Chatroom To Hanging

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Crime Fiction Suspense

Deez_guns21: What up party people?!

Lolz14: Yeet! Lets get this New Year started off right!

Marzipan_F13nd: Woot!

FoxyLuv18: Only one way to celebrate! I wanna get some hot lip action and maybe something else! If you know what I mean! ; )

Deez_guns21: Aww yeah! Wait, I'm only into chicks. FoxyLuv18, you a chick?

FoxyLuv18: Hellz yeah!

Marzipan_F13nd: Bro! This chat just got real! Please nobody start sending dick pics! If my mom walks in here and sees that shiz I'ma gonna be grounded for life!

Lolz14: For realzy Foxy and Guns keep it PG or the moderators are gonna boot us all!

FoxyLuv18: Relax kids, I just wanna meet someone...older...more experienced...someone who can show me what love is!

Deez_guns21: I'm your man! Ladies love me!

Lolz14: you guys realize this chat room has people under the age of eighteen right?

Deez_guns21: Hey! You all knew this was going to be a legit crazy chat room. You don't like it get off!

Lolz14: Oh what evs!

System_Notification: <Lolz14> has left the group.

Marzipan_f13nd: Sorry, I don't chat with rude people! I'm out!

System_Notification: <Marzipan_f13nd> has left the group.

FoxyLuv18: Looks like I have you all to myself...Guns.

Deez_guns21: Yep. So you really 18?

FoxyLuv18: I'm only 16. My parents don't know I'm on these sort of chat rooms. You promise not to tell anyone else how old I am?

Deez_guns21: Oh I promise. Cross my heart hope to die...and all that. You know it's kinda lame there's no video chat on here.

FoxyLuv18: Lol. Why's that?

Deez_guns21: 'Cause now that we have this room all to ourselves we could really sex it up with some vid.

FozyLuv18: So? Maybe we could meet somewhere irl?

Deez_guns21: Ooh! Daddy likes! Then you can feel this hot bod in person!

FoxyLuv18: Sure! I'll be the one in blue with the baseball cap. Meet at Merlin-Olsen Park in thirty?

Deez_guns21: Sounds like a date! I'll meet you by the gazebo. I'll be the guy wearing a Cowboys jacket and a blingy gold chain!

FoxyLuv18: Wow that's so hot! By the way guns, how old are you and what's your name? I wanna know who's popping my cherry.

Deez_guns21: Ok fine. Mark Ortega I'm 25. That bother you?

FoxyLuv18: No! I figure that means you're old enough to be experienced but still young enough to be fun! I'm Melanie Vega.

*Thirty minutes later*

"Hi are you Mark?"

"That's right! Wait...who're you? You don't look sixteen."

*Shows badge* "Detective Melanie Rayes, Metropolitan Vice."

"Aw, shit! You can't do this! This is entrapment!"

"Well unfortunately, Mark, you solicited a minor! So that's a crime. You're under arrest."

"No I didn't I solicited you!"

"We'll let the court decide. *Snaps cuffs on* You have the right to remain silent--"

"I know! I know! Stupid bitch! AH...I can't believe I'm going to jail again."

"Well, I guess you should've learned from your experience serving time in New Mexico back in '04."

"Dammit! I should've known the po-po up here would have my reccord."

*Later at Central booking.*

"Detective Rayes! Escorting your collar in person?"

"Yes, sir! I've been on this case for months. Got the chief's permission to escort this felon myself."

"Mark Ortega?"


"Please stand over on the blue tape. We're going to take your picture."

"Officer Cooleigh?"

"Yes Detective?"

"I'm going back to the precinct to finish my report."

"Okay thanks!...Allright Mr. Ortega 1, 2,3...*Click*...and turn to your side...*click*...we're done with that part. Now we're gonna get your prints."

"You guys don't have them from last time I was in?"

"We like to process all our prisoners the same. By the book."

"I'm trying not to roll my eyes out loud."

"Just put both hands on the indicated pads."


"Officer Martin!"

"Yes Officer Cooleigh?"

"Once the prisoner has finished changing into his jumpsuit please escort him to lock up."

"Yes sir!"

*Later in cell #4224 in Cache County Minimum Security*

"Hey new guy! What you in for?"

"Thought I was getting lucky with a sixteen year old. Turns out I got catfished by a cop!"

"You a short-eyes?"

"What if I am?! What you gonna do about it?"

"Me? Nothing...but Gregory over across from us might make you his bitch before he slits your throat."

"Aw shit! You ain't gonna stop him?"

"Nope. I'm tryin' to keep my nose clean. Get outa here early."

"Looks like I got one option left."

"Hey what you doin with those sheets? Hey! Get offa there!"

"Grah! Ich!"

"Aw no! Shit! Hey guard! Guard! Somebody help!"

"What's the matter?!"

"Aw man! New guy is tryin' to off himself! Cut him down! Quick!"

"Allright! Stand back! I'm coming in."

"Is he gonna be ok?"

"He's not breathing! *guard speaks into his shoulder mounted radio* This is Correctional Officer Reid. I need emergency medical personel at Cache County Minimum Security Corectional Facility. ASAP!"

"Dude! Give him mouth to mouth!"

"I'm starting CPR now! 1...2...3...4...5...."

*Later in the Coroner's office*

"Mark Ortega's hyoid bone was crushed. He also sustained fractures to his C3 and C4 vertebrae. Death was most likely instantaneous. This is the end of Coroner Brig's report for case number #47897-42-1A. *Reccorder clicks off*"

"Did anyone see what happened right before Mr. Ortega hung himself?"

"None of the inmates is saying much. From what Mr. Ortega's cell mate said the two of them were just talking when Ortega climbed up on a chair with his bed sheets and...I'm sure you can see the results Officer Cheney."

"Yes...thanks Doc Brig. I guess we'll have to notify his next of kin. You're sure there wasn't any evidence suggesting this wasn't a suicide?"

"Almost one hundred percent sure Officer Cheney."

"Allright thanks Doc. I'm off to make notification calls to his mother. Our files show that's the only family Mr. Ortega had left."

"Yes I see. Thank you officer. I'll put this body in cold storage."

*Officer Cheney leaves; shuts door behind him*

"Well you poor fellow. I guess this is the end of that journey you called life. *Sighs* The Bear River funeral home will collect your remains. The state of Utah has generously agreed to cremate your ashes. I hope your mother doesn't mind."

*Doctor Brig slides the autopsy drawer shut*

January 14, 2021 22:30

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