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"I'm going to call my sister today!" Sandy thought if she said it out loud it would make her more determined to take this step. She scrolled down her contact list for her sister's number.

No! I wouldn't know what to say, it's been twenty five years, will she just cut me off or she might not even answer her phone.

She put her phone down and decided to make herself a cup of coffee first and think of how she would start the conversation. I need the caffeine.

Sandra's mother had passed away twenty five years ago and would not have been too pleased with the sisters being at loggerheads for such a long time. Sandra sipped her coffee and thought back to the last time she had spoken to her sister, Felicity. There had been harsh words between the sisters but Sandra felt the need to defend her father. Her father had been absolutely distraught when the love of his life had passed away after a two year battle with cancer.

A few days after her mother's funeral, Sandra went to have dinner with her Dad. Laden with groceries for his bare cupboards, he did not have the will to go shopping, she pulled up on the drive and saw her sister's car out front. Cool, now we can all have a meal together. It will be great for Dad to have company, she thought as she unpacked the car.

Felicity was pushing the door open with her back as Sandra stepped onto the porch. "Hi, what are you doing?" Sandra asked with a frown. Felicity had her arms wrapped around Dad's microwave oven.

"Mind out the way, this thing is heavy!"

"What are you doing with it?"

"Just help me get it into my car, can't you see I need some help?"

"I still don't understand why you are loading Dad's microwave into your car!"

Felicity heaved and pushed and eventually had it in her car.

"Dad doesn't need it anymore, so I can make use of it. He never actually used it."

Sandra was gobsmacked. At first she had no words then slowly she walked towards her sister. "Let me tell you one thing here today. This is Dad's home and you are his guest. If I find you removing one more item from here, I will have you arrested."

"I did ask him and he said I could have it, so don't threaten.........."

"Will you keep quiet, you spoilt brat! Dad is in so much pain at the moment that he can think of nothing other than Mum. So I am telling you again, don't let me find one item missing out of this house. I will keep my promise. Do you understand me loud and clear?" Sandra couldn't believe this was happening between them but she was fuming.

The cup of coffee was now ice cold. Sandra had travelled far back to that conversation she had with her sister that day. It was the last conversation the sisters had had. Sandra remembered when Dad had passed away a few months after Mum, they had not spoken at Dad's funeral either. No attempt was made to make any contact over the years.

I don't even think I would recognize my sister if I passed her in the street Sandra thought. Our children have never met their cousins which makes me really sad. Mum would be very disappointed that things had turned out like this.

The situation had never really worried Sandra. She knew Felicity was okay because Billy, the oldest of the kids, always trying to get the sisters to reconcile, but to no avail. He would tell each one about the other's family, but they didn't budge. No contact was ever made but being in lockdown had made deep thoughts run through Sandra's mind. Other people are stepping in and controlling our lives. Governments and authorities are now making decisions about who we can and cannot visit. When or when not you may visit friends and family. This situation with Felicity is something in my control and I can make a decision about it. Right I have decided! No matter what her reaction is or what the outcome is I will make that phone call and speak to her. I am not going to think what to say or rehearse anything, just make the call and let the chips fall wherever they may.

She heard Felicity answer the phone. The were a few seconds of silence then she heard a soft "Sandra...."

"Felicity....." then they sat in silence for a while, neither knowing what to say.

Sandra stopped outside a neatly kept townhouse, the front door opened and Felicity rushed out to meet her. The sisters hugged and laughed and hugged and cried, until Felicity eventually steered them through the front door.

"Tell me everything that has happened to you these past twenty five years!" Felicity was beaming. "Don't leave a thing out!" she was filling the urn to make coffee. "You are still a coffee drinker are you?" she laughed.

The sisters chatted way into the afternoon and shared photos and stories about their husbands, children and now grandchildren.

Felicity had not changed at all, thought Sandra, she was as flamboyant as ever, as if we have never been apart - except for a few wrinkles and a grey hair creeping in here and there. She is still as pretty as ever.

"Do you miss Mum and Dad?" Felicity asked.

"More than you can imagine and I often told the kids about them. How much they loved each other and the children never believe when I tell them how strict they were with us!" Sandra picked up her keys. "I have to be on my way. It's your turn to come and visit, don't wait too long."

Things have turned out pretty good. I'm pleased I took that step. Mum, I hope you are looking down on your girls today and smiling, you can be proud of us, we will build on this and get our families together. 

January 07, 2021 13:43

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Estelle Westley
19:17 Jan 08, 2021

I am trying to improve my writing. Critique would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Estelle Westley
19:17 Jan 08, 2021

I am trying to improve my writing. Critique would be appreciated. Thanks.


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