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Mystery Thriller Suspense

“Hey, what’s up you guys? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video we are actually exploring a real life haunted house! We are in the outskirts of Illinois, down a gravel road, miles away from the nearest city, standing in front of this…Benny, get the whole thing.”

“It’s not the best lighting during the sunset. We should have gotten here sooner.”

“We would have but SOMEONE had to get their Starbucks. And when I mean someone I mean Topher.”

“The nearest Starbucks from this place was 40 miles away. I’m exhausted from the flight from L.A. so sue me if I need some strawberry acai.”

“Benny, back to me. As I was saying, this two story house in front of us with the broken shutters, wrap around porch engulfed in cobwebs, and faded Navajo white paint was abandoned in the year 1973.”

“Ooooh and how do we know this Shawn? I’m sipping my Starbucks with anxiety.”

“Because, Topher, my grandfather was a woodmaker-”

“RIP Grandpa Jo.”

“Thank you. As I was saying, my grandfather was a woodmaker and made crafts for all sorts of customers. But one day he got a handwritten letter taped to his front door inquiring to make and deliver a grandfather clock to this very house. He was told to put the clock precisely next to the corner window in the living room that shows a view of the black woods in the backyard and take his payment off the dining room table and exit.” 

“I have no signal! It’s just like the scary movies! What is wrong with Illinois?”

“Topher, can I please talk to our viewers without you interrupting me every 5 seconds? As I was saying, my grandpa put the clock inside the house but it seems as if no one was ever there. All he heard was the soft sound of a violin as he walked in and delivered the clock. As my grandpa was leaving off the porch steps he said he swore on my grandmother’s grave a tiny, frail voice, say, “thank you, come again.” 


“Exactly my point, Topher. My grandpa loves to write thank you notes for his customers for choosing him but when he didn’t find the address in the white pages and called the police station, they told him no one had lived in that house since 1973. The child of the previous owner inherited the house but never claimed it. Now, me, Benny, and Topher are going to stay inside it all night until sunrise. Comment below if you think we can. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit the notification bell when we post again. But as for this video, we’re live for a full 8 hours.”

“Let’s go inside already!”

“Benny, you must not be scared.”

“I’m more afraid of going into the Team 10 House. But out here, I’m freezing my buns off!”

“Benny, film me walking up the creaky porch steps. I want to let our viewers know that since it’s abandoned and there’s not a neighbor in miles, no one cares if we trespass. So because of that, I’m using my tools to pick the lock so we can get our ghost on.”

“Wait for me, Shawn!”

“Whatever you two do, pick the lock quickly, it’s seriously not getting any warmer out here!”

“We’re in.”

“Holy cow! This place is absolutely FILTHY. There’s no way I’ll want to finish my Starbucks now. Benny, get a shot of all this dust covering all the furniture and carpet. I’m going to try out this lamp if it even works.”

“Okay everyone, we’re inside the house. It looks like we’re in the living room. It’s pitch black except for the lamp that Topher just switched on. It seriously smells like major BO here. The dust is so thick that my converse have left prints on the ground.” 

“Shawn, my lens is literally getting dust flurries from the wind that knocked everything around.” 

“Topher, shut the door quick! And get that sage out. We need it to smell good and cleanse out all the bad spirits.”

“But don’t we want the bad spirits in here to film?”

“Just shut the do-, what a second? Did that door just shut on its own? Benny, are you messing with me?”

“Shawn, I’m filming from way over here it wasn’t me.”

“Well don't look at me either. I’m busy lighting the sage.”

“Okay everyone in the YouTube world, I think a real life ghost just shut our door. I don’t know about you but I’m seriously creeped out. The Ouji Board is going to be intense.”

“Okay, it’s lit. I’m going to wave it around the first floor. Benny, follow me as I run around.”

“You guys do that while I set up the Ouji Board.”

“Benny it’s way too dark so follow me close behind with the night vision light. Hallll-leeee-luuuu-jahhhh.”

“What are you chanting?”

“I’m doing Latin Gregorian chants to cleanse the air. I remember back in my glory days as an altar boy.”

“You mean an altar toy?”

“Pfft. Good one Benny. Wait a second, what is that on your shoes?”

“Holy mother, is that BLOOD? Topher where are we standing?”

“I don’t know, it looks like we’re off from the kitchen. See if there’s a light switch by one of those giant freezers.”

