole time I turned and opened the door. Ever so slightly.

And there it was. A body belonging to a woman in her late twenties. Soaked in her own blood. Leaning against the countertop. I’m so sorry Abigail. It was a tragic, nasty, unpleasant sight to stare at. I heard a sharp gasp come from behind me and I swung. To face a shocked police chief. Wide teary-eyed, wide-mouthed, face so red he could’ve easily merged with the blood in front of him.

“What in the goddam freaking world is she doing in your house……. dead.” The floor was wet, she slipped and hit her head on the table. Why do I have blood on my hands? Because I was trying to revive her. Well in this particular scene it looked nothing like what would have been my initial alibi. It sounded more like I was drunk and I had just stabbed a woman twenty-two times then pushed her against the kitchen. How did that turn so awful all of a sudden.?

“I….I can explain. She — “

“ I SAID WHAT IN THE GODDAMN FREAKING WORLD IS ABIGAIL DOING HERE!?”. I was honestly wondering how he noticed it was her. I mean her face was painted in blood.

Isn’t that supposed to be truly evil?.

“Look I can explain. I didn’t know okay, I was just not thinking right. It was an accident. A foolish, hideous, violent accident.” When I finished I realised he wasn’t even beside me, he was kneeling down next to Abigail. Fear, shock written in his glassy grey eyes.

“I just don’t understand James, why would you out of all people in the universe do this?”. His speech rang like an anxious child.


“Because she….she was—“ I stopped. Noticing the expression on his face. I knew that face very well. It was the one that went. Well, you're going to get into a lot of trouble buddy.

I had one plan now, and I was going to follow it very very attentively.

I tilted my head sideways a bare bit then caught the sight of the keys to my Jeep.

All I had to do was grab them and make a run for it. Do it, Jamie. Do it.

I can't just take off like that. Yes, I can. I can make a run for it. Just like that.

“ANSWER ME JAMES!”. Crap. Now he’s furious, and his eyes were red.

“I don’t know buddy” . What could I have said? Nothing.

“First of all, I’m not your buddy. And second, Jamie what the heck happened.”. He could’ve called the force already but he wasn’t going to.

Why?, I don’t know.

I took a few steps forward daring to snatch the keys of the counter. Davids back was already facing me. Analysing the brutal scene that lay before him. I tried my best not make any obvious sounds. Like the boots sticking to the blood on the tiles or the clinking of the keys. I gently picked them up and turned around slowly, walking toward the door. Finally. Freedom.

“Do. Not. Move. I’ll shoot”. Would he do it?. No… yes...no...I don’t know.

“David c’ mon you wouldn’t really do it.”. Then I rethought my sentence.

“We’ll sit and I’ll explain everything to you”. And by everything I mean lie, lie, lie.

As much as I despise to admit this. I was scared. Scared that I would either get shot in the brain now or the fact that I will get arrested and face Abigail's family. Her parents, her spouse, her.. her children. I’m such a coward.

“ Jamie that was the last thing I would have expected from you. You aren’t like this. You knew her. You worked with her. You—“. He couldn’t finish his sentence because I already hit the run. I didn’t need to get lectured every time by my friend for everything I did.

It just wasn’t fair.

I didn’t manage to get to run a few metres when my ears where ringing so loud I couldn’t hear anything else. When things were becoming blurry. I glanced down and noticed blood dripping and flowing in the concrete pathway. I picked up a muffled sound of rough footsteps behind me.

“God, Jamie I… I’m sorry I swear it was—”

It’s okay you were just doing your duty.

“….. yep 22 Addison Grove…yes, he’s unconscious…..its..yeah, looking bad….”.

August 11, 2019 12:11

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