Our Anniversary with Google Drive

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Google street View Drive

Google street view driver is like having a Car driving from space, it’s like when aeroplanes fly in the sky and they still find a path and we arrive at our destination.

It’s like driving in space 

When we had the A-Z drivers were still able to navigate by reading a map from paper and had to learn how to read a map I thought tat was amazing until such time google amen on board 

Google is not just a map in the air for drivers and finding your location it’s amazing and has become a life saver for many.

Until one day I decided to look up my house from above I was amazed at what  I could see from above I could see my house, the roof, the swimming pool , my old car on the drive and when I zoomed in  I could basically see every detail . I was shocked as I though5 anyone could spy on you if they  wanted to without you realising it 

It seems quite invasive but also it acts as a security for us all. 

Google street view drive is good for black cabs and Uber drivers and can be deemed  as a life saver because sometimes  drivers rely on their Navigations if they don’t know where the are going, so they rely on that to get them to their destination.

The driver pulled up on the drive we were heading to a destination unknown.it was a surprise my husband had arranged for our wedding anniversary . I thought it was our honeymoon. my husband had the details he had packed our cases without me knowing asked me to get ready and informed me we were visiting a family friend who was poorly in Coventry. This was about three hours drive from london. 

 The satellite Navigation stopped working half an hour into the journey, so we had a back up plan which was to use Google street view drive 

We started our journey and then we would look up roads from the mobile phone and then visual it from google drive above. 

We would note the landmarks as we made our way this was a joint effort and team work had to come to play as the driver was not familiar with the system he relied on us to find the images and we relied on him to drive us to our location.

The google street view drive is amazing especially if you do not know where you are going you can see images and then Compare them to real life right in front of you 

I thought this must have taken a lot of efforts but also it was  a tribute for drivers 

To rely on an emergency back up if everything else should fail like navigations 

You could rely on your phone and use google street view drive provided  you had an Address to go to

We carried on our journey we became stuck because-on this occasion no one knew where we were heading not the driver, my husband nor me 

So this was interesting as even though we had the google images we did not know where we  were  heading but we had an address so what started off as a surprise was no longer a surprise for me as we all had to rely on Google street view drive which was all in the open and accessible to all 

So we had all been on a journey from a secret place to a place of openness, and transparency subject to interpretation from google street view drive.

Google street drive is designed  to be a means to an end but then that all depends on if you know where you are going you-have  to have a plan otherwise all efforts may fail 

You cannot zoom into  an address if you don’t have one ,you can’t drive on google drive with out a car , you can’t view if you have nothin in mind to view , you can drive without fuel in your car , so everything happens for a reason 

Google street drive cannot work in isolation someone has to read 5he views and for the driver   He needs to have an idea of where he is going even though google street view drive is out there to provide all the details but it can be inhibiting and  may not be effective if you cannot apply it 

The driver made it to our hotel in the Lake District after nine hours of driving through the Peak District the plains and the highs the beautiful green on both sides of the M5 was relaxing  I had been here few years ago with my family for Christmas but no one would have thought I was coming back for my 25th wedding anniversary with a driver using Google street view drive. 

This was an amazing tool to have should in case you get  lost in the plains of the Lake District let’s hope you have internet connection . We hired a car once we were up there to explore the Lake District our selves . We drove up to Keswick a town in lake district with beautify and character . I bought a nice poncho made from tweed and still have it today.  We relied on the

Google drive street view on all our drives on our break in the Lake District -thank you Google drive  street view for an amazing experience on our journey. 

The Driver was back on our door step 7 days later time seemed to have flown by, but now he was more accustomed to using Google street view drive and he also had his satellite navigation on at the same time. He was driving in space and telling us all the landmarks as we drove back for nine hours.

It was amazing to see what a difference it made to have to driver using Google street view drive you see practically every detail and when we stopped to buy fuel and the driver needed to back up we could see the camera showing the rear of the car. 

We pulled up at the services and again before we arrived we had been notified there was a services within 2miles ahead of us.

Google street view drive might be the new way forward 

April 27, 2020 09:51

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