It is really tiring when you wake up while the entire world is asleep and dreaming about the wonderful colours of life. With sleepy eyes you stretch your legs out trying to find the floor. Finally after few seconds your feet touches the ground and a cold wave rushes in your body. It felt like someone was pricking needles into your feet. It got numb. Your eyes now completely open with the touch of reality as you ran to jump and sit on a sofa in that rainy morning. You heaved a sigh a relief as being protected on that side corner of the sofa. You then checks time on your mobile phone. It is 5.30 a,m. and your mobile is screaming for food. You stretch your hand and try finding plug-in point on the side table and place your mobile safely on it after all it was your fifth mobile in the last three months.

A loud thunder forces you to look out of the window behind the sofa. It was dark and clouds were hovering above. A scary sight for sure. You try to recall any weather forecasts warning of heavy rainfall but as usual their forecasts failed to give accurate information. You pray to God if someone can serve you hot tea and breakfast while you sit on sofa and enjoy morning meal. Since you don’t want to step down on the floor or run on it and get unwell. After few minutes, with great energy you get up and rush into the bathroom to get hot shower. The perfect solution to beat the chilling waves.

 ‘Today is just not your day’ kind of vibes you get in rainy mornings and these vibes stays with you for the rest of the day, warned your mind. You have to stay calm in your local train journey to office and in office too you have to stay calm. Not to disagree with anything or anyone. Today is just not your day and today you aren’t in your 'Super Queen' mode. Today the Super Queen is sleepy. So you decided to let go off everything so as to manage entire day smoothly with lots and lots of patience.

The Golden Rule of Life: 

The moment you decide on something to do, the whole world gather around you and plans on how to fail you. 

They try hard and very hard to fail you so that you change your decision. Since morning, every step that you take until evening when you return home from office, reminds you of your toughest decision. You kept on reminding yourself constantly in loop that "It's Ok" "Let it go". Even though you controlled all your anger, frustration and did not utter a single word to this #cruelworld, your face narrated a different story. It clearly expressed all the thoughts running on your mind at that particular moment #uncontrollablereactions.

Reality check:

Your mind said "Stay Calm and Let go" even,

1) If someone is acting too smart and honks constantly on the busy rainy streets to make a way for their car though there was lot of space for other vehicles to pass. 

2) If you are not getting a seat to sit in the entire two hours local train journey.

3) If someone fails to understand that people getting down at immediately next station should stand ahead of them in the local train.

4) If every cab driver denies to take you to the required destination.

5) If the lift is packed with the required number of persons and there is no place for anyone to enter in the lift, still you find some idiot squeezing himself inside the lift as you just stand next to him while rainwater droplets from his hair strands fall on your hand. You look around and find no place to move or shift aside. Standing there you are trying to stay calm hoping the early arrival of his or your floor.

6) If important meeting in office which was scheduled since last week, now stands cancelled for the third time consecutively within the span of one week.

7) If you see the constant rise in the workload compared to your salary in hand but still focuses on finishing the task with a grumpy face.

8) If someone drives recklessly and splashes muddy water on you while trying to dodge that pothole

After that tiring day finally you reach home fully drenched and recall all the events that occurred today, you understood one thing that it's not easy to stay calm because people around you doesn't allow you to be calm. So finally standing in your house you are letting go all the events that occurred today as you start to calculate on how many occasions you reminded yourself to let go and stay calm.

Probably the day is not yet over. You enter in bathroom for hot shower to clean all the mud splashed on you and after sometime the power goes off. You are then forced to shower in cold water. You step out with wet hair and sneezing when you realizes that you cannot use hair dryer without electricity. You frown and sit on the corner of the sofa where you was sitting early morning today and grab your mobile phone only to notice that your mobile phone battery is about to die. You rush to find charger in the drawer, try searching it above the table, under the sofa or bed. Then you realize that you carried it with you to office today and forgotten it on your desk. Its Friday today followed by two days of weekend holiday and there is no possibility of getting your charger before Monday. You sit there on the sofa, looking up in the sky waiting for the rains to stop. Chin on your palms holding your face firmly as you wonder what to do entire weekend with no mobile phone. As the darkness intensifies outdoor, a message beeps on your mobile phone. You checks the message. It is from electricity department warning of major power failure and no electricity for the next few hours. You smiled as you don’t have mobile phone charger and now there is no electricity too. So in both the scenarios your mobile phone battery is about to die. 

A knock at the door breaks your chain of thoughts as you wonder what's next? Who would be visiting your home at this hour? You get up and walk towards the door and find your colleague standing there smiling. You open the door and delighted to see your mobile phone charger in his hand, ‘Hey, your charger’ he said.

You take it immediately from him and thank him before closing the door at him. That’s the incorrect behaviour, you know it but you do not want to ask him for coffee or tea since there is no electricity and you live alone. Knowing how the events turned out today, you don't want to take any risk. Further your mind do not wanted to entertain any guests at home. So you take charger from him, smile at him and thank him before rushing to connect the charger with mobile then at the switch board. At that moment you realize ‘Let it Go’. Let Go and breathe because even though you got your mobile charger, Oh dear there's a power failure.

“Let go things which are not in your control” you said it to yourself.

In that 'not so fully awake' state of mind, you returned to sit at the corner of the sofa and start reading this short story. A notification blinks on your mobile screen alerting low battery and your eyes requesting you to sleep. Let Go all the events that happened today and start afresh tomorrow. You decide to continue reading this story as it is completely relatable with all the events that occurred today. You are curious now to know what happens next so that you are well prepared. While reading you fall asleep on sofa. With your left hand resting above head and right hand holding mobile. As your sleep gets deeper, the grip on the mobile phone loosens. You wake up to a loud cracking sound of mobile screen. Your eyes wide open trying to understand what went wrong as you pick up the mobile phone whose screen smashed completely. You sit on the floor next to the smashed pieces of your mobile screen wondering if it's happening for real or you are dreaming or you are reading this in the short story?

June 25, 2020 19:49

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