Voices Will Be Voices

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It was a normal day for miss Abagail Green when she received a very mysterious knock at the nearby door.  She looked over at the robust colored wooden door to see a tall dark figure through the translucent glass. She stood up from her dark green chair and put her trembling hand on the metal doorknob. She opened the door to see a very tall man standing in front of her. 

“Hello, my name is San Fransico Drake and I am here to tell you some disturbing news.” the strange man at the door says to her. 

“Wait… I can’t let you come in without some form of ID.” she says with a concerned look on her face.  

“Yes! I should have already known you were going to say that. Heres my ID.” 

“Alright then. You can come on in but you must explain what this is all about,” she starts to open the door with slight caution to letting him in. 

She pulls the closest chair over to allow him to sit down. “Oh, I won’t be staying very long,  if you don’t mind. I am simply just here to tell you what the near future will bring. You are to be experiencing abnormal activity. You must figure it out and listen to everything said.” he says to her. There is a slight gloom of eerieness of which fills the room. 

“What kind of…” she leans in and whispers to him, “abnormal activity?” 

“I’m sorry but it is not up to me to tell. This is what you must figure out. I am simply just the messenger. Nothing more nor less must be said.” he says to her. She is utterly confused by his words but before she can ask he is already leaving.   

“Wait!” she yells. He turns around and looks at her. “What or who must I listen to?!” she yells across to him disturbing everyone in the office spaces near her. He does not take a step closer nor does he take a step further he simply just nods his head and walks away.

She runs back into her office confused more than ever but she does not think much of it as she pulls out her light green writing pad and her silver fountain pen. She starts to write down what had just gone down writing: 


1: a tall strange man with dark brown hair wearing a green hat and suit knocks at the door at approximately 2:15 in the afternoon 

2: name is San Francisco Drake

3: abnormal activity will start to happen, what kind of activity? unknown

4: said nothing more but nothing less

5: need to figure “it” out and listen to everything said. Listen to who or what and what is “it” supposed to mean or even be?

6: was very fast to leave, only stayed for approximately 20 minutes

She finishes writing and tears the paper off of the note pad. She blows on it ever so slightly allowing the black ink to dry. She walks over to put it on the wall of which is covered with a corkboard but she hesitates as there is not much room. You can hardly see the wall as it is covered in a corkboard of which is covered in multicolored notes made over time. She starts to rip the crippled colored paper off the cork wall and throw them in the nearby black metal trash can.

She puts the note in the center of the newly cleared corkboard wall. One would wonder why she needed all that space for only one simple note. For everything of which she does she always has good reasoning for it. Ever since she was just a little child only old enough to think she would do things with reason. 

She wants to take a look into the man of which was at her door but first she needs to go home. She always likes to pick up some before she leaves so she starts to pick up her desk. She walks over and turns off the white phone of which sits in her small office. Before she leaves she makes sure nothing is plugged in and everything is locked up. 

She was just about to leave when she hears the phone ring. “What I plugged it…” she thinks to her self more confused than ever. She walks over to the shiny white phone and kneels down to look under the table to see that she had indeed unplugged the phone. There’s really only one way for her to find out and that would be to answer the phone. She picks up the phone with her sweaty palms and says her voice shakier than ever“Hello...um. Ab...igal Gr...Green Speaking.” 

“Shhhh… You must not say your name. They will hear you, darling.” the mournful voice says from the other line. It sounded nothing like San Fransico Drake but maybe it was what he had warned her about. 

“Wait… are you the someone or something I must listen to?” she whispers into the phone still kneeling on the ground trying to balance on her black stilettos. 

“No more or less is to be said, darling.” the voice says almost like what the man at the door told her. 

“Wait… who,” she is cut off by the sudden buzz as the other line goes silent. She starts to stand up slowly trying to catch her balance. She looks at the phone and can not think of any possible scenarios of why this could happen. It must be connected to the guy of which showed up at her door but how is the question. That’s all she must figure out. 

As she thinks turned to the phone she is startled by a voice behind her. “Hey, girl. You look a little lost. Let me help you baby.” she stands up and looks to see the man of which she hates the most. “God, really Dylan. How many times have I told you I’m not interested,” she says to him with a frustrated tone in her voice. 

“But baby when I see a damsel in distress I just must react,” he says over dramatically. 

“On really well maybe you should get that checked out because this girl doesn’t want your help,” she says to him grabbing her things and pushing him out of the way so she can get through. He moves in front of her so to stop her. 

“Fuck off. I’m not interested in you or your games,” she says to him pushing him out of the way once more. 

“What happened to the good old days baby, just you and me!” he yells to her as she walks away. She doesn’t look up but throws up her hand ever slightly to give him the finger and she keeps going.

Once she gets home she hangs up her things at the door and goes to sit down when she hears to phone ring. She walks over to answer the phone. “We see you. We are watching. You must wake up.” an eerie voice comes from the other line. 

“Wait. Can I know who it is?” 

“Shhh, there listening.” the voice says once more. It is not the same voice as before. The line cuts off once more.

She decides to leave and go to the book store for some light reading. Once she gets there the clerk calls her name. “Excuse me but is there a miss Abagail Green here.” 

“Um, yes sir. That would be me,” she says very confused but goes along with it. “This phone call is for you.” she takes the phone.

“Ok thank you. Hello Abag…” she starts today when the voice cuts her off. “I know who you are. I’m watching.” the voice says. This time it is a different voice like each before. 

Everywhere she goes there’s a different phone call with a different voice. Every store, house, even her own there was a phone call waiting for her to walk through the door. 

She doesn’t let it bother her but it might start one day. It keeps going day after day after day and she does not let it phase her. She keeps going whatever it is she will be the one to find it. 

Till she does she will deal with it. Voice will be voices. Even if there unknown. Who is doing this to her? Who knows. All she must do is wake up at the answer will be waiting in front of her or has it been in front of her all along? 

February 29, 2020 02:47

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Afrin A
16:44 Mar 28, 2020

This is brilliant. Great read, I was wondering if you could give my entry a read and give a review of what you felt? Thanks


Amelia F
20:06 Mar 28, 2020

Thank you! I would be happy to read yours.


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Tanya Loiselle
11:40 Mar 05, 2020

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing it!


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