Summer Strikes With Fury

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The buzzing of cicadas dissolved into the wind and settled around my ears. Their sound was soothing to listen to as I slowly walked further down the lonely road. I inhaled deeply and could smell the scent of baking asphalt. Summer was in full force today and it turned everything it touched into a potential ingredient for a nice hot pie.

I had minimal tools at my disposal to combat my potential cooking. I briefly took shelter under a grand oak tree to access my things. I sat down and took my light backpack off while I opened it up with much anticipation! The treasures I found inside were a full water bottle, sunscreen, and a chocolate bar.

My stomach soon made a loud growl and I tore open the packaging without thinking about it twice. Chaos was the only word to describe what happened. As soon as the packing was torn, melted chocolate spilled out like a wild tsunami! I quickly used my free hand to catch it but immediately regretted doing that. I felt the horrible sensation of stickiness and sighed heavily. I already hated being hot, and now I was sticky as well. Regardless, I ate the salvaged goop and wiped my hands in the grass. I thought some water could help wash it down only to be rudely attacked by the lukewarm temperature.

Even though I was under the shade of the tree, I was still sweating heavily. I felt gross from the heat and neither the chocolate nor the water brought me any relief. It seemed like the sun had a vendetta against me for some reason. I looked up and saw the intense sun beams barely peeking through the oak branches. If it was any other day, I would have thought it was beautiful. I knew I couldn’t stay here much longer and slowly worked myself into a standing position. I slathered on more sunscreen and recoiled slightly from the sensation, but It didn’t feel as bad as the chocolate did on my skin. I certainly would be redder than a cooked lobster if I didn’t use any under this heat.

I regrettably stepped out from under the brief shelter and continued walking down the road. I was like a turkey that was slowly being spit-roasted. Dark grey asphalt was much of my view for the rest of the journey. I resorted to using my backpack as a makeshift cover from the sun’s fury that even sunscreen couldn’t fully protect me from. On the few moments I glanced up, I could see thick trees populating both sides of the empty grey expanse. There were a few oak and maple trees thrown in here and there, but the majority of the thick tree-walls were made from pine.

 A gush of wind blew past me and I felt a little bit of energy come back into my soul. I was on autopilot at this point. All of my focus was put into moving my legs one step at a time and taking small sips of water so I don’t die. This continued for...I can’t remember how long. It felt like I was walking for hundreds of years. Every time it felt like too much, a cool wind would blow and tell me to move forward. Even though it felt like the sun was trying to kill me, it also felt like mother nature was trying to keep me alive.

I walked and walked some more down the road. The hum of cicadas could be heard far into the distance. I envied their freedom. How could they be singing in weather this hot!? Are they immune to high temperatures? I asked these questions and yet there wasn’t anyone to answer them. My feet felt completely sore from all this walking and I took shelter under a pine tree. I slumped down against the trunk with only one thought in my mind, I’m so thirsty! Not even the pain from my feet could distract me away from the thought. It felt like my body was being possessed as my right hand seemed to move on its own! I desperately opened my backpack, grabbed hold of the water bottle, and chugged the rest of it!

I had cured myself of one problem, but another came in its place. I was now out of water in the middle of nowhere! I cursed at myself for giving in and sat there with dead eyes. I had wanted to give up. It was so hard to keep moving and I just wanted to rest and sleep. As tempting as that idea was, I slapped my self out of it and continued walking. I honestly didn’t know what my fate was going to be, but I didn’t want it to end by doing nothing!

I got up once more. Every muscle fiber in my body stung with pain and it took everything for me to keep moving. I once again braved the sun’s wrath and moved forward. I walked and walked once again. At this point, my feet had become numb and no longer bothered me. I knew that probably wasn’t a good sign so I hoped to find some shelter soon. As I was walking, I noticed something strange in the distance. I rubbed my eyes and squinted to get a better look. It had the faint silhouette of a building!

I had every urge to sprint right towards it, but my feet and legs still felt like jelly. There was also the chance that dehydration was causing me to hallucinate. Nevertheless, I couldn’t take any chance. I would have to do this slow and steady just like how I had been doing it all along. I’ve done all this walking, what’s a little more? Little by little, my jelly-legs brought me forward. I could see the shape of the building a bit clearer the closer I got.

It felt like the sun was turned up to eleven, but the sight of the building let me ignore all of that intense heat. Features of the building became much more prominent. I could see a sign that read “gas”, and I now knew I was safe. Step...step...step...step...step… I slowly approached the gas station and stood at the entrance. I took a gulp and opened the door shortly after.

I was immediately greeted by a cool and crisp breeze that washed over my body and wiped away my fatigue. It was like heaven and I stood there long enough to weird out the other customers. I got out my wallet, bought some water, and chugged the whole thing in one sitting.

I’m never getting lost in a heatwave ever again!

July 31, 2020 21:55

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Rose CG
03:50 Aug 04, 2020

Hi, Nice job with the description. I can relate to the chocolate issue. 🌹Thank you for following me!~Rose~🌹


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DL Capio
17:56 Aug 03, 2020

I can relate to the story. I had the same experience when I was in the Philippines. It was strikingly 48degrees. Reading your story made me back on those times. Amazing!


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18:09 Aug 02, 2020

The discription is really really good. You could actually visualise what the person was going through. Great story!


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15:50 Aug 02, 2020

Nice description of the sensations. Keep going! NB: *Continued walked


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