“Um, Benny, I don’t see one. Let’s maybe, um, go back to Shawn. Let’s go quick, I think the sage is getting to my senses, anyway.”

“Good idea. Let’s get back to him, quick!”

“Hey guys, I set up the game. Well, I think it’s a game. I’m not exactly sure.”

“Great, I’ll put the camera down in view so everyone can see us.”

“Okay, everyone-, wait did you hear that just now?”

“Stop it Shawn. Don’t freak me out. I’m already on edge.”

“No, Topher, Shawn’s right. I heard it too. It sounded like a door slamming upstairs.” 

“Okay, stop it. You are both just messing with me. Ha-ha. I get it, I'm the scaredy cat. But I told you before we got here not to mess with me. That’s it, I’m taking my hoodie off to squeeze for anxiety relief.”

“Topher, we’re not. I swear I heard like a door upstairs. I wouldn’t lie to you. We’ve been dating for four years and I have never lied, not once.”

“Except that time you said he looked good in Jeffrey Star’s heels.”

“Yeah you’re right, you looked like a baby deer trying to walk in those pink stilettos.”

“Whatever, I don’t want to hear it from both of you. Let’s just play the Ouji Board, go to bed, and get the hell out of here in the morning.”

“Okay everyone, now it’s time to ask the ghost a question.”

“I think we should ask the ghost if they slammed the door.”

“Good idea, okay everyone watching, this is how it works, we place our index and our middle finger on the triangle called a planchette, then we welcome the spirit and ask it questions. Let’s start. Everyone join hands.”

“This is the closest I have ever felt with you two.”

“Aww, Benny that’s sweet now zip it, we have a ghost to talk to. Okay, spirit, before we get to the tough questions we must welcome you. Hi, are you here with us?”

“There is literally nothing happening, Shawn.”

“Let’s try again. Okay, spirit, are you here with us?”

“Okay something is moving.”

“We’re actually moving.”

“We’re MOVING!?”

“Y-E-S. Holy crap, this is for real. Okay, ghost, are you friendly?”

“Nothing’s happening again, Shawn.”

“Ghosty, are you friendly? Please answer us.”

“Maybe the question is too subjective for it.”

“Whatever, next question, did you slam the door?”

“Once again nothing.”

“Ghosty, did you slam the door upstairs earlier?”

“Hold on a second, it’s moving. It’s really moving. Benny, don’t let go.”

“I’m not.”

“Stop it you guys, that was all Shawn.”

“Topher, you need to chill out. I swear this isn’t me. Y-E-S. Oh my gosh!”

“Shawn! That was INSANE!”


“Woah, Topher, take it easy. It’s just a game.”

“Shawn, I don’t want you doing it anymore. I can tell you are pushing it. I’m asking the questions now. Benny put your fingers back. It’s just you and me now. Let’s all take a breath. Okay, ghosty, what do you love most?”

“Why did you ask that?”

“It’s a kind and gentle question. What do you love most? It’s genuine. Wait a minute, I think it’s actually moving. Benny, are you doing it?”

“I secretly haven’t even been touching it. Look, my fingers are an inch from it.”

“So is this spelling a word all on its own?!”

“Apparently, so.”


“Um, Shawn, is this really happening?”

“Shh, wait do you hear that?”

“I think I do… is that the sound of…”

“A violin is playing from upstairs.”

“Um, Topher, Benny, I think it’s time to go now. Get your stuff. Let’s leave. I’m not staying here another second!”

“I’m grabbing the camera. Shawn, Topher, go, go, GO!”

“Oh my gosh everyone watching! We’re literally running outside in the pitch black of night with just the moon as our light to our rental car. We’re not staying here another second!”

“Guys, was that second story window open the entire time?”

“Benny, just get in the car, we’ve all had enough. Get in!”

“Um, Shawn, we can’t.”


“Because I accidentally left the keys in my hoodie pocket. And I’m just now realizing I left my hoodie back inside the house.”

January 27, 2023 21:45

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1 comment

Kelly Sibley
23:20 Feb 02, 2023

Forget the keys... just RUN! Forget the car... just RUN! Forget your friends... just RUN (faster than them), and you'll be okay! That was really enjoyable to read. I'm impressed by the way you conveyed the story in dialogue only. Well done.


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