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Open Meera wedding invitation card, which got her a week ago, I thought long before that, but finally decided to read it, while she is doing, she remembered what happened at her engagement to Sam and how he did not attend the Engagement party Let her wait , didn't go Meera any wedding or engagement or even Christmas .

"Invitation to the wedding , I can't believe that Kitty is going to marry Jetro."Suha.

Meera read the marriage suit for the 100th time, recalling painful memories of her engagement day, after Sam left her waiting for him and her family to attend the ceremony.

"Sam is too late, Mira, did you call him."Djamila mother Mira obsessively.

"Yes Mom I did it more than a hundred times, at first it was ringing, then he hung up completely."Mira with tears in her eyes.

"Strange, could it have bad happens to them on the way or has something."Djamila.

Sat-Mer in the couch and started crying and crying.

As soon as Mira remembered this incident, she felt dizzy  from grief.

"Watch out Mira , are you okay, if you're feeling anxious and nervous about going to the wedding, simple we're not going."Suha.

"No, I have to go and I promised kitty that, I will not break my promise to her."Meera is very nervous.

"It's been more than five years since You left for Canada , you changed the whole country to forget the past, you went to several psychologists, it should all be useful ."Suha .

"It was painful, I also liked Sam a lot, who said he was playing me for a bet between him and his friends to set me up."Mira.

"That stupid idiot, the most amazing of all, that that day he went to betrothal your best friend Zainab instead of you."Suha very angrily.

"You saw how nervous you were when you didn't know them, you didn't see them and you didn't live with them."Mira.

"I even hate hearing this story again, sad , kind of scary."Suha.

"Now what will we do, will you attend the wedding or not ? ."Soha in all seriousness.

Meera looked at Suha well and began to remember that fateful day again.

"That prankster, he deceived us all, put our heads in the ground among the invitees and neighbors and people, what will they say about you now, they will talk and hear rumors, accuse you in your show, what a disaster that befell me."Mira's father Marwan is deeply concerned and saddened.

"Dear Marwan you need to calm down, you're scaring me, it's not that bad."Djamila.

"It's worse than you think, people won't let her be, her image in society will be tarnished, they'll never leave us alone."Marwan.

"I'm really sorry Dad, I didn't imagine Sam would be a con man, the two of them fooled me."Mira.

"No, he didn't fool you.you fooled yourself when you imagined that Sam, Son of billionaire Izzat, might think of a poor girl, the daughter of a simple employee."Marwan.

"Please Marwan stop, you can't blame Meera for it ."Djamila.

" "Because I said so, I don't blame  her for it, she lost my dignity, she made me a joke among people, because she wanted to cherish and money and power."Marwan speaks , he felt pain in his heart and fell to the ground.

"Dad, Dad, Are you all right, answer me die."Mira.

Mira was comforted several times but she did not answer it.

"Mira, Mira, Mira, do you hear me, answer, Are you sure you can go to Katie's wedding ."Suha.

"For sure, more than ever."Mira with confidence.

"As long as you're confident, we have to prepare you for the party, for example what you're wearing, what hairstyle suits you ."Suha happily.

"I haven't actually been to a party since the accident, I don't have a proper dress and I don't know any haircuts."Mira with a smile .

"Don't worry, I'll behave myself in this topic, the day after tomorrow will be the wedding, so we're going today to buy the dress and tomorrow to shave I know a great haircut. might suit you and at a good price also."Suha.

Myra was once deceived by Salim, her fiancé and her school friend Zainab , it was very cruel for her, her age at that time was not more than nineteen years, because of her father died of a heart attack, she was subjected to a lot and a lot of harassment, which forced her mother to emigrate and her four children to Canada when her cousin But Mira never forgot what happened, she had a nervous breakdown during which she was admitted several times to a mental institution, then when she recovered a little bit she went back to study and graduated as a computer information analyst, since that time she could not attend a single wedding and if she tried to relapse again and enter the sanatorium again, when her doctors.

"Fortunately, your therapist allowed you to attend ."Suha.

" Yeah, he said I should take the first steps to cure my wedding phobia ."Mira.

"You're are strong my friend, you're strong, you'll be fine, I promise."Soha includes Meera strongly.

Two days passed and the wedding day came.

"Ah, my daughter, how great you are, you'll be the star of the wedding, steal the spotlight from the bride herself."Beautiful happily and kisses her daughter.

"I see that you also prepared yourself, mom, you will come with me."Mira .

"I wanted to surprise you, Kitty's mother sent me a suit to attend the wedding yesterday, I did not believe it I do not know her, but she kindly invited me and your siblings, I am really grateful to her, I wanted to attend the ceremony with you."Pretty deeply touched.

"Mom , I'll be fine this time, I promise."Mira.

"Are you ready, we have to go, the wedding ceremony has begun, Katie called several times asking about you."Suha.

Mira's whole family was invited to the wedding, hoping that Mira would not feel nervous and pass out again as happened in the fictitious ceremony that her psychiatrist had given her.

Mira got off the car that took them to the wedding, she felt very nervous that her bad memories returned to her, she felt dizzy but she looked at her mother and her friend Soha and her friend the bride Katie who was waiting for her in the garden of the House, decided in herself that she had to hold on, be strong and Foldable the page of the past.

Mira was impressed by the wedding party formats decors, invitees, various wedding outfits.

Since then, she decided to become a wedding coordinator, started a company called Mira wedding, got to know John who also had a company  , John liked her and asked her to marry a week later .

Mira hesitated a lot at first but agreed, they married and lived with each other the rest of their years, had children and Mira became one of the most famous wedding coordinators in Canada.

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