Nothing come's first

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When, I had been young, young enough to understand, I thought to become a gamer which was absolutely cool in those days.

But surely mom and dad there not going to listen to my, so-called rubbish thing's. I tried hard and work for my final exam's, not willing to be on top because my father promised me to buy a new PlayStation.

You know typical Indian blackmail thing, so I did my best and final, I got top grades which was, ok to buy a new play station for me. After the exams, there were months for holidays and loads of time to play, my only job was to get up, do self-cleaning and then play the whole day.

I was able to master the game in two weeks, I ignored all suggestion which was given by others, "That you shouldn't waste time in this rather learn a different thing?" Or " Read knowledge book's?" This was the most stupid thing to say, to a boy which had passed successfully in his board exam.

But later in my junior college, I understood the meaning of the kind sentences of my parents, I was worst in my junior's, everything went against me, the scores of marks we're dropping with the speed of earth gravity, nothing came as support but just shouts from everywhere like this was the biggest crime in my life?

Nothing changed the situation got worst, at last, I failed in prelim exams with just thirty-eight per cent. Nobody was able to help me because, I was not able to support myself, so this makes sense. But the light of hope came in the form of book's, Hey, !! I'm not a book worm but I got to stick to some great books and it really changed my direction, Isn't this cool.

It was interesting to enter in a different world, in which you are not judged by your academic scores, I was free to wander with author and different novels, though everything was new to me, it was not boring as a lecture.

But soon the things changed the book really taught me, " how to be more attentive during the lecture?" And after that, every lecture got interesting such as every twist in a roller coaster.

Soon I understood my all-cause nothing comes first then yourself

My life was back in track's and running in top speed but as grew to a young man. I started to realise that, we should never care about others too much but it will eventually hurt us in return, I'm able to make this statement because, I filled in love with a very decent girl but it instantly broked, so nothing stand's too long everything has there own time. I started to read and read and one day, I found myself to be eager to write something as I read many books my hunger of making my own book grew. And one day I found ready a competition which is free of cost but winners may award with a cash prize if they stood top. I only write because one day, I want to take that cash prize and from that, I would like to buy more books for myself.

It's true that everyone has a dream in their life but there are many, who didn't have anything but good thinking and loyalty and still working on the principle they claimed everything in there life and still pretending to have one goal.

The goal is like a fireball you should feel it from inside that same fireball is burning inside you, which is same as your's goal. "Nothing comes first then realising the goal" if have true power to unlock them if we look deep.

We humans had made the journey hard for ourself and change is part of our life it's the only thing which had brought progress in humankind, ultimately I had no dream but, I am hardworking and loyal to my work and had a decent sense. But nothing in mind then be kind to others.

I had always dreamed of my all friend's and family wishing me on my birthday and enjoying all day with fun but nothing had occurred so far.

I had once again failed to make a strong friendship but it's always remembering to be happy whether you are injured or tired never forget to laugh at your own mistakes.

I had an interesting life within this earth and "Nothing first then the will to survive for yourself" and faith in yourself.

The world is filled with great stories and great leader's and I was foolish to do things.

I had already left the world and this all, I am doing is here gathering my thought's and being happy for every inch of my life with the name as Ram, without any deep thought, I started to write the story. I am glad that, I came this far with every one of you. We all had been made for something, may er fond that something and lives a happy and peaceful life.

I always remember my mistake or lack of my courage, the girl which was, I going to ask her out for a date but never dare too, because of foolish thing's circling me. Nothing is to worry if you didn't have anything done but still nightmare horror's me.

At last, I emerged as a writer in the jail which were not pretty at the age of fifty and found my new way of living and soon and age of seventy I became prime minister of my country.

I share this part of my life to everyone especially to younger kids and youth's do not be so foolish that you may be turned into as parts of another. Surely it was time to leave everything behind the world, the body and atvlast, I was free no pain nothing at all. Everything seems motionless and vivid nothing has changed and I was reborn with a new face and identity

June 19, 2020 18:33

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13:13 Jun 27, 2020

Thanks for the suggestion, I would work on grammar


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10:46 Jun 27, 2020

I love how this story follows the narrators life. You really show how important books are! There were some grammatical errors that make it a bit harder to read. But nothing a bit of practice won't solve. Keep writing!


01:55 Jul 26, 2020

Can you help me with the feedback of my video it's on YouTube by the name of Space 360. Sorry to bother you!


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