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Fiction Friendship Happy

"Why did you join in this college? " asked Barveen to Arthi

"Why did you?? " replied Aarthi without answering. 

Aarthi, a teen age girl loves learning more apart from her syllabus.She flew like a free bird in a beautiful school at Dubai. 

One evening, all of a sudden her dad got cardiac arrest and They are forced to move to their home country, India. The wish of her was to do a challenging study on biotechnology, 'cause she loves adventures of fairy tales from her early childhood.

She had a friend named Lakhmi, she loves her more than any other. Aarthi moved to native along with her family. She was so upset of depression as her dreams are scattered.She joined in an arts college out of parent's pressure. 

There she met Barveen and she realized the thought she had was her memories. She came back to reality from her memories.

Barveen, a good friend with same taste as well as height. They both were the tallest girls in their class. 

  Once, Prof. Tom questioned while teaching.It was a biblical question. Aarthi as well as Barveen answered even she was a Muslim girl. After the class was over. 

"Barveen, how did you know such things from Bible? " asked Aarthi. 

"Most of the biblical events is in our Quran too"replied Barveen. 

"Is it??? "

"Yaeh!! "

"Oh! The birth of Ismael.

Yes! Islam started after the birth of Ismael".

"What!!! What are you blabbering? 

Islam came at first!!!"

" No dear. The Bible started from the beginning of the earth.. It comes after the generation of Abraham".

"No! No! No" said Barveen.

They argued and went home on that day. 

   Another day, Hima brought Saudi Riyal to the class. 

"Hima! The value of both the notes are Rupees 4000".said Barveen. 

" No Barveen! The value is only 2000rupees"said Aarthi. 

"What are you saying? I know thr value of Riyal. I use to take money while Pappa sent it to me"

"I was there in Dubai for 15years.Don't I knew about it? ?? ".

In this way, both Barveen and Aarthi fought over each other. 

  They were good in their studies, eventhough they fought each other, they always coordinated and worked together for assignments and college festivals. Aarthi was the class representative and Barveen was the vice representative. 

  One day their HOD mam informed them that their department was going to organise a Special Literary event , so she asked the representatives to plan and practice for the event.

 Hod mam also said that, the class which performed well shall receive trophy.So aarthi and Barveen started to plan for the event. 

 Aarthi planned to conduct few competition as solo events as well as group events like Strange Meeting, Literary Parade, Tamblo, Freeze, Verse Recitation etc. 

  Barveen too planned few things same as conducting competitions such as Essay writing, quiz, Verse Writing, pencil sketch.They both discussed about it. 

"We shall have stage events alone"

"No! No! Everyone will make much noise. We can't control over it"said Barveen. 

 While the conversation going on, The head of the department entered their classroom. 

"Good Morning Ma'ammm" said everyone. 

"Good Morning students sit down"

Aarthi... What's your plan?

"Ma'am, I planned for few onstage events like Strange Meeting, Literary Parade, Literary Skit, Freeze, Verse Recitation, Literary dance etc. It helps our literarians to expose their talents" said Aarthi.

"Barveen! What's your plan?".asked The Head. 

She too said about her plan. 

  The Head was inspired by their attitude, “students we need to impress all our guests , so we need to perform a unique one, I suggest for a play, what you guys say?” All of them were suprised at her announcement. 

 “Sure mam” replied Aathi, 

“ great idea mam, It will impress our guests” replied Barveen. 

  They both were busy collecting the names. The next day, as soon as Aarthi arrived. She prepared script for drama and brought it. 

"Friends!!! Who all are participating for drama? " asked Aarthi. 

Myself!!! Myself!! Myself! 

"Put up your hands".


Jasmi, Rashi, Bismi,Shana,hima... Then...".

"What!! What's going on? "

"Which play did you choose? "

"William Shakespeare's Othello" replied Aarthi.

“No! othello isn’t a masterpiece.I thought of enacting Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet".

Barveen added. 

"Othello is good. We can do that".said Bismi. 

" Yaeh! "said Hima.

"No! No! Romeo and Juliet is good " said Jafee.

“Let’s do Romeo and Juliet''

   Barveen suggested, some of the students supported her view. 

“What Romeo and Juliet? No way” Aarthi and her friends didn’t accept it, “Why what’s the problem?” Barveen asked her, that angered Aarthi, “what you know about play? You know nothing about it” she bursted, 

“ I know much better than you, so stay out of it” Barveen also bursted,

 “hey, Aarthi should choose" some of the students shouted,

 “ Barveen should choose" some students yelled, thus the whole class room was in chaos.

  The noise bursted till the staff room. Two professors rushed to their classroom to find the reason of it.Hearing their argument Prof. James came and asked them to stay quiet. After he left, both Aarthi and Barveen departed, the whole class got splitted into two groups, no union between them. Both Aarthi and Barveen fought for silly reasons, the class teacher came to know about it. 

She called them to the staff room, she asked them privately. 

"what’s the problem? ".

“Mam, Aarthi is the problem" Barveen replied. 

“ No mam, Barveen is the problem".They both pointed each other and blamed each other.

“ How could you accuse me, Aathi?”

“Why you are the sole reason for this"

“Shut up”

“You shut your big mouth"

“ How mean of you”

“ENOUGH" their professor yelled at them,

"Aarthi, Barveen be quiet. Let me talk"said Prof. Rachel. 

  You were good friends. Don't fight for silly reasons. Show your strength and unity in this "LITERATI".They both were stubborn, still sticking in fight considering the play, so their professor suggested both of them to perform. They were stunned, “How is it possible?” Aarthi asked her mam, “ We don’t have enough time” Barveen added, their professor replied that, the play was scheduled for an hour, so one team will perform on one half and the other in other half. They blinked, they didn’t expect this, “Go, be cheerful my students"their professor wished them and left, Aarthi and Barveen shared a look and went to plan for the plays. During the practice, Aarthi realised that Othello didn’t seem to be perfect, also she lacked good actors, Jafee was good in acting somber but she was on Barveen’s team, Aarthi’s friends also suggested that Barveen’s play was good, so Aarthi finally conceded and asked Barveen that they can perform Romeo and Juliet, Barveen and her friends were glad and they began their practice, the whole class united at last.They preferred dance from African Literature "Things fall Apart".

  The big day has arrived.They welcomed the chief guests, Principal, Correspondent and everyone. The programme started with the compering speech of Barveen and Aarthi. Each and every performance was arranged coherently. There is no lagging of time. The students, chief guests, Principal amazed by the performance of the students. They winded up the function by winning the trophy of the class through both of their unity.

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