A Modern Classic

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      S: “Hey! Sorry, mom kept me on the phone for over an hour. You know how she is, ha ha. So, did you see it? How was it? Were the costumes as gorgeous as I pictured? Tell me everything!”

           C: “Ha ha, I do know, and I applaud you for lasting over an hour with her! I usually tap out around 40 minutes, so I guess if there’s a prize to be won, it’s yours. Actually, I did. It’s kind of a funny story, but I was having a bad day and thought going to the theater might cheer me up, so I went. You’d be so proud, I went alone! Can you believe it?”

           S: “Wow, totally alone? I’m impressed! So? Did you like it?”

           C: “Well, yes and no. Don’t be mad, but I kind of … hated the play.”

           S: “WHAT? You hated Les Misérables? Nobody hates that play, how do you hate it? I’m no longer impressed with your life choices. I’m terribly upset with you.”

           C: “Oh come on, you know that’s not my kind of story. I mean, who can sustain that much singing in their day to day lives? Ha ha, it was painful to sit through!”

           S: “You little punk! If I were there, I’d give you such a wallop! Ha ha.”

           C: “Then I guess I’m lucky you live so far away.”

           S: “Wait, you said yes and no. So, what part of it did you like?”

           C: “Okay, before I tell you, just keep an open mind. You know I’ve had a really hard time with this recent breakup, and I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s so hard being on the opposite side of the country as you, so I don’t have your shoulder to cry on, and everything else at work, and just … just be nice, okay?”

           S: “Okay? You’ve lost me a bit.”

           C: “Just, I’m getting to it.”

           S: “Okay, I’m suspending judgement. Unload all your worries on your big sister, that’s what I’m here for.”

           C: “Thank you! So, I met a guy. I really like him and we’re going on a date. Tomorrow night.”

           S: “Are you kidding?”

           C: “No, I’m not. Are you mad? What do you think?”

           S: “Of course I’m not mad, if this is what makes you happy then I’m happy! This is good! I know I was just giving you crap for jumping into relationships headfirst and never stopping to smell the roses, but obviously I want you to follow your heart. As long as you don’t discount your own feelings and emotions, but take the time to put yourself first, then by all means, date away!”

           C: “Really? That’s wonderful to hear. I was so worried you’d be upset that I didn’t take your advice, but I really like this guy. I want to take the time to enjoy being single, which is what I was trying to do when I went to see that play by myself, but, I don’t know, it just happened.”

           S: “I understand, I just don’t want to see you lose yourself in some guy, again. And again. And again. I just love you and I want the best for you, so take care of yourself first, but enjoy dating people! Hell yeah!”

           C: “You’re the best, I love you!”

           S: “Ha ha, I love you, too! So? Tell me how you met this guy when you were sitting alone in the theater.”

           C: “So, I guess this is the funny part of the story. Since I was feeling so blue, I found that slinky little red dress, you know the one, and it made me feel like a hundred bucks.”

S: “Of course I remember that dress. It certainly does turn heads.”

C: “Right? So, obviously, the second I walked out of my building I started hearing the compliments. Anyway, I run up to this cab, ready to hop in, and this guy cuts in front of me.”

S: “Rude!”

C: “I was about to get upset, then he turns around to face me and we both had this, I don’t know, moment.”

S: “Um, what kind of ‘moment’?”

C: “We both checked each other out, ha ha. I knew he was only looking at me because of my dress, but I was looking at him because of everything else! He was gorgeous!”

S: “Naturally, my little sister has exquisite taste in her men!”

C: “Yeah, my relationship record is so stellar. Just know I’m rolling my eyes painfully hard just now.”

S: “Okay, fair enough. So, what happened next? Is this the guy?”

C: “Well, he apologized, he didn’t see me running for the cab and kindly offered it to me, holding the door and everything. Such a gentleman! I was so smitten I couldn’t speak, so I didn’t even give him my name.”

S: “Okay, so this isn’t the guy?”

C: “I’m not finished. Patience, young grasshopper.”

S: “Hey, if anyone here is the young grasshopper it’s you! Sassy lady.”

C: “Ha ha, alright, alright, whatever you say, sensei.”

S: “That’s better. You may continue.”

C: “Right. Well, I feel like such a schmuck for not getting this guy’s number, and I pretty much beat myself up the entire drive to the theater after that, but then I heard your voice in my head and decided it wasn’t worth stressing over.”

S: “Aww, you listen to me? That’s wonderful for your sensei to hear, ha ha!”

C: “I thought you’d like that!”

S: “So, are you saying you met two guys, or who is this person you’re going on a date with?”

C: “Still not finished. I show up to the theater, ready to get on with my life, I picked up a playbill and a drink, then I grabbed my seat. By then I had already forgotten about the random guy who gave me his cab.”

S: “Great, I love to see you moving forward. Hooray!”

C: “That’s what I thought! So, I’m sitting there, reading the program, waiting for the lights to dim and the curtain to go up, when some jackass sits down right next to me. I was pissed off. Of all the places to sit, someone had picked a seat next to mine. I mean, you know I always pick the option that puts me as far away from other people as possible, but I figured the tickets were already bought, they probably couldn’t choose exactly where they sat.”

S: “Yeah, I doubt they did that on purpose.”

C: “I chose not to be a jerk about it, so I looked up to give a weak smile to this person who I was going to be stuck with, and guess who it was.”

S: “NO!”

C: “Yeah.”

S: “NO WAY!”

C: “It was my beautiful taxi boy! And he was already looking at me and smiling!”

S: “Oh my god, there’s no way. I can’t believe how you have all this luck!”

C: “Ha ha, you’re not wrong! It was my chance to give him my name and number, and you better believe I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity a second time. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the play, because I kept trying to brush my hand against his.”

S: “Wow, only you would live this fairy tale type of story. Wow! So, what’s his name?”

C: “That’s the other funny part. His name is Marius.”

March 26, 2020 07:48

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