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There he sat on the insanely expensive lover's seat he bought as a gift to his twin sister Tessa,his eyes landed on the VIP tickets and backstage passes for the Rock Band and tears falls afresh,he missed on his first date with a twin he has never known all thanks to his father's miscellaneous business while Tessa went for her last.He tightly wrung his shoulders the ugly olive rug Tessa sent him six months ago, she claimed it carried her soul since she knitted it herself especially for him.He had known her for only six months yet she enchanted him.She was as beautiful as their late mother and stubborn as their dad,the King of London Streets.

He walked to his laptop and opened the last video Tessa left for him.

Tessa: (pouting and flicking her blonde her,finally decided to tie it in a pile on top of her head) Hi Tim, as you can see my hair is acting up either way I know we spoke about this and you thought I shouldn't go ahead with it but unfortunately I believe I owe it to my kid to at least inform the dad and if he's not interested I will let you be the Super Uncle(checks watch ) I have a date with Trevor in the next forty five minutes if all goes well I won't log in to our late night chat but if it goes south I will be home alone righteously eating that tub of ice cream you suggested last week.Whatever happens I will meet you tomorrow on the other side of the ocean for our first date.I love you and can't wait for our fist date.(blows a kiss)

He furiously wiped tears on his face only for them to fall again and again,his heart felt vacant as if there's nothing inside him and he ought to fill it with some emotion and he opted for hatred, deceit and vengeance and that he will do.If he had toughen up like his dad had commanded him ,Tessa would've been alive,she would've made it for their date ,she'd have knitted tons and tons baby clothes for Gabby her daughter, my niece .It's been six months after Tessa's burial yet the pain was still raw,he's been to Doctors and they couldn't help but subject him to high bills and unending supply of pills which had taken it's toll on Tim and he wanted,no he needed it to end and he had a suicidal plan to ensure such.





Gun,tucked nicely inside jacket


Nerves, give or take

Charm,in abundance

He stared at the mirror and laughed, the last time Trevor paid half this much attention to himself was when he had to pretend being President somewhere in Primary School.He had to stop thinking of Trevor his real name,The Prince Of South America's Late Night Kingdom.He couldn't lie he's excited to meet the wonderful and honest Tim who has brighten his dark world and sent it to fun chaos.He had always thought of himself as bisexual ,leaning more towards on women but ever since he met Tim ,he felt like he's been lying to himself all these years.And if he didn't do the recon on him he wouldn't believe it if someone described Tim to him,he's pure,honest and he's about to be his totally until he says otherwise.He had to laugh out loud ,he's about to make Tim's first date his last date because he can't stand the anger that threaten to spill out of his gut through his mouth if the thought of somebody else with Tim let alone the thought of somebody else besides him like that Theresa who thought she could tame him with fake pregnancy passes his mind.Forget about things that do not matter, you have Tim now be happy.He couldn't wait for the sun to rise and for him to see his dove,Tim.

Attire, check


Cash,a given

Venue,oh snap I forgot to book the whole restaurant

Tim you messing with my skills, big time


He looked at his attire all black and lethal hanging on the lover's seat if a wise one would look at him , he wold see that he wore befitting a funeral,whether he was the main attraction or a grieving friend that was yet to be seen.

He watches in silence as his dad enter's the room and walk to the window

Tim: You shouldn't be here,we've already spoke about this

Tom: Let me handle this son,this is not your forte , let me take of this issue it will take me less and I won't even be in harms way as you're planning

Tim: (tears falls on his face) Dad you don't get this do you? It's not about strength or experience,it's about the void Tessa left me with,I live on a truck-load of pills yet they don't fill the void,it's only him who can make all this go away or waste away.I don't hate you or blame you for what you did because you had good intentions like myself,so please promise me one thing

Tom: (grumbles) What? I will do whatever you want I will do it in a heartbeat for you

Tim: (wipes tears and look into his father's eyes) If by mayhap he turns things around,promise me you'll not let him live to go to another date

Tom: Anything but that son...

Tim: (shouts loudly) Promise on Tessa that you'll kill him even if it means shooting through me,promise me that you have my back,promise me daddy

Tom: (softly) Last date I promise,oh another thing Jacob has delivered the beverages for your date tomorrow and remember...

Tim: White is clear I know dad,see you tomorrow maybe



He's sitting inside the restaurant a hour early,actually he came three hours early he wanted to ensure that everything was to Tim's liking since this is his face date .He slowly stands up and head towards the door where a dismayed Tim stood,in full black his favorite color, his face genuinely confused it must have been the body search everyone is subjected to before they can get to glance my face.When you play the games he usually plays with other people's lives you learn to leave nothing to chance, for a first breath can also be also your last.

Trevor: Nice surprise?

He asked hugging a bedazzled Tim

Tim: Fantastic surprise,though you didn't tell me you were taking me to the search party

He offered Trey his shy smile

Trey: I should've known that will scare you but my status deems it necessary, don't worry after this we'll be all alone ,shall we?

Trey led to Tim to the corner table where it's warm and fuzzy , and pulls the chair for Tim and heads for his side of the table where he poured his fifth glass of the red wine

Tim: Anxious aren't we?

Trey: Honestly you had me at halo, I have never been scared on a thousand and some first date(coughs severally)

Tim:Perched? drink more wine (laughs)

Trey: (falls off the table) Tim press one on my phone,please ,something is wroooooooon...

Tim:( Kicks Trey swiftly in the stomach) From Tessa with love Trevor

Trey: (slurs) Whaaaaaaaat?

Tim: This was my first date and your last date

February 17, 2021 13:40

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Nancy Drayce
16:04 Feb 18, 2021

Wow! Such an interesting story! You really did a great job with this one! I enjoyed reading it. The title fits the story amazingly well! I particularly like this part: Pants,check Shirt,check Shoes,check Gun,tucked nicely inside jacket Wallet,loaded Nerves, give or take Charm,in abundance Simple, but very good!


Yvone Mthembu
07:15 Feb 19, 2021

You're just what the Dr ordered for me .I try and improve the things Geniuses like yourself point out in my writings. 😘


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