Nancy first taste

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In the beautiful Robinson playground. Nancy a shy, timid, little girl is sitting on the swinger softly and slowly licking a popsicle wishing that the taste would be immortal; while it's melting, dripping to the ground,her white face disguises with a brown facial mask made of a strange, incredible cream. She twists her tongue like a roller coaster ride around her mouth to taste the delicious brown facial mask on her face.

Nancy is like a Christopher Columbus discovering and exploring this taste. Yummy! her belly is fill with butterflies, the taste is thrill to her mouth; causing the taste buds to explode like a 4th of July fireworks, for this new taste is enchant, impeccable and magical. No! her wish isn't granted, the popsicle has ended. The popsicle taste so great, Nancy almost eats the stick.

Nancy is drooling, her little brain can't process, the explosion and impact of this taste. She still sits on the swinger like a predator for its prey; seeking to attack more of the taste; after fill with unhappiness that the popsicle is finish and the desire to taste more. She begins to loudly scream and cry, alerting her mother who is sitting on playground bench watching her on the swing.

Suddenly, the clouds grows dark in the sky, the wind begins to whistle and the trees dance to its sweet tune then the rain falls. Nancy, mother name Elizabeth runs to assist her off the swinger and let them depart. At the back of the car,Nancy, is strap in her car seat heading home, during the driving the stormy rain beats on the car. While Nancy is crying and Elizabeth, splashes through the water on the road in the rain. After a ten minutes driving, they meet safely and wet at home.

Nancy clothes and face is dirty cause of the brown cream, she was eating at the playground. Elizabeth changes their clothes, then they are dress in their comfortable and dry clothes. Elizabeth sees the tears in Elizabeth little eyes.

Elizabeth asks, ''Why are you crying baby?''

Nancy says, ''Mama, thingy in my mouth.''

Elizabeth says, ''Don't cry mommy.''

Nancy says, ''Peas fa thingy.''

Elizabeth says, ''Its call popsicle, honey.''

Nancy says, ''I want poppy.''

Elizabeth says, ''It's call pop- si -cle, honey not poppy.''

Nancy says, ''Peas for pop, mama.''

Elizabeth says, ''I am glad your learning manners to say please, tomorrow, mommy will buy you popsicle, I don't want you eating a lot popsicles in one day.''

Nancy says, ''Mama, peas fa pop.''

Elizabeth laughs and says, '' How can I tell a three-year-old child, no.''

Nancy shouts, ''pop!''

Elizabeth says,''When the rain finish fall, I will buy you popsicle.''

Nancy says, '' Peas fa pop.''

Elizabeth says, ''I saw you enjoying the chocolate popsicle; while I was sitting on the bench watching you at the play ground.''

Nancy says, ''Peas fa choco pop.''

Elizabeth asks, '' What do you want to eat for dinner.''

Nancy says, '' Choco pop.''

Elizabeth asks, ''What do you want to eat for breakfast?''

Nancy says, ''Choco pop.''

Elizabeth laughs and says,'' Your teeth will get rotten.''

When the rain is finishes, she carries Nancy, to buy another chocolate popsicle from the supermarket around the corner from their home. While they walks to the supermarket.

Nancy says,'' Choco pop.'', all the way to the supermarket.

When they arrive at the supermarket, her mothers purchases the chocolate popsicle and gives her to eat.

Nancy says, ''I luv choco pop.''

Elizabeth says, ''I know that you love and enjoy your chocolate popsicle.''

Supermarket attender asks, ''Is that your daughter?''

Elizabeth says,'' Yes, This is my daughter.''

Supermarket attender says, ''Her Father must be proud to have a beautiful daughter.''

Elizabeth says, ''Yes, but he died in a car accident.''

Supermarket attender says, ''I am sorry for talking about it, my condolences.''

Elizabeth says, Yes, she is all I have leave, that is why I am very protective of her actions especially eating many popsicles''

Supermarket attender says, ''She is enjoying that popsicle, I can see it in her eyes.''

Elizabeth says, ''Yes, this is her first time eating chocolate.''

Supermarket attender says,'' I notice that by the way, she is eating it.''

Elizabeth says, '' Yes, I don't want her to consume many sweets.''

Supermarket attender says, ''The first time, I ate chocolate was in kindergarten school, my teacher gave the whole classroom.''

Elizabeth says, ''I can't even remember the first time, I ate chocolate.''

Supermarket attender says, ''I remember mines, because I had written it in my diary.'

Elizabeth says, ''I will write my daughter first date, she ate chocolate to remind her tool.''

Supermarket attender says, ''That's a great idea.''

After Nancy is finish eating the popsicle, she dirties her clothes, with the chocolate spread on her clothes.

Nancy says,'' Peas fa popsicle mama.''

Supermarket attender says, ''I think your going to have to buy the whole store.''

Elizabeth says, ''I hope I wouldn't run bankrupt on popsicles.''

Supermarket attender says, ''The first time I had ate my popsicle, I ate the popsicle and it's stick too.''

Elizabeth says, '' I can't tell you my story, because I can't even remember my first time.''

Supermarket attender says, ''Don't feel awkward I am sure, your not the only one in the world, who doesn't remember the first time they ate chocolate, ice-cream or popsicle.''

Elizabeth says, If I had written it down like you, I am sure that I would of remember.''

Supermarket attender says'' I am sure it was at a young age; most people eat sweets at very young ages.''

Elizabeth says, ''Yes, I am sure, give me one last popsicle.''

Supermarket attender says, I will buy this last one for her, cause she cute and loves popsicle just like me.''

Elizabeth says, ''Thank you, I am leaving now anymore popsicle buying will be coming from Santa Clause pocket.''

The supermarket attender and Elizabeth laughs. While Elizabeth and Nancy walks home back, with her eating the third popsicle. Then Nancy says,'' Luv you mama.'' and Elizabeth says, ''Love you too, baby.''

August 01, 2020 19:28

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Thom With An H
22:50 Aug 11, 2020

This was a fun read. It flowed and felt happy. You may want to proof read it a little more but all in all it was very nice. I wrote a story called “Consequences” if you have a second I’d love it if you’d give me a read and a like if you enjoy it.


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21:14 Aug 01, 2020

Wow, nice work! ~A (P. S. Would you mind checking out my story ‘Tales of Walmart’? Thanks!)


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