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Trigger warning: rape

Have you ever been a kind of person a year ago and the other year, you change completely? Well, that has happened to me too. I started the year by saying that I will only care about my career and I won’t have any babies or relationships. I am Lucy and this is my story. I was living in Berlin, I moved there in 2016 because my career made me to. I was a programmer. I was living in an apartment alone. I was that kind of person that was a hard worker on Mondays till Friday, and during the weekends I was hanging out with my friends, going to parties and doing what a 25-year-old would do. I hadn’t got a boyfriend. I had a pretty apartment in a nice part of the town. But everything changed one night. I wasn’t that kind of woman that would stay up late in clubs but instead I was staying overtime at work because my boss expected me to be perfect. Everybody had expectations. Well, in that night, I was mad. One of my most worked project was rejected by my boss, and me and my team worked almost 9 months on that project. That wasn’t all, there was no bus to get me home, or even taxis, so, I started walking home. I had almost one hour of walking to get home. While I was walking my sister called me, her name was Nirvana. She was older than me with a year. I was walking on a sidewalk that wasn’t lighted when I saw a group of men but I didn’t give that attention because Nirvana was telling me about her endless problems with her husband. While I was trying to give my sister some advices when they got closer to me. When I realized that, I started walking faster and faster and when I look behind, they weren’t there anymore but when I turned my head, I saw five men in front of me. After that, I woke up in the same place I saw them but this time the sun was going down. My body didn’t have any scratches but even if there weren’t any signs of violence, I felt like my body had been cut multiple times. I checked my bag and I had everything, my money, phone, and everything was there like nothing happened. The second thing I did was to check my phone. I woke up one week after that night! A week I was sleeping while some random men were doing things that I don’t even remember. I had more than 100 unanswered phone calls, a ton of emails from my boss and a lot of texts from everybody. When I got up from the bench, I felt that all my organs were falling out of my body. When I got to my house there was my sister and some police officers. When they saw me, they were left shocked. My sister hugged me. She had a puffy face, and her eyes were red like she cried 4 years. That whole day I spent telling them what happened to everybody, my sister, police officers, boss and everybody that texted, called, emailed me all this time. I told my boss about what happened and I took three weeks of because I was feeling really bad. My sister told me that after I told her my advice, she hang up because her husband came home. She told me that she was going to stay with me those three weeks to take care of me. In that evening, I took a shower and when I was fully naked, and everything was the exact same way it was before. I washed myself and, in the kitchen was my sister that was cooking dinner for both of us.  

A week and a half past by and I realized that my period was almost three weeks late. When I told my sister, she gave me two reasons why it was late- the first she told me that it is because the stress that I had been feeling and the second one was that I was pregnant. My sister was 7 years older than me and she was like a mom for me, especially that my mom left us when I was 13 years old and my dad started doing drugs. My sister told me that we were going to a gynecologist and to do some tests to see if they drugged me or raped me. I was quite scared. After 2 weeks off, me and Nirvana. The doctors said that I am healthy but I was pregnant. I was left speechless. I didn’t want a baby; I wasn’t ready for one. The doctor told me that it was a danger for me to get an abortion because those men injected an BGG that made yourself totally infertile, and I didn’t want to be like that forever. I wanted a child but not in that moment. When I got home, I started crying. I wasn’t ready to do that and for sure, I wasn’t going to leave my child in an orphanage. My sister told me that she was going to help me with the child, and that she was going to do anything for me and my baby to be safe and fine. She told me that Frank, her husband, was going to multiple trips and that he was sending her half the money he was making since 2014. After she said that I became more comfortable. After 3 months everything was finally getting better. My projects were all accepted and my police report really did something! That gang was named “The butchers”, they were known as one of the most dangerous gang bands ever. They were kidnapping the girls, drugging them so the girls can’t remember anything, and finally rape them and afterwards leave them in different places.  

Now, I am 39 years-old. Hope, my beautiful daughter is now 14 years-old. Hope and I started our small business that helped people all around the world that had been raped or kidnapped.  

Now looking back, I don’t regret anything even the situation I went thru when I got pregnant, that is why I named my daughter “Hope”.  



January 04, 2021 17:47

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