“Let’s go mommy! I wanna go Tweet or Tweet aweady! Let’s go!” Olly said, nudging our napping mom with his chubby hands.  

“Oh gosh. It’s not time yet. Shhh. Please talk a little softer, your sister is sleeping.” 

“But I wanna go now! NOW!” he threw himself on the floor and started to pout. 

“Liam, can you please take your brother out for a second? Ava needs some rest. She didn’t sleep at all last night.” 

“‘Kay, but I have to come back around lunch. Charlotte and I are gonna make some goody bags and get the community center ready for the Halloween festival they’re gonna hold. It’s probably the best way for Olly to start trick or treating for the first time.”

“Alright. Noon is enough. Thanks Liam, you’re the best.” 

I picked up Olly and carried him out the bedroom door. 

“Where do you wanna go?” I asked him.

“Tweet or tweet.”

“How about the beach?”

“Tweet or tweet.” 

“Okay, beach it is.” 

We went out the garage door and into my car. I put him in the backseat and buckled him up. Then I went over to my side and started the engine. 

“Beach it is.” 

Olly wouldn’t get out after we got there, so I carried him on my shoulders and walked near the water. 

“No. I don’t like the bweach.”

“Oh yes you do.”

“NO I DON’T”    

“Uh huh.”

I put him down on the sand and he stood there watching the wave crash onto his feet. 

“Hey Lam?” 


“Is Chalotte your best fwiend?” 

“Yeah, but to tell the truth, I’d rather we be more than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nevermind. Hurry up. Do something. Build a sandcastle. Get a pail and play with the waves. I don’t know. Just don’t keep standing there. I didn’t come to waste my time.”

He stopped looking down and changed his position facing me. 

“I’m not just standing there. I’m watching the ocean. I’m a piwate.” 

“You’re impossible.”  

“No. I’m Kim-Possible.” 

“I thought you were a pirate.”

“Lam, when are we going to tweet or tweet?” 

“After supper.”

“Is mommy taking me?”


“I don’t want her to. I’m a big boy. You’re taking me.”





“No I’m not. I didn’t sign up for this. C’mon let’s go home.” 

“Ok. Cawwy me.”

“Not going to.”

“Yes. You cawwied me here, so you cawwy me back.”  


I picked him up with a grunt and carried him with one hand, the other hand opening up the doors to my car.

“Lam, am I heavwey?”

“A little.”

“I’m a sumo wrestler.”

“Good thing dreaming is free. Or else we’d be piled with loads of payments to do. Besides, I thought you were a pirate.”

He quieted down and fell asleep in his car seat. 

“Mommy! I’m home!” he yelled at the door frame. 

“Olly! Welcome home! Let’s give you a quick shower, then eat some yogurt. Sounds good?”

“YAY! I love yogo!”  

“Alright, let’s go!” 

I’m always fascinated by how a regular woman can manage everything on her own. Including a broken heart. 

“Hey Lam!” Olly said after his bath. He stood by the bathtub still undressed, but at least he was clean now. 


“Look at me! I’m clean!” 

“I know.” 

“Let’s go eat some yogo!” 

Then he ran out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.

“Wait Olly! You forgot your clothes!” 

“Oh. It’s ok. No one can see me.” 

“We can! Come on, it’ll only take a minute or two.” “Or ten.” I heard her mumble under her breath. 

“Here. I’ll help.” I offered. 

“Yeah. Lam will help.” 

“Okay. He will. Thanks.”

“No prob.” 

I slid on his dino-underwear and his shorts. Then I told him to raise his hands and put on a top. 

“Thank you Lam!” 


He hopped to the table again and began using his hands to scoop up his yogurt. 

“Want some?” He asked me.

“I’ll pass.”

“Ok. Your losing, not mine.”

“Yeah, yeah.” 

“It’s strawbewwy flavored.”


“You sure?”

“Yup. I’m going to my room.” 

“Bye bye.”


“Hey Lam? When are we going to Tweet or Tweet?” 

“After supper.”


“After supper.”

“Okay.” he said like he understood the second time. 

~Time for trick or treating~

“I’m weady!” Olly said in his Muppet costume. 

“Great. I’m going to  Jay’s house while you and mom go later.”

“No, you’re taking me.” 

“No I’m not.” 

“Yeah you are.”

“That’s when you’re wrong.”

“I’m never wrong. Right, mommy?”

“Mom’s upstairs feeding Ava.” 

“Tell her to come down.” 


“Why not?”

