Dreams (Part 1)

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Bedtime Fiction Teens & Young Adult

I wake up in a world much like my own, but it’s different.  It’s brighter, and it feels… cleaner.  I look around the world.  I realize that it’s nothing like Earth.  Everything is candy!  I blink to make sure it’s not just me hallucinating.  I kneel down to feel the jelly bean path.  The jelly beans taste like jelly beans on Earth, but they’re better, more flavorful.  The sun is a big round cookie, with candy corn coming off, like sun rays.  The clouds are cotton candy.  A meadow of sunflowers(oreo’s with candy corn petals) isn’t too far in the distance.  I stand up and breathe in the sugary air.  It smells like a candy factory.  There are no houses, just candy in the form of nature.  

When I enter the sunflower meadow, I see birds and candy animals everywhere.  I smile and think, If only home were this beautiful.  I run around chasing animals and laughing the entire time.  I get tired, and lay down.  One more glimpse before I’m gone.

I woke up again, but this time I’m at home.  Back to Earth.  Here I am just a fly on the wall.  No one cares about me.  I don’t have any friends, or anyone.  I love to sing but my family doesn't care.  They’re proud of my sister.  She’s the smart one, most likely to graduate college and become a millionaire or something crazy.  When I dream the possibilities are endless.  I can fly and be free, away from all of humanity.  My dreams aren’t just dreams like normal people, my dreams are REAL.  I can get hurt, taste things, and feel real emotions in my dreams.  I am almost teleported or transferred somewhere else when I go to sleep.  

My name is Raelynn.  I am 15 years old.  And I have high school today.  My least favorite thing in the world.  I don’t have any friends or anyone to talk to.  I only REALLY like quire.  Nothing else interests me.  I did recently pick up a passion for writing though!  I love writing about my dreams, some good and some not very good ones.  I’ve been having these oddly realistic dreams since I was five.  The dreams started on my fifth birthday.  

The dreams don’t help my social life at all.  I told my parents and they told the newspaper people and now I’m known to everyone in my school.  But not in a good way, they don’t want to be my friend.  They all think I’m crazy, which I would do but at least be nice.  I begged my mom for homeschooling when I was 13 but she always said, “No you have to stay in school because nobody would be home to teach you.   Your father and I have work.”  Every time it was almost the exact same words. Over and over again until I decided to give up and just work with what I had.

After school I  do a little homework (only a 500 word essay due tomorrow, and a baking experiment for cooking).  Then I read for 30 minutes until dinner is ready.  My sister stares at me with her bulging bug eyes.  She’s only 6 but damn that girl can express her emotions better than anyone.  She starts smiling, making a very creepy Momo-like face.  I can’t help but laugh.   She is my best friend.  She is the only one who doesn’t think I’m 100% crazy.  Maybe 81% crazy though.  She is the smartest 6 year old I know.  Sometimes she says some pretty smart things that only geniuses know. Sometimes I ask her what she’s going to do tomorrow, and she tells me whats going to happen tomorrow, and she’s not wrong.  She can predict the future.  I record what she says and I listen back at the end of the next day and she sums it up exactly how it should be.  I don’t know if our family has super powers or something along the lines, but me and my sister do.

After dinner I take a shower, brush my teeth and go to sleep.  Tonight's dream rolls in like the ocean as soon as I close my eyes.  I wake up in a dark, colorless setting.  It’s smoky and depressing here.  A big gate separates me from a park, or graveyard. I'm not sure which.  I look up at the full moon that is high above my head shining bright through the smoke.  I’m afraid to move, but if i don’t then i may freeze here for the rest of the night.  I slowly take a step towards the black prickly, rigid fence.  I don’t feel like smiling.  I don’t feel anything.  I feel sad or upset with the dream.  Why would I have a dream like this?  Is this the future?  Are we all going to end up, you know, in graves?  Eventually but will all humanity die off?

As I step deeper into the graveyard, I see more recent and even future grave stones.  But the biggest gravestone was in the middle.  


Always and forever,

You’ll live on for the entirety.


Melina Gaters.  A very familiar name.  A popular-mean girl.  High school prom queen vibes written ALL OVER HER.  But why is her gravestone here?  I stare at the word FOREVER.  Forever what?  She has to die, we all have to die, right?  The wind blows with a cold, she’s coming whispering to it.  I run to a nearby gravestone and hide.  I hear high heels on the stone ground.  Melina is tall and frail, in a black webby dress.  Her hair is an ombre from dark black to a ghostly white at the bottom.   I almost gasp at her appearance. She looks so different, so gothic.  She claps her hands 3 times and the ground shakes.  I stand up and run.  I don’t know where I’m running but I run.  As fast and as hard as I can.  I hope she didn’t see me.  The sun starts to rise.    I close my eyes and I’m back in my room.  

I can smile now.  I don’t feel trapped in my dream like before.  Today I have to watch and see Melina Gaters.  No matter what.  I think she might be up to something...

October 07, 2021 04:11

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1 comment

02:29 Oct 08, 2021

Bravo! Absolutely stuning. I love the detail and how professional this seems. Your writing has improved incredibly. I need to read more. I need to know what Melina could be up to. I'm also very happy to read a new story of yours! -CJ


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