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“It doesn’t count if you're already planning your defeat.” Ella said as she sat beside me. 

I sighed and looked at her before saying “I am not planning anything Ella. Its just that she is more experienced and winner of last year, so I think I am going to lose. That’s it.” 

Its always like this. Ella thinking positively and me thinking negatively, well let’s not say negatively but I do prefer believing in facts. Ella, my twin sister is always trying to cheer me up. They say twins are always opposite of each other and I truly believe it. 

Ella and me looks exactly same except our hair colour. She is brunette and I am blonde. She is very studies but not exactly nerd and I am the popular one but not exactly a queen bee. We are not too nice or not too bad 18 year old twins.

I have always dreamt of becoming a swimmer so here I am on the first step of my career ladder to reach my goal of becoming a swimmer. A swimming competition, if I won this I will get to compete on the state level. 

I have practiced so hard to become as good as possible in swimming. But Ava Joseph is one of the best swimmer from past 2 years. I don’t know what is going to happen next but right now my confidence is kissing the ground knowing I am competing last years champion.

“Bella?!” I heard

“Huh?” I responded 

“What are you thinking? Are you okay?” Ella asked as concern was evident in her voice.

“No Ella I am not okay. I am just so afraid right now that I can’t even concentrate on a thing. All the dedication and hours of practice that I have invested is about to have a test here, with ‘The Ava Joseph’. She is amazing and I on the other hand am no one in compare to her.” I said as my fear of losing was clear.

“Hey, come here" Ella said giving me a brief hug, pulling back she gave me a smile.

“I know you are going to nail it. Ava must be great swimmer but I know that you are not less than her. Everyone that knows you, know how brilliant swimmer you are. Your family, your friends and today is the day you let that know to others too.” 

“What if I lose? Everyone that trusts me will not see me the same again. I won’t be the ‘brilliant swimmer’ then Ella.”

“You have to trust and believe in yourself first Bella"

“Look at her do you really think I can defeat her? Because I think she is going to defeat me. And I can’t afford that because its my first big step towards my dream and if I lose today I will lose my confidence too.” 

“Look its okay to lose. Its ok to not come first every time. But its not okay to give up without giving your 100%. Its not okay to not try and believe that you can do it.”

She explained and I sighed closing my eyes taking few deep breaths.

“And its okay if you lose, you will have that as a lesson and will motivate you wherever you were lacking or maybe it wasn’t your time yet. Maybe their is or are more amazing and good things for you waiting. But that things will come to you when you will believe in yourself. I believe in you, I have my faith in you that you will achieve your dream on day.” She continued.

"Yeah." I said with a smile.

"Do you remember when we were 5 years old learning how to cycle. I was first one who learned how to cycle and you were all crying mess taht I learned and you dint. So mom, dad and me said something to you and you learned cycle in next two days." She said.

"And what was taht you said?" I asked her.

"That we know you can do it. We believe and trust that you can do it. I had faith in you taht you will do it. And you did." She explained me

We both laughed slightly, as I remembered how much I cried that day.

And here she had me. She has her faith in me as my parents have it too. I smiled at her giving her a hug. 

“Thanks Ella. Your lecture actually did work."

“No problem sister. I can give these lectures to you whenever they are necessary.” I said with a smug face.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Ava coming towards us.

"Hey I am Ava." she said taking her hand up for handshake.

"Hey, I am Bella." I said shaking her hand.

" I usually win every competition i participate but today my coach said that you can compete me. So I came to say hello and wish luck to my competitor." She said which surprised me.


"Yeah, so all the best Bella. Its only fun when you have a competitor who can beat you. If you win, you get double happy and confident. If you lose you get to know taht you need to practice more. In both ways its win-win situation." She continued

"Yeah, thats so nice of you to approach me. I wish you luck too. All the best." I said. Smiling she went to her coach and I saw Ella standing in surprise.

"That was..." she started

"Yeah. That was unexpected and amazing." I said.

“Bella come on, its time.” My coach called me 

“All the best" Ella said 


As everyone gathered I searched for my parents in the crowd of people. Finally when I found them as well as my friends. I felt something, something strong. That my parents, my sister and my friends are here for me. 

I have so much power and confidence when I have my loved once with me. As everyone took their positions, and put on their goggles the whistle blows. 

There goes everything...

November 02, 2020 07:25

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14:59 Nov 02, 2020

And the idea of names was awesome. Ella and Bella. 😆 Amazing


15:02 Nov 02, 2020

Yeah, Thank you 😊 😁😆


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14:59 Nov 02, 2020

I loved the bond between Ella and Bella.


15:02 Nov 02, 2020



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Dush Isbsuuh
14:55 Nov 02, 2020

Nice 👌


15:02 Nov 02, 2020

Thanks 😊


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