Diary of an Adventure crew: Jessica and the Alien Invasion

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CHAPTER 1: The crew is awake

Above the skies, there was a strange object soaring towards Earth which I was watching through an open window. I was just sitting on my bed, wondering about it when I decided to wake up the crew. Once we were all gathered Robert, Michael, Amy and I tried our hardest to figure out what it was together.

“So...Jessica,” Robert asked me, “did you notice anything strange or weird about the object?” “Hmm, I’m not sure. Well, maybeee...” I replied. “Oh! Yes! YES! I did notice something - the object has a cover. It was so strange!” All the others were chatting and laughing. “Okay, guys, listen up!” I had to shout to make myself heard. “Enough joking, THIS IS IMPORTANT!”

“Yes, we all know that Jessica, but what does fly in the air, has no windows, but a cover?” Robert asked, puzzled.

“Wait a second, it’s a UFO!” Michael concluded.

“What’s that?” Amy asked him.

“Oh, don’t you know?” said Michael, looking out at the dark sky. “UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Nobody knows what they are. But one thing’s for sure,” he said, turning back to the group, “They say that Aliens fly in UFOS.”

The whole squad gasped, shocked at the thought of an alien invasion coming any second. We had all read books about aliens and where they’d come from, so we packed our bags and headed fearfully off to the Gloom Doom Forest. This was the dark forest where aliens would most likely hide their weapons and spaceships for a potential invasion.

“They can probably do anything they want, but I don’t want them to invade planet Earth!” Robert cried, real fear trembling in his voice.

“Jeez, Robert, CALM DOWN!!!” I yelled in his face.

“They don’t have any right to destroy our planet, you know,” he said quietly, and abruptly broke down into tears.

CHAPTER 2: The Gloom Doom Forest

It was eerily quiet as we entered the Gloom Doom Forest, and it was dark and murky inside.

“Seriously, has anyone known the forest to be this quiet?” I said, with a chill in my voice.

“That’s how you know the aliens are up to something!” Michael whispered.

“You’re right Mike, they really might be up to something!” Said Robert, as he crept forward. "Be steady, I bet they are..."

CHAPTER 3: Alien Invasion, or not!

We found the spaceships and I put a tracking device in one of them so we could follow the aliens’ movements. Suddenly, ahead of us, I caught a glimpse of green skin between the trees!

“Aliens!” hissed Michael.

“You’re right!” Robert gasped, terrified.

“OK,” I said, “Gather round, guys; here’s the plan. We are going to try to take a picture of them to prove that they really exist.”

“Yes, and once we finish our mission, we must write a report and send it to the local newspaper,” added Michael, nodding.

“Come on guys,” I went on, looking at each of them in turn. “Grab your cameras and see what you can get. I will take my handcuffs and try to catch one of them.”

We decided to climb a nearby tree, but when we reached the top we were shocked. Aliens were destroying buildings with their lasers! “No, this can’t be right!” cried Michael, “This is like I’m inside the scariest episode of my favorite cartoon guy, Dr. who!”

“Calm down buddy, just take a deep breath,” Robert reassured him. “Ok, ok! stop that!” Amy said to Michael.

“Fine, I will. But how will we solve this problem?” Michael answered, more calmly.

“It’s easy Mike, we just have to distract them and then we call the police to arrest them.”

“Great idea!” the trio replied in unison.

“Ok, come on, get ready for some action!” I said softly.

"HEY aliens!” Michael was shouting, trying hard to distract them and waving his arms around while we loaded up our pistols, strapped on our armor and put on our belts.

“This is like an action movie I once watched”, Michael whispered getting excited. We sprang out from our hiding spot, Michael and the squad were shooting at the aliens. I decided that this was a good time to call the police for back-up.

“Hello officer, we need your help, there are aliens trying to invade the city. We killed a lot of them but some are still alive. Come quickly and arrest them please.”

CHAPTER 4: Arrested

A few minutes later police sirens were coming from every direction. “They’re here!” said Amy. The police squad rounded up and arrested any of the aliens that were still alive. They went to prison, every last one of them.

“YES!” the whole town cheered.

“We four are all heroes, brilliant work, guys!” said Michael.

Jason gave everyone a pat on the back. Amy was full of joy and I was proudly dancing.

We were all so happy.

We even got a reward from president Grumpy Trumpy. He gave us lots of money! We were all rich! But we knew how to spend our money wisely.

Our parents were so proud.

“Congratulations on a great team effort!” said my Dad.


CHAPTER 5: Epilogue

One hot summer’s day I decided to text the group so we could meet up and hang out.

First, we went to the pool, then we went to the arcade and drank ice cold lemonades. After which Jason drove us home with his large black SUV. We had fun and talked a lot about our amazing adventure. When I returned, I explained to my parents that I had had a great time with my friends. I went to my bedroom and flopped on my bed and thought about what other great adventures we could have.

So, till next time…

*This book is published by an 11 year old

*Check it out on e-bay!


Fun Facts!

My mum is the one who encouraged me to write a story and she is the one who kept in touch with the publishers and helped me write/publish my story!

I am only 11!

My name is Alice Yared

I live in Doha, Qatar

I go to NIA (Newton International Academy)

This book was published by The Little Writer, follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Alice Hani Yared

April 03, 2020 20:48

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H.K. Slade
01:13 Apr 17, 2020

I wish I wrote this well when I was 11. Keep working at it, Allison.


Alice Yared
09:52 Apr 18, 2020



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Tom Speropulos
22:20 Apr 15, 2020

Cute story Alice. The only thought I have for editing purposes might be not adding so many comments after the dialogue on how the characters said what they did, "terrified, softly, Robert asked puzzled. Your question mark is, in my opinion, all you need to let the reader know he was puzzled. That kind of thing. It was a good story and you should be proud of yourself. So, yes, keep writing. Great job!


Alice Yared
09:52 Apr 18, 2020



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Hayden Quinn
14:12 Apr 14, 2020

This is a really good story Alice, well done! If it's OK, I'd like to give you some tips. Mainly, when you're writing a short story, you don't need to worry about 'chapters' as it isn't long enough to need to be broken up and the story might flow better without that. The characters seem very cool and their dialogue is very well written. In future stories it might be good to add some details about what they look like, how long they've been friends, little details like that so the reader feels like they know the characters better. Overall it's...


Alice Yared
09:52 Apr 18, 2020



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