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A Roaring Dream 

By: Haripriya 

“Hello...bloggers! I am a dino-nerd. Yes, I just admitted that. I loooooooove dinosaurs. They are such cool, and magnificent, yet fierce and bold creatures. Wish that asteroid had missed the Earth! They would have still had chance to survive a little longer! The Cretaceous period is where big baddies existed. For example,... entering the Tyrannosaurus Rex A.K.A the T-rex! There are so many more dinosaurs which were carnivorous than the T-rex. Like the Abelisaurus. It’s a carnivore too. Though it is a tough one, poor guy can’t stand a chance being next to big baddie. The T-rex is just too powerful! 

The dinosaurs had roamed the earth for 165 million years though. Preys fearing the predators. Every movement could cause their life. It was a battle for food and survival. As people say, everything is fair in love and war. But the only difference is that there is no love, only war. Every day was risky for the prey. They had to be careful about every step they took. The mothers feared the most. Afraid that their child was going to get eaten by one of the big baddies. It was also very dangerous for any of the dinosaurs to battle with the big ones too.  

If the humans could travel back in time and see the dinosaurs that would be like watching a boxing show! Everyone, all the spectators, eager to see who will conquer the battlefield! Some people might think that it is scary, but I would think that would be the most incredible thing on Earth! Also, I would make sure to carry some popcorn and some cherry soda with me! Hey! Don’t look at me like that, I wouldn’t want to miss the action. You know, just sit and lay back, enjoy and relax. At least that is what I would do if that ever happened.  

There are 3 different periods in the age of the dinosaurs (of the Mesozoic Era, your choice on what to call it...). The Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Cretaceous. Since we already talked about the Cretaceous period, let's go to the Jurassic period. There are some epic dinos there too that are fierce warriors. For example, the Allosaurus. It is a carnivorous dinosaur and lived in the late Jurassic period. It ate other dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, and many other dinos. The Allosaurus weights around 2000 kg and is about 12 meters tall! Now, that is one hefty dino we got there! 

Now, let’s look at a calmer and decent dinosaur. Someone who isn’t that dangerous. This herbivorous dinosaur is named Camptosaurus, or “Bent lizard”. This one is also a cool dino. It has strong teeth for grinding their food. Things like bark, trees, plants, leaves, and grass were its main source of food. It wasn’t that tall either. Just around 5 meters in height, and in weight about 1000kg. The Camptosaurus also lived around the late Jurassic time period, or about 145 to 155 million years ago. Camptosaurus are also strong for a herbivorous dinosaur. It is one of my favorite dino out of all the herbivorous dinosaurs. 

Now we are going to go to the Triassic period. This one is going to be a very fun one! This dinosaur lived in the late Triassic time period, so about 200 to 210 million years ago. It is a carnivorous dinosaur which eats Plateosaurus's, or any other small dinos. Its height is estimated for about 5 meters and weighs approximately varied to 280 to 440 pounds. These mighty dinosaurs are called (Dun...dun...DUN!) the Liliensternus. Isn’t it an amazing dinosaur! Well...it sure is to me! This dino is a small therapod. It isn’t such a large carnivorous dinosaur that you would be expecting it to look like, but still dangerous.  

A common herbivorous dinosaur which also lived during the late Triassic period... a Sauropod. Its diet is simple. Some plants, twigs, leaves, stems, bushes, grass, trees, some fruits, anything which is not other dinosaurs, the Sauropod ate. Sauropods have very long necks, like today we have giraffes. Their long necks help them reach tall trees to munch on, very much giraffes. They also have extremely long tails, longer than many dinosaurs. On the other hand, their heads are very small. But these species of dinosaurs are noted to be one of the largest animals to have ever roamed the Earth.  

You all might be wondering. Ok, you are talking about lots of different types of dinosaurs, but which of these are your favorite? Well... that is a very hard decision since every single dinosaur has their own strengths and their own cool features and specialties.  My favorite herbivorous dinosaur is the Brontosaurus. It is also in the sauropod family, which means it has those same physical features that the Sauropod has. The long neck, the small head, and the long tail. The Brontosaurus is also a very strong dinosaur. It has strong teeth which helps it to chew and digest its food properly. 

But, here comes the more beastly side. My favorite carnivorous dinosaur was, is and always is going to be the Velociraptor! It is the coolest meat-eating dinosaur ever! It it eats other dinosaurs like Shuvuuia, and the Protoceratops. The Velociraptor lived during the late Cretaceous period. Though it is a dangerous dino, it is small. A feathered dinosaur. Archeologists has found it mostly in the different parts of Asia. In desert habitats with sand dunes. Another cool fact about these types of dinos is that they are the largest dinosaur of the raptor family. That is all for my favorite carnivorous dinosaur.” 

Suddenly, he woke up being very startled.  

“Wait, where am I? Where was I before? I....NO!! It was all a dream! I... I can’t believe it! I was talking about my most favorite thing in the entire world and it was all a dream! None of it was real. Come on, I was really looking forward to what was going to happen next.” he sighed. 

He was a young boy who loved the dinosaur era so much, that now he even feels like he is with the dinosaurs. Well...it isn't his fault that he just loves dinosaurs this much. It's just that his interest has always been in these big, fierce creatures. Though, because of their extinction the humans were able to evolve, he still felt that the asteroid which hit the dinosaurs shouldn't have happened. He really wished it had changed its course and targeted somewhere else in this entire planet. For some reason, the topic Dinosaurs had really interested them and now he is clearly too obsessed with them.  

  Quickly he glanced at the digital alarm clock. Still 4:00 am. Well, that was an epic dream, while it lasted.  

~The End~ 

September 26, 2020 23:10

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Sowmya Rana
22:18 Oct 29, 2020

Nice Story Haripriya !!!!


Thank you!! :)


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