The Night Flower and its Delusional Petals

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Fantasy Inspirational Horror

The Night Flower and its Delusional Petals


   The beautiful grandiose garden filled with ornate flamboyant flowers welcomed the spring season in an ostentatious mode of fashion. Every flower in ‘Garden of Heaven’ was blossoming, smiling and were spreading sweet odours to each snouts of living creatures enduring in an alluring hill station of Yercaud. Excepting from the sporadic type family of Sun flower, a Flower plant known as ‘Moon Flower’ looked worried, broken and hopeless. Moon flower plant bloomed large sized trumpet-shaped flower featuring four drab grey petals, its prickly stem carried two algae shade leaves that was gloomily looking down at the surface of copious good loam soils. Moon flower plant was completely netted from bud to base stem to asylum the shrubbery creatures and all support climbing plants growing along with it. No living organisms admired her fragrance as she grew odourless and no vision senses of beings were dragged to her as she looked colourless. She doesn't want to be a flower when no children are fascinated to her or when no men came forward to escort her as his symbol of love. She was handpicked by none for any cause. 


    She was in mordant pain as she imagined herself like bump on a log bolted under the curtains of meshes. She in doleful way looked at other unbounded jam-packed attar flowers twinkling cool in that splendid Garden of Heaven. She called Honey bee and in flowery speech "Ahsh-Ushh- Hon! Expand wings, hover around petals, pour honey, turn me atypical brown flower, grant me colour ". Honey bee after making buzzing noise laughed at her and exclaimed "Silly flower, I spit honey your petals slit, no waste Honey it's my queen bee honey ". After shrieking out to Moon flower, the bee flew little farther and sucked the Blue-flowering nectar with a goal to store honey on its special tiny tummy. Sighting Honey bee love with her aloofly flowers, she under hysterical imagination assumed herself as a bloomer with no purpose.

    Moon Flower summoned jumbo Crocus flower ghost that was dwelling forlornly at peak twigs of Jambolan tree located close to the Garden of Heaven. Crocus flower ghost irritatingly appeared before her and the ghost in whiskey voice”Why you summoned me? You want me to nip your tasteless bud". She ignoring the affront of ghost, moon flower whispered “Ushh- Ahsh-Ghosh! You smell like compost of spooky flies, could sense ruthless scents stocked in your formless flora; Ghosh! Grant me some minuscule vile odours, least my petals emit bad scents ". Flower ghost in a tumbleweed moment replied in ghastly tone “You tactless Bud! Sorceresses of Flowers are upset with You, You summoned flower ghost before sun set, one of the Sorceress is coming to wane you tonight for your forbidden wishes". Crocus flower ghost disappeared without crafting any twist in sapping tale story of Moon flower. Moon flower felt crestfallen as either honey bee or dead daisy ghost facilitated her confidence by neither painting colour nor spraying odour to her petals. She wished more friends but she remained as an off-the-wall flower with similar seeds of her type nowhere planted in the garden of heaven.

  Moon flower prayed to Angel of Garden to seek answers for her purpose of blossom in the Garden of Heaven. Angel of Garden came into sight to Moon flower and Guardian of flowers in angelic voice “Oh Pity Flower! What bothered you to call me? “. Moon flower hopefully replied “Ushh-Oush-Holy! Why I blossomed in the Garden of Heaven sans scents and colours“. Angel of Garden answered back in soft tone “My Dear Moon Flower! Only Mother nature knows the answers for your quizzing, Mother Nature creates nothing useless or naught unwanted; you will know the purpose of your blossom before dawn “. The Angel after replying to the probes of Moon flower, Angel flew vertically heading towards the blue sky and abruptly vanished somewhere in the cool atmosphere.


  When stars began to cover the screen of twilight skies with giant black clothes, daylight creatures of garden hurried themselves towards its own warren, maze and nest. In that bank night of delusional games , free entry tickets for gong show were available for dark Microbes and bugs, Gloomy Pests, Nocturnal creepy-crawly insects and other night predators to intrude into Garden of Heaven. Night creatures remained enthusiastic to open the light of nightfall to frighten and attack every glitzy flowers abiding in that exquisite garden. No one knew except the Mother Nature, any visitors of Garden at midnight would be burned through lit of delusional oils. The Mother Nature knew that was the night the Moon flower would come to know the purpose of her blossom; that was the night the Sorceress of flowers will forever stop her cheekiness against trifling flowers; that was the night the night predators are going to countenance something truly dread. It was 10 p.m. at night, every plant leaves started to vary its positions. Flowers that were shut at day time started to expose its night-time colognes. The Moon flower was waiting incessantly to know the purpose of its blossom since some of the flowers that failed to emit fragrance at day time were vehemently releasing its odd fragrance all over the Garden of Heaven at night hours.


 The Security Guard of Garden carefully removed the mesh-net covered upon the moon flowers. Once the Security closed the garden main gate, seventeen spy cameras took charge of coverage for detecting night time predators and all devilry minded pests who were mercilessly waiting to pinch away all living plants in garden. All exuberant flowers which feared about the entry of night time predators noticed very less visitors in the garden at that night. Soon by 1 a.m, one of the Witches of Flowers Witch named Cursey carried by Crocus flower ghost on its back kept hovering around the Garden of Heaven. The Sorceress floating right at the top of bare Moon flower by bending her scrawny cranium touched one of the petals with her chopstick shaped left arm index finger. In the next split of seconds, the flower Sorceress and the flower ghost got hallucinated in repentant way. The Sorceress flower hallucinated as if the Moon flower looked like a Red rose flower which was a symbol of love and the flower ghost hallucinated the moon flower as lavender flower which has beautiful odour in the homeland of flowers. The Confused Sorceress couldn’t believe even moon flower's delusional petals works against witches and ghost, not just with humans and mud-fly creatures. Both witch and ghost due to effect of hallucinations kept further fantasizing the moon flower as a beautiful flower queen ruling the Garden of Heaven. Soon both ghouls left the garden by hallucinating as if they are flying over the depth Oceans of flower.


 The pests, creepy crawly insects, night bugs, snakes and all other Night predators on contact with petals of moon flower got entombed to world of hallucinations to an extreme level. These creatures’ senses had a delusion of seeing each other mortals as witches and ghost who have come to destroy the garden flowers. All these night predators kept encircling whole night around the moon flower plant in full throttle of hallucination without signs of fifth senses working in any of it's pity bodies. When the time have come for dawn, the Angel of Garden appeared before moon flower, inquired her “Tell me night flower, Now you might have got the answers from Mother Nature about why you blossomed in this Garden of Heaven?". The Moon flower excitedly replied “Hash-Hash-Holy! Yes, I am bloomed to play the role of protector of Garden ".












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