LGBTQ+ High School Friendship

"I'm not going." I muttered.

"Come on, Jack, it's the first party of the year, and you're one of the only freshmen invited!" my friend Darius exclaimed. He was a Sophomore that I had befriended almost instantly, even though I was a musician and he was a Football player.

"You know I don't want to smoke and drink, and that's exactly what's going to happen there." I argued back.

"So just don't do any of that!" he really wanted me to go, didn't he? "For me. Please?"

"Fine." I sighed, wondering what the heck I had just gotten myself into.

"That's the spirit! Come on, let's get you dressed!" Darius dragged me across the hall to his dorm and started digging through his closet while I stood there awkwardly.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" I had on black sweatpants and a white t-shirt.

"Everything!" Darius replied, still digging. "Here it is!" He pulled out a black leather jacket and dark blue jeans.

"No." I said immediately.


"If I'm going to this party, I'm going to wear what I want." I countered.

"Alright, but put something else on? A little more casual?"

"Fine. I think I have something." I went back to my dorm and grabbed a pair of light blue jeans, a dark green flannel, and a white sweatshirt with a microphone on it. I walked back to Darius and turned in a circle, unenthusiastic.

"That's great!" He approved. "Now get your shoes on, it starts in 10 minutes!"

"Great. I'm so excited." I said sarcastically.

"Oh, quit your whining. Maybe that guy you like will be there."

I tensed. "Jordan?" Jordan was a Junior in the same Advanced Chorus and Band classes I was in. He was super cute, but I also didn't know if I was his type.

"Yeah, I think so." He smirked. "Relax dude, just be yourself." He gave me a pat on the back and pushed me out the door, my stomach lodged in my throat.

We arrived at the building the party was being held at. It had large windows in the front with the blinds closed and music could be heard blaring from speakers inside. People walked around us and headed inside.

"I don't know about this." I started walking backwards slowly.

Darius pushed me forward. "Oh no you don't. You go get that guy of yours."

I swallowed hard, but glad Darius was supportive of my taste in attraction. Walking forward nervously, I opened the door, pinching my nose to the horrible stench.

"Isn't this great?" Darius screamed over the music.

"Sure!" I yelled back.

After a couple minutes of loud music, drinking, and smoking, (which I did not take part in) the music was turned down by the host of the party, the quarterback of the varsity football team, Kasey Johnson. I only knew his name because Darius looked up to him.

"How's everyone doing?" He yelled.

Everyone hollered and whooped, raising drinks towards Kasey.

"I have a request that we do a Karaoke competition! Whose down!"

Everyone cheered, mostly drunk and probably horrible singers.

"Jack, you've gotta do it!" Darius exclaimed.

"What? No way!"

"Jordan's here! You've gotta show him you can sing!"

"Really?" I looked around and sure enough, Jordan was standing there looking at me. We made eye contact and I immediately looked away, hiding behind a large kid.

"Whose first?" Kasey asked.

A group of drunk football players went up, laughing and stumbling.

"Alright, we got James, Keaton, and Miles!" Kasey announced. "What song are you doing?"

"Legends Never Die!" One of them said.

"The floor is yours, guys!" Kasey stepped back and handed James (I think) the microphone.

They were horrible. And that's being generous on the critique. They were not together, off key, wrong notes, forgot words, and horrible diction.

Kasey took the microphone back. "Let's give it up for James, Keaton, and Miles!"

Everyone laughed and cheered at their stupidity. "Now whose up next?"

"Jack Lorenzo! Right here!" Darius screamed.

"No!" I yelled back.

Kasey grabbed my hand and hoisted me up on top of the table. Everyone mumbled about how I was a freshman.

"What song are you doing, mate?" Kasey asked.

"U-um, I-I don't know." I stuttered.

"Pick something. Anything."

"Um, I guess Share Your Address, Ben Platt?" I said and immediately wanted to take it back. Jordan obviously would know I'm gay now, since I chose a Ben Platt song.

"Alright, let's give it up for Jack Lorenzo!" Kasey said, handing me the microphone.

The music started and I relaxed, feeling the music and the emotions it conveyed. I started singing.

"Darling, you might think it's too soon, but I can't get you out of my head now." I sang, people started cheering. I got into the rhythm and was dancing by the second verse. I locked eyes with Jordan who was clapping and cheering along, smiling widely.

"I wanna share your address!" I ended, panting. everybody cheered, stamping and clapping loudly.

"Man, that was amazing! Let's give it up for Jack, who will now be invited to every party!" Kasey yelled.

I jumped off the table, now nervous again. I practically ran out the door and gulped down the fresh air.

"Hey." I jumped, spinning around to face none other than Jordan. He was smiling, holding two cups. He offered one to me.

"N-No thanks. I don't drink." I stammered nervously.

"Me neither. It's water." I took it and drank, my vocal chords thanking me.

"You were amazing in there." Jordan complimented.

"I wasn't, but thanks." I replied.

"No, you were. Believe me." Jordan looked at me and smiled. I blushed and smiled back.

"Your blushing is so adorable." He observed.

"Oh, ah, um-"

Before I could say anything stupid, Jordan kissed me, my lips melting into his. People started chanting my name and Jordan pulled away, smiling.

"I'll get your number after. Go give the crowd what they want." He led me inside and watched me sing for the rest of the night.

May 07, 2021 17:31

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