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In the beginning, there was no creation… just gods. They were grouped by families.

Thus, gods used to travel long distances to visit other families. They went from here to there and all the way back. There was only darkness. Gods were full of power; however, even though they were almighty, they couldn’t find ways to spread their vital energy, called life.

Time, the only matter that existed, passed and gods suffered from not having a physical location to stay and to do things together. As separated families, their only shared activity was their own existence, as great spirits. Some of the gods were good and shined, some were evil and spread their shadows, some of them were just playful and showed all possible colors, and the rest were naughty and manipulated their tones.

Then there were words.

“We are spirits, we don’t require a location to be in”, one of the gods complained.

“There’s no merit in that”, another god observed.

There was silence and thoughts.

A third god added the solution to their dilemma: “We can become substances that create matter.”

All of the gods agreed. And that was how each one of them created this universe by becoming stars, planets, elements, different forms of life, among others, following their nature, mood, or desire. As a result, gods populated this universe.

Every god was happy with the decision they had made because they were, with their new nature, able to do different activities, and that little fact was exciting. Every god was satisfied but Ehn, a light spreader, and Ryh, a light reflector. They were from different families and had fallen in love the very first instant their families met. Their families knew it and noticed their sadness.

Their families wanted Ehn and Ryh to be together. That was the reason all of them, unanimously, suggested Ehn become the sun and Ryh become the moon so they could be together at the beginning and the end of the day. And so they did.

Ehn and Ryh were happy with this decision, indeed. Nonetheless, as time passed, they understood their happiness was not complete because they were not fully and entirely together. However, as gods they were, they overcame this situation with their immense love: Ehn shined for Ryh and Rhy smiled back reflecting Ehn’s light. Ehn warmed Ryh up with love and Rhy was this love’s reflection.

Days kept coming and going and Ehn and Rhy were able to share their love, and even though dawn and sunset were just instants, for gods, those moments were an eternity. Both gods had plenty of time to spend. They used to contemplate their faces, shining, due to what they felt for each other. Their love was so intense that had influenced the Earth and its oceans. After seasons passed, Ehn and Ryh noticed that the Earth has changed since the last time they watched it together. They observed other gods had created different environments and creatures, and a dominant being, humans, has arrived.

Ehn and Ryh were curious about these new creatures called humans because, to Ehn and Ryh, humans were everything gods yearned for when they all were spirits. Humans were completely free to do as they pleased. But, mainly, humans were able to touch each other, to caress… what Ehn and Ryh wanted to do the most!

Ehn and Ryh used to observe a little village with people who were always concerned about their community’s needs. Because of that village’s atmosphere, they observed how love was born in the hearts of two humans (a young fisherman and a farming girl) and how this love developed its own story.

Luna’s great grandfather had come to these lands when everything was green and full of wildlife. He was looking for fertile soil. With hard work, his farm grew and grew the same way his crops did. He got rich, like his farm’s soil. He was a powerful man in a village that was just appearing on the map. Unfortunately, he was under the influence of the shadow of an evil god, so his pride got as big as his wealth. And that false pride was transmitted, and taught, to his next generations.

When Luna’s father realized she was in love with a simple fisherman, he rejected their love immediately and threatened to disinherit Luna. However, his threat was empty in Luna’s full heart. He had to find another way to separate Luna and Sunny (locals called him Sunny due to his tanned skin, burned by long fishing days). Luna’s father prohibited Sunny to get near his house and his daughter.

There’s always a way…

Luna and Sunny found a way to meet secretly, occasionally. But her father’s loyal workers alerted him about Luna and Sunny’s secret dating. That sole action gave Luna’s father an excellent way to trap Sunny: since Luna was a minor, Sunny was accused of molesting Luna. The village had no jail (criminality was not a problem); therefore, the village elders decided Sunny had to be exiled.

“If you dare to come back, I promise I’ll build up a jail myself, only for you!”, Luna’s father rudely warned.

“Luna, I promise I’ll never leave your side”, Sunny said.

Sunny’s only way out was to take some of his belongings onto his boat to live on the island that was a kilometer away from the village. Nobody will know about it because nobody used to go there. Somehow, Sunny would find a way to communicate with Luna. His plan was based on the idea that Luna used to go to the seashore to read or to write poetry.

And so it happened.

Sunny made a fire for Luna to see him on his island. And Luna did. Luna and Sunny were able to look at each other from afar… Luna was at the seaside and Sunny was on the island.

Ehn and Ryh witnessed Luna and Sunny’s star-crossed romance all along. Their love stories were one and the same, and because of that fact, Ehn and Ryh’s hearts were moved (Ehn’s heart was melted by loving fire and Ryh’s heart echoed his way of feeling).

Thus, every day, Ehn and Ryh met to share their love and to make the Caribbean Sea’s tide go out for Luna and Sunny to be together.

From then on, villagers have thought the island has been haunted because the Caribbean Sea retreats and opens a path of love, among the seawater, to this mysterious island… to the Los Amantes Island.

July 31, 2021 19:02

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Arthur Alexander
18:08 Aug 03, 2021

Wow... I'm really sorry that I'm reading this story late, I just stumbled upon your profile, you write A-M-A-Z-I-N-G stories! I love how you've described everything All the best for your future stories and I hope you have an amazing day! Arthur


02:16 Aug 04, 2021

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I really appreciate your kind words. I'll keep trying, giving my best. Blessings.


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