“She’s feeding Ava.” 


“Fine. Let’s go already.” 

I wanted to watch the new Avengers movie on the release date, but our mom was already stressed out enough for the day. 


“We’d better not meet Charlotte and her brother tonight.”

“Okay! We won’t!”

“You never know.”

“Let’s go aweady! I wanna go play with Lucas!”

“Lucas Bwown! We’re gonna go play together at the community center.”


“Oh. Weally?” 


“You didn’t ask.” 

I ran upstairs and changed into a nice t-shirt and jeans. Then I stopped by the bathroom and ran some hair gel through my hair.  

“Lam! We have to go!”


I ran down the stairs two by two and arrived at the door.

“Let’s go.”

I opened the doorknob and felt a rush of cool wind, so I quickly grabbed jackets for me and my brother. 

“Thank you!”

“No prob.”

We arrived shortly at the center, where I spotted Charlotte right away. 

“Hey Char!” I called to her at the big gym-like place. 

“Hi Liam!” 

I walked over to her with Olly and Lucas and they started to go play the little games that were set up. 


“Is that who Oliver is?

“Yeah, but we call him Olly. He likes it that way.” 

“Alright. They’re about to go trick or treating. 

“I know. How’d you get here? I drove.”

“I walked here. I hope it’s not too cold outside.”

“It’s a bit chilly. How about I give you a ride?”

“Thanks!” she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek in a friend-like way. 

We got in the car and I helped Olly and Lucas into the back. Then I got to Charlotte’s side and opened the door for her. 

“Oooh. Who taught you to be a gentleman?” she teased.

“Oh come on. It’s the basics.” I said, climbing in on my side, “Let’s go.” 

“YAY!” Olly and Lucas yelled from the back. 

“Can we go to Sadmin Street first? My friends said that there are lots of candy there,” Lucas told me.

“Satmin? Sure!” 

I tried to keep my eyes on the road, but believe me, it’s not easy when two monkeys are in the backseat and your crush is beside you. 

“We’re here!” 

“I know.” 

“Let’s go aweady, I can’t wait!”

“Alright, all passengers off.” 

Char giggled and got down the car to help the little ones. As soon as Olly got off, he ran to the first house with lights on, with Lucas not far behind. 

“You’re right. It is a bit cold.” 

I could see the small goosebumps on her hand. I slowly walked closer to her and shifted my jacket to her shoulders.

“Thanks Liam. I always knew you were the best friend anyone could ever have.” 

The words were like a stab in the heart. Friend. I’m only a friend.

“Thanks!” I said, but I didn’t really mean it. 

“We’re done Lam! Lots and lots of candy!” I felt a small hand on the left side of me. 

“Great. Let’s move on.” 

“Okay! Come with us! It’ll be fun!” 

“Oh. Alright.” 

We walked up to the next house and Lucas knocked on the door. An old lady appeared at the frame. 

“Tweet or tweet!” Olly said. 

“Me too!” 

“Trick or treat? What? Oh. Right Halloween. Be right back.” 

She came back with a tangerine and an apple and dropped both into the Pre-k kids’ pillow bags. 

“I want candy!” Olly screamed.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have anything today. Perhaps tomorrow you can come and get candy. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow. I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry.” 

“Come on Olly. I don’t have time for this nonsense.” 


 “You already have a lot. Let’s go.” 

I pulled his arm and took him to the next house. 

“Your brother’s is adorable!” 

“Not really.” 

Char giggled. I can feel her hand brushing against mine. I draw mine closer to hers. Just when I was about to hold it…

“We’re done! I got 5 lollies and 1 choco! Yummy!”

“Me too!”

“Cool. Let’s get going. I’ll give y’all 20 more minutes.”

“Ok! Come on Lucas! Let’s go!” 

Once they were ahead, I started the process again. This time I managed to fold my fingers around her hand before the monkeys came back. I was relieved she didn’t pull away. 

“15 more minutes, time is ticking.” I told them.

“Okay! Come on Olly! Let’s go!” 


Charlotte’s hand was soft and warm in mine, but I was scared to make eye contact. 

The rest of the trick or treat went by like a blur, and as long as my hand wasn’t empty, I didn’t really care. 

“Today was fun!” Olly told me in his booster seat.



Charlotte laughed.

“Off we go!” I said and pressed the pedal. 

To be honest, I didn’t really mind that I missed my favorite movie series on the release date. I had a girlfriend, and that’s all that matters.

October 30, 2020 22:22